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  1. Because if not, Brits for under £14 are a cinch.
  2. CID confirmed 2009 is over, but because the 2008s did not reach mintage, they'll be able to stock more of these soonish. Or so they say. It's been asked before, but: if you buy from an EU retailer at 7% VAT and they ship to you here in the UK, are you liable to more vat on import?
  3. Ach, spoke to them on Monday and they were still optimistically making enquiries... where was my callback CID?? Currently, my hoovering strategy has only a CID-shaped nozzle and is thus on standby 'til the 2010s.
  4. Apparently there is a private messaging service on here somewhere. Indeed, I can see where to click if I want to message someone else, but where do I go to view/organize my own inbox (yes, even though it's empty)? thanks in advance
  5. forgot to mention, CID expect replenished stocks in the next few weeks (see, I am free and easy with my info...)
  6. Absolute0 - Witness the power of advertising. The only justification required is that the product will sell at the given price! TRM have successfully marketed cardboard ephemera to the kind of buyer who readily accepts this stuff adds value to a coin. (If ebay completed listings are supportive, such acceptance might not be folly.) Plus, I don't think many buyers are aware of the blister pack option. My impression is that collectors in the USA, Canada and Australia, all countries where the Britannia series is very popular, don't have a viable source for cheap Brits, and so pre-order presentation packs directly from TRM, and are grateful when TRM eventually deign to send them. (I may be in the same boat with 2009 silver kiwis.) Also, £22.50 leaves TRM at no risk of undercutting their distributors. And I imagine there's a type of customer who'd turn their nose up at a £15.50 gift pack, but at seven pounds more would begin to feel a certain munificence... I too require your dealer's number, absolute! Jackass, I suppose there's no point asking you for yours as you intend to "clear him out". But I would appreciate hearing about anything you learn from TRM.
  7. I meant buying wholesale, as a company with a registered RM wholesale account. CID had them for under £15 so the wholesale price must be reasonable for large orders. Not sure what the RM's criteria are, but I expect you would have to be an active dealer with some trading history/references and purchases in excess of £10K, so perhaps not an option for a buy-and-hold investor... interesting to find out though.
  8. Any idea when the 2010s are released? In these quantities, have you looked into buying directly from the Royal Mint as a company?
  9. Old Nis, thanks for providing me with the terminology to describe what I'm doing (and the encouragement). Coininvestdirect are out of stock this morning; an order for two hundred Brits was placed over the weekend. How curious – we were just discussing the very same coins! Ah well, I suppose I'll have to be content with nearly 1% of the entire mintage...
  10. Prepare to be amazed. Your observation is true for all silver coins apart from domestic products, i.e. 1oz Brits. Americans are crazy for them. Less than £15 each from coininvestdirect today. Yet ebay USA's completed listings for "2009 Britannias" shows heaps of them selling for $30, $31, $32... In the Royal Mint's lousy 'blister sheet' packaging too. You'll find a similar situation in Canada and Australia. Hence I would really like to find out about the export tax situation. Claiming back v.a.t., each Brit would be under £13 (today's prices)...
  11. If your vat registered company sells its silver to American customers, do you have to charge them tax, and what other ramifications would there be? What if you set up a company specifically to deal British silver bullion coins to Americans and citizens of other countries where no tax is paid on silver? How would you structure this company to most effectively deal with the tax situation?
  12. Spoke with goldassets. Based in Ireland and won't ship physical silver. Tried to sell me paper silver. The cheek of it! Residents of Ireland get 100 oz bars at 14% over spot. Sigh... I got a price of £384.62/kg bar from a big UK retailer, but you must buy at least 26 bars... for now I'm persevering with ebay for bars and coininvestdirect for coins. I know I should know this by now, but are silver coins imported from outside the EU taxed at a different rate than bars? What about silver coins whose value is mostly numismatic? Say I bought one of those horrendous colourised issues from the Perth Mint at fifty times its silver value – what tax would it incur upon arrival in the UK?
  13. 'Twasn't me! I've been busy sniping on ebay. Here are to be found such wonders as 1kg certified bars at 23% over fix (which I've been buying with abandon, seeing as none of you are up for disabusing me of my silver fixation). Another outfit I've been looking at is http://www.goldassets.co.uk who do 100oz and 1000oz Ag bars. No prices discussed on their site but I'll speak with them Monday and report what I find. Incidentally I spoke last week to coininvestdirect – or rather to a cheerful lady answering their phone – about discounts. Yes, I know they are already cheap. And at first her position was that they only offer wholesale discounts to businesses. But it emerged that if an individual was to build up a history of large private purchases, a few hundred here, a thousand there, and over a short time span – then they might be open to negotiation. Hope that helps some of you.
  14. Hi again chaps Plowing on here with my bedtime researches of the PMs market... Not having a great technical background in this field I fear I'm being too easily swayed by all of the perhaps simplistic arguments advanced in favour of an imminent silver boom, e.g. the Ag:Au ratio pointing to flagrant undervaluation; artificial and inevitably unsustainable price suppression; rapidly increasing supply/demand shortfall; etc. etc. Newsweek has a column this week making the same points. Aware of how uncritical I'm being, I would love to hear the counterarguments put across succinctly. (Before I spend the rest of my cash would be handy.) Also: http://www.ventersmint.co.uk Anyone had dealings with this lot? Their 1kg bars are 35% premium, 50gs 33% premium. But I cannot find 'Venters' on the London good delivery list of refiners and, looking more closely, there is something of the kitchen stove about their production values. Those prices are neat though. "Any comments?"
  15. From goldinvestment's contacts page: "Web and gold enquiries, sales and marketing: Oliver Temple" It's reassuring to know that from what he's heard (albeit "so far"), his company is "very respected" – after all, he's even managed to successfully deliver his product to himself! Now I wonder if he'd swap some gold for web marketing/SEO guidance... Must admit, I'm launching a retail site myself, and I'm afraid we do stoop to such tawdry tactics as these; we just do it a bit more clever like.
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