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  1. If I come across Darling's book in a book shop, I'm going to put it in the fantasy section.
  2. Knowing Scotland quite well i think it's only fair to point out the Scots hate each other just as much as they hate the English. Well ok. Maybe not as much. But certainly enough. Here is just one example and it's of football acting as an outlet for Scottish bigotry. It's such a shame. If only we could all just be reasonable and rub along together.
  3. "Merkel is talking about punishing other countries that break it!" That's a very helpful reminder and thank you for it but I'm not sure punish is quite the right word. "Profit," or "profiteer" seems a tad more le mot juste to me.
  4. "I was told by a private banker friend that, to keep your capital value in real terms (to match increasing earnings, not just inflation), a family should spend no more than 1% of its capital each year." That would depend on the rate of return you get from your capital. Of course a private banker, being almost certainly idle, thick (if swotty) and wrong would say "..... blah blah blah ... 1% ..... blah blah ...." because he's never gonna get you a proper return on your capital.
  5. "If the PIIGS become half as successful in 10 years as East Germany was after 10 years of German stewardship then their future may not be as bleak as we think.." If ze Jermans were doing stuff for the benefit of the countries of the rim, like they did stuff for the benefit of their east, there might be some thing in this. But ze Jermans are doing stuff solely for their benefit so the countries of the rim can go hang. As it says in the song,
  6. Lets face it, it would be nice if the kids didn't have to spend too much time toiling for bankers and bureaucrats and then there is the art collection.
  7. I think that is because European interest rates are much higher than UK and US ones. So long as the euro has confidence it should be strong, 'or stronger?', with things at this level. The questions seem to me, Will the structural imbalances (Spanish downgrade while Germany booms), lead to euro fracture? or, Will the Germans get really rich while all the countries on the rim go to the dogs? And c. 20% unemployment in Spain sounds a little more than "little impact" to me. http://www.barcelonareporter.com/index.php?/news/comments/unemployment_rate_spain_2011_-_spanish_jobless_rises_again_in_february/
  8. If the Irish don't tell the hun to get lost it will only be because they can't. If they can, they will. It is the Irish after all and one has to respect the Irish for that.
  9. "Out of interest where does Germany think Ireland will get the money from to pay the interest on loans if big business up sticks and leaves Ireland because of higher taxes?" Oh, I suppose that when the Irish get to that point the Germans will tell them to start selling their assets. And I wonder who will have the money to buy .... ?
  10. Well there is also this that sticks some Swiss thing in at 19, Tokyo and Kyoto in at 24 and 25 and Hong Kong Uni in at 23. I wonder how much English they do at HKU these days. The French get in at 33 and 36. We have the Danes at 45, the Koreans at 50 and then ze Jermans at 51 just ahead of the dear old Irish at 52. http://www.usnews.com/education/worlds-best-universities/articles/2010/09/21/worlds-best-universities-top-400-?PageNr=1 I think the debt's starting to look cheap at the price.
  11. And to think, de Valera said he was sorry about Adolf topping himself too ....
  12. I wouldn't expect anyone to say this is definitive, http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/mar/10/world-top-100-universities-reputation-rankings-reputation-times-higher-education But ze Germans don't get a look in until number 48. By comparison, the UK has 2 in the top 10, 4 in top 20 and 5 in the top 50.
  13. A friend is a professor of engineering (optical electrics - uber cameras, non-reflective transparent surfaces, seems to be his kind of thing). He has said to me in terms that he and his circle are very impressed with British engineers because they qualify young. They are often brighter, sparkier, more creative and errr .... more young than ze Jermans. It is also worth pointing out that according to the world bank the UK has a higher GDP per capita on a PPP basis than ze Jermans and is only slightly behind them according to the IMF and our friends from Langley. According to all three of them, ze Jermans are a long way behind septics. There are lots of good things in Jermany, like ze Pergamon Museum in Berlin and a lively and fun immigrant community of some seven million people and Merkel on record with "multiculturalism has failed." That makes it sound like the Jermans have it sorted. Edit: Oh sorry. It was implied but not explicit, silly oversight. This buddy of mine teaches in a Hochschulle, or whatev' they're called, just outside Stuttgart.
  14. "The beer is the best in the world and the people are nice (if not as warm as Brits)." I feel certain a Jerman has or could write something similar about the nicest parts of the UK. As for all this suggestion there is so much less crime in Jermany, well what I find is that Jermany is ranked at 49 in the world murder list and the UK at 46 with Italy and Spain in between. That doesn't seem such a big difference to me. http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_percap-crime-murders-per-capita I would agree there is probably more street crime in the UK than Jermany but I suspect there is more of this in Jermany than the UK, http://wireupdate.com/wires/15250/violent-clashes-break-out-in-german-neo-nazi-rally/ And I find the suggestion that Jermany is a workers paradise risible.
  15. "Yes its always best to deride and ridicule something you clearly know nothing about.. " As far as I recall, your contribution has been "bollo cks", "money printing and "paper money". Do you mean inflation has inflated the price of food beyond the means of poor people in North Africa and the Middle East? I think you do. If I am right about, I think I'm doing quite well because you haven't exactly spelt it out. You have rather let "buzz words" drop from on high, expecting all the clever and in the know people to understand exactly what you mean - a typical behaviour pattern of clueless arrogance. So lets have a little look at this proposition shall we? Lets have a look at some inflation rates, US 1.63 % Euro Area 2.4% UK 4.0% CPI 5.1% RPI (and hardly relevant globally) China 4.9% India 11.5% Brazil 4.9% All numbers easily confirmed with google. India obviously looks high but it's hardly Weimar and certainly disproves your arrogant hint that inflation has driven up food prices and proves my point that demand has. Inflation remains low by historic levels but food prices are at a revolutionary high. Now I wouldn't be at all surprised if you think this makes you look stupid. But it doesn't. That would be mixing cause with effect or something like that. You look stupid because you are and you say and do stupid as an ancillary of that, or something.
  16. And here are some more of the fruits of google, http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=523280&in_page_id=2&ito=1565 And last I heard, paper money was invented by the Chinese 1400 years ago.
  17. And I think demand from Brazil, China and India is based on surpluses the result of risible labour costs rather than paper money.
  18. Food prices have increased because of increased demand from Brazil, China and India. I think that people who over focus on fiat this, printy that, ponzi the other and paper something else need to get out more.
  19. Spare me your semantic shenanigans with "paper money" and "price". People are hungry. That's not ******.
  20. I think it's pretty clear the pre-crash oil spike was a product of high demand flowing from the Western property booms and the emergence of the BRICS and excess liquidity had its part to play in this as we all know. Oil bombed in the latter part of 2008 just like the S & P.
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