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  1. Dirty cream... maybe Dulux could use that I guess my walls are the color of the andrex puppies
  2. I respect your opinion Durch, not least for having Clint Eastwood as your avatar... but if I'm out of a job I won't be able to pay rent either will i?... which is an even more precarious position than owning a home where at least you can stand up for yourself and not be dependent on a 'landlord'.
  3. take that back creamy white - yep got it in one!!!
  4. what color is magnolia? did a google define magnolia and no help??? current walls are http://www.dulux.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/s...lourNumber=2897 LOVELY!!!!!
  5. My clouded logic is that I'm going to be buying a 500k house eventually, so if house prices crash then the further up the chain will crash more! The house I have in mind is 200k, 6% IO (nuts i know) is 1k a month.. I'm paying more than that now in rent and I can't even paint the walls!!!!!
  6. in response to the original topic, yes I am ticked off too. been renting for 2 years, and i'm looking again for a new place to rent which is just so depressing have decided it means more to me to be settled than constantly in flux as a second time ftb i've learnt a lot but i need some consistency and my logic is this: my next housewill probably cost around 200k, but i don't expect that to be the most i spend on a house, so if house prices fall when i upgrade the losses will be mitigated e.g. my 2nd next house will cost at today's prices say 300k. if prices half, then my 100k house will
  7. Don't know if it's true or not, but have read that the wind blows from the south west? Does this explain expensive SW London postcodes?
  8. Spotted this EA advert today 4 bedrooms for the price of 3!...with this extended family home, the sun will never leave you in the west facing garden! Is this an EA getting desperate? It's common knowledge the best garden forthe sun is south facing.
  9. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10121.htm
  10. what did you study? just interested.....
  11. A common misconception that keeps me out of contracts and puts muppets in jobs. Go to London Zoo and ask a chimp to write something in C++... you'll get a banana up your butt for your trouble. 90% of programmers aren't up to the job... proper programming requires aptitude and interest... I'veworked for companies that take people off the street stick their ass on a seat and charge them out at 700 a day... Good advice... I spent years 'focusing' on becoming an expert in Visual Basic whereas the best thing is to get a couple of months doing lots of different types of sh!t Business skills al
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