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  1. I'm feeling too lazy to confirm this but isn't the euro zone asking all the emerging markets and sovereign wealth funds to invest in the euro so everyone can get bailed out? If so, dropping you interest rate and the price of the euro shouldn't help ..... correct? But of course the euro is overvalued and has been since c. 2008. And it's valuation for the last few years has only been sustained by, shall we call it ... ? .... 'default money'. I suppose this is what happens when you combine wishful musing, blindness, amnesia, delusion and hubris with corruption.
  2. "Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias from South Wales Police said: "Each pain in the **** copper can cost society a lot more than £850,000. By the time you allow for all the wasted police time, failed prosecutions, fiddled expenses and overtime claims... faked sick leave, unjustified early retirement and self righteous small mindedness ... frankly, I'd wish I'd been a junkie," said Mr Mathias."
  3. La Slapper Whatever Her Name is caught my eye back in 2007 or whatever when she said none of this would have much impact on France because it was just sub prime and France wasn't exposed to any of that stuff. Before the fragility of French banks became apparent La Slapper was saying, "French banks do not have the anglo-saxon problems because they are less flippant ... better run ... or whatev'" About the time of the French fuel protests, there was nothing to worry about, "As fearful drivers headed to the pumps, Finance Minister Christine Lagarde urged the nation not to panic. “Today, there is no reason, no reason, I repeat, to panic because there is no risk of shortages,” she told BFM-TV on Saturday, noting that only 230 of the country’s 13,000 gas stations were out of fuel. “There are weeks of reserve.” " Paragraph 9, depending on how you count it of, http://investmentwatchblog.com/regarding-protests-in-france-over-raising-retirement-age-to-62/ And one day later, "French riot police clash with students as petrol stations run dry ...." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/8071510/French-riot-police-clash-with-students-as-petrol-stations-run-dry.html La Garde is officially Alicia Silverstein whatever, without the eyebrows, I mean hey, she was the honcho at Baker Mackenzie or something So, she is an ernest, square, swotty, frog bitch, with her head up her **** .... And if you want to know what's not, listen to her
  4. If tenants are protected from eviction in winter, UK one's are mild by North American and Continental comparisons, everyone else's rent goes up as the business factors this reduction in supply into the price curve.
  5. "They would do well but would have to default ..." Which, maybe, would be about as embarrassing as losing to Tonga in the world cup ...?
  6. On a scale of 1 - 10 of French disasters, I rate France being outside the Teuton zone of a post euro Europe as nothing to be too upset about really. Gallic shrug and all that.
  7. Ein Reich of Jermany, Austria, Holland and Finland does have an inherent economic logic to it. It's not pretty but it's
  8. I'm sure you could go on. Laughing your chubby checkers into whatever locker room you care to. But how do they stack up, when compared with everybody else?
  9. In 1992, up country in the Czech republic, beer was 9 p (nine pence) for a good big glass. Back then it was what, £1.10 - £1.15 a pint in London? Oh how I partied ....
  10. Since 2007 more than a million people have emigrated to the US legally each year. In 1950 the number was 249,188, source ..... idiots guide. Loads more enter illegally of course. These people are all voting with their feet for a set of reasons that are probably worth betting on, if the odds are there. The sheer critical mass of the US is breathtaking. It isn't the Titanic. It's the iceberg and the water remains mighty cold out there.
  11. Indeed they probably will. But at least we can try to duck, dive, box clever or stupid (probably stupid) for our interest. Everybody else in euro wotsit marches to the tune of Fritz for the Fritz interpretation of the benefit of Fritz, Frenchie included. Fritz pays, Fritz says. As Homer said, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." There are quite strong elements of 1536 and all that about this thing, in my humble and respectful opinion only of course.
  12. And anyway, we tried with the ERM and it all farked up back in 1992 or something.
  13. Nein. It is better to have no one trying to save you than ze Jerman playing you for all you are worth for ze benefit of zaid Jerman.
  14. Well that's certainly a fair point made about the power of folding. I'll bear it in mind when choosing my ground but it does set me after hankering for a city break in Deutschland. Berlin in the run up to Christmas is always fun.
  15. Four euros for a half. Ze Jerman owns ze bar and all the ozzer people zer are Jerman, except for ein Britisher. Did you mention the war?
  16. I'm trying to avoid learning any more but it's not as easy as it might seem.
  17. Yeah, my ESTA is valid for two years and I guess 90 days is for anyone. So ...... what's this new visa thing? OK, if you can't get an ESTA, ok. But if you can .... digame me mas porfavor .... Just had a look at my ESTA, which to my amazement I can find. It expires 02/03/2012. Now that is probably 3 Feb 2012 and not 2 March 2012. Another part of the language difference that can lead to more than just missed flights.
  18. Then why would anyone possibly want this visa if they can get an ESTA? I obtained my ESTA by literally instantaneous response online and no one in the US has ever shown the least interest in it. An IRS security guard has asked me about my lack of a visa (twice) and scurried off into the long grass when I told him I didn't need one. And when last year I went to the US six times and was asked why by the border control at the airports and I said, "To buy a house," They all immediately gave me three months leave to enter and remain. And now when I go, they don't even ask. And who would want to spend 180 days in the US? There is a great buying opportunity there but there are better places to live. There is a lack of urban beauty in the US and too many people who think they are clever just because they have made lots of money.
  19. Jobs suck. Lets face it. Rich people, people with options employ people with fewer options. It's not like rich people say, "Oh yeah, I'll go get a job now ..." Of course, I would not like to generalise but I do think there may be some generality of truth in what I have said.
  20. Hasn't the collapse been put back to Wednesday now? And I am beginning to wonder whether all this hot air is poop over nothing. When this happened, Things started sorting themselves out, not the reverse.
  21. Yeah, nice Scottish boys playing out of their league, get skinned, blame everyone but themselves, cost everyone but themselves a fortune and then there is talk of "propaganda and pravda". Nice.
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