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  1. "While on patrol he and a fellow Legionnaire once ....." Yeah right! As if he'd be boasting about that if he had.
  2. The Irish have been milking Europe for every cent for a generation. They've received billions. Are they really so naive as to think that street ran only one way? I'm starting to understand why the jokes about the "Irishman" had such traction.
  3. "Live well. It is the best revenge." the Talmud "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." Oscar Wilde http://www.quotationspage.com/quote/2567.html I think it's nice to make the odd enemy but only formidable ones. It adds a bit of spice to the act of forgiving them.
  4. "One incident ended with me opening my wallet and tossing a few coppers at him; cue outrage and further verbals ." It's better to give them at least £20.00 so they can at least get their round in.
  5. "So basically a Democrat who, one normally assumes, has little love for the Conservatives?" Who said Uncle Sam spent too much after he was fired by Obama. The guys a bloop.
  6. Loads of proletarian schmucks make it. Probably too many. But no proletarian schmuck ever makes it by bitching about it. So, either get with the programme and make it or bitch about it. In a free country, the choice is yours.
  7. "How do you explain the position of the Norman descendants after 1,000 years?" Talent.
  8. You get the last half of the report here and it gets worse, It's utterly appalling. As an erstwhile lawyer I'd say there is absolutely a prima facie case for perjury, contempt of court and conspiracy here. Not that anyone needs any legal qualifications to see that. It's as plain as a pike staff.
  9. Interesting vid. Thanks for posting. I think the message is, "Make sure you title insurance is bullet proof." And that is probably easier said than done.
  10. When the proverbial hits the air con, ze Jermans will print. Remember Weimar. And I have a suspicion that wasn't such a bad idea because it helped the reduce their war reparations. (Evidence based stuff to the contrary will be most welcome.)
  11. "money is mostly specious ..." So that'd be loose change then?
  12. He's an estate agent who made a mistake and got pulled on it. They usually react like this. Relax on it. Let it pass. We all need estate agents from time to time.
  13. I have a Norman family name. In the last three generations, the wealth of my family has fluctuated from lots, to nothing, to lots, to near bankruptcy, to lots, to well on the way to even more, which I will almost certainly get around to losing at some point. I suspect there is a lot more mobility out there than the poor and ignorant care to recognise, other examples, Ian Fleming and John Milton.
  14. "They have the combined weight of the Irish and Greek taxpayers underwriting them. ..."
  15. It is my understanding that it's no secret the landesbanken are in little better shape than the cajas. Or for that matter than Northern Rock or RBS were (maybe still are).
  16. Wall Street always speaks with forked tongue. To end an article with a "paraphrase" of Wall Street is a waste of column inches. To talk about a "sugar-rush" in relation to the US economy misses the depth and breadth of that thing. Houses are more affordable than they have been for a very long time. Corporate America is making good profits. The government, as usual, is spending more than it can afford. Apart from the housing bit, that's what usually happens in America. That's not a sugar rush.
  17. The link takes one on to an interesting piece on Liz Taylor that I'd highly recommend.
  18. "BTW i believe that theres only one or two porcelin factories that are still working there ..." Bernardaud and Haviland still produce in Limoges, top stuff, http://www.bernardaud.fr/index.php?id=fr18 http://www.haviland-limoges.com/haviland.php As for others, probably some smaller ones still but certainly smaller ones in the vicinity, places like St Leonard de Noblat. And yes Limoges is a dump and Gueret is worse, despite its museum but Gueret isn't the capital of .....
  19. 'Take the Limousin Region its capital Guret for example." As a geography nazi I cannot resist the temptation to point out that Gueret, very good provincial museum with a fine art collection, is the capital of the "Creuse". Limoges (porcelain), is the capital of the Limousin, of course.
  20. "Angeln and Saxony are both in Germany." As the case may be but the Angles and the Saxons with the sense of humour left.
  21. And the good news is the american economy is moving beyond its obsession with housing. With each passing quarter it gets clearer, there is life beyond housing and the economy is not hostage to this one sector.
  22. "Perhaps the Royal Air Force need to organise a no fly zone over Scotland to prevent English people becoming the victims of ethnic cleansing." Laugh now. Enjoy yourself while you can. In twenty years Scotland will be a German colony, just like Ireland and I will be laughing but you won't.
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