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  1. Oh Lord. Sorry for trying to have a sense of humor and for buying a house rather than renting. Didn't meant to saddle you with all that debt that you're not paying....
  2. There is no debt! It's all an ILLUSION, a figment of your imagination
  3. Not at the moment, but in the future, maybe. So, what' can I do about it? Nada. What's a few grand for peace of mind that I have a HOME to raise my family. It's only money. It doesn't even exist really. We live in a Matrix and I have to play the game!
  4. Well, me neither, obvs. But I am fortunate to have a big extended family all over the world (South US, Canada, Caribbean) so if things REALLY got that bad here in the UK (e.g. financial armageddon), I would not hesitate to start again somewhere else... I am not that enamoured by British life and culture anyway.
  5. I well aware of the dire straits of long-term economics of this country and if the markets do go completely t*ts up then I'll have to bite the bullet and live with negative equity. Whatever. My house is my family HOME and that is the most important thing. I'll do what it takes to keep up with repayments, as long as I, and my husband, can afford them then it's all gravy! If not, then we'd have to sell and upsticks... but we'd be more likely to emigrate if things got that bad anyway. I'd rather be poor and homeless somewhere hot!
  6. Er hubby?! But I could afford it on my own if push comes to shove.
  7. Ha! Yes, good point but my husband isn't using this Forum.
  8. Nope not each - £250k all in. Reduced from £275k. Couldn't afford the extra stamp duty or monthly repayments as our First Time Buyer Mortgage rate was 6% for the first 2 years. Now back down to a more manageable long-term fixed rate of 3%. It's interesting as the house opposite us has just sold for £310k - but it has 4 beds, 2 baths and has been extended extensively at the rear of the property with a large kitchen and sun room. I'm surprised it went for that much and after looking on Find A Property there were a couple of 3 bed terraces on the market in the £270k region which is the same as 2 years ago... However, on Zoopla they recently sold for £250k It is a nice neighbourhood so possibly retains that base value for being in the catchment area of one of the Top 10 primary schools in the UK and within Zone 6 for commuting. Interesting though.
  9. Aw thanks. I know what you mean. I too have learned a lot from this site which is why I will continue to "lurk" .
  10. I was merely describing a situation - there was no 'argument', my 'point' was mainly that circumstances differ for everyone and you can't put your life on hold til the economy sorts itself out, what's to be bemused about? I wish I had rented just 1 or 2 places this last decade but sh*t happens. Anyway, 'scuse me for breathing *goes back to lurking* Over and out.
  11. Thanks! Rough times for a lot of folk right now so you gotta do whatcha gotta do. There are a lot of haterz on this site aren't there...? Reminds me why I haven't posted in 2 years... Think I may just continue to be a 'lurker'
  12. Er I don't think so! As I said, I'll own the property outright in 23 years, have some stability to raise a family and have the option to extend eventually. Suits me far better. I've had a nightmare with Landlords too, not fixing things, increasing rents to ridiculous amounts. The house before my 2 bed flat was a 3 bed ex-council property & I had to move out as the Landlord wanted £1,300 pcm! No chance. I rest my case.
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