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  1. Here is something I've been musing on for a while about all this sovereign debt.

    If owing only three times your income is ok for a domestic mortgage, why the big problem with beginning to owe only just a bit more than 1 x GDP for a nation?

    Now of course, I can see all sorts of major problems for nations that should expect a GDP contraction gratis demographics, like Japan, Russia and Italy.

    And not being in control of one's debt has all the usual problems .... but ...

  2. With all the Spanish practices that go on in .... guess where ..... Spain, I wouldn't dream of buying until I'd rented for what ....? .... at least a year.

    And until I have the language sorted so I can understand the legal documentation.

    And I can't abide the costas and Barcelona's not what it used to be but Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, maybe Rhonda .... ah .... that's living.

    Thanks for the tips, really appreciated.

  3. "I could also spread my savings into USD but don't like the idea of not having a US bank account to hold USD."

    Hop over to New York then and open one with Chase or something. If they ask you why, tell 'em.

    Or, go higher up country and no red neck bank manager will ask you why and he probably wouldn't understand if you told him. He certainly wouldn't be interested.

    Or ask a British Bank to open you a dollar account.

    I have one with Barclays, no probs.

    Actually I have two.

    A checking account and a savings account.

    Obviously, I have no idea whether the dollar is gonna go up or down, probably up methinks.

    And generally, when I write a check, Chase and Barclays sicks up the moolah, at least atm.

    And remember, it's when the party's over and the lights have been turned off that the real party begins.

  4. The French don't want to be in the South and don't deserve to be in the North but there are benefits to the Hun of having Frenchie along.

    When it comes to matters political rather than economic, the Hun can hide behind Frenchie. The Hun like that.

    Frenchie can mitigate the worst excesses of the appreciation of the Reichsmark and provide and outlet for such self-righteous Teutonic bullying as ze Jermans may choose to indulge in.

    On that basis, expect to see Frenchie in the North, so the Hun can cut him up into little pieces as ze Hun is doing unto ze Greeks.

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