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  1. I think there may well be something in equities at this time.

    I don't favour the European markets so much because I feel they are less prone to the irrational exuberance of us Anglo Saxons and so they limit their upside.

    I think that Europeans don't really "get" finance.

    Of course that could make a punt on some Jerman utilities a good call now, probably a very good call allowing for the chance of meaningful Jerman currency appreciation.

    And there is another thing about equities.

    There is a good chance, maybe a very good one that we are headed for inflation.

    If so, a lot of money is gonna try and exit bonds and won't have much else to go to except equities.

    This is my latest musing rather than research.

    But I have shifted some money out of BAT because I was starting to feel queasy about the ethics of that holding, call me a girl if you want, and I lobbed that stuff at National Power and AT&T because of their defensive pedigree and yield.

    I would add that I've just finished Naill Ferguson's biography of Siegmund Warburg. I won't be reading much more of Ferguson's stuff. I think his excessive interest in the history of Ferguson skews his interest in the history of anything else but he did tell me that during the carnage of the 1930's those who bought equities and could hold them long, long term eventually got out alright. Those who were in bonds got eradicated.

  2. Of course, having a currency that may be overvalued for our buddies in the sun but is considerably undervalued for a stand alone Herman helps a lot in achieving market share in emerging markets.

    So maybe ze Jermans want to keep the euro on life support so they can make hay in China, now they have sucked the blood from the med.

  3. The Irish sold their sovereignty for their infrastructure.

    Since the Irish can and will take back their sovereignty but the French and Jermans can't take back the roads and stuff, it will probably turn out a good deal for the Irish.

    Net donors to the EU will probably not be able to say they did so well but then again, they could afford it, which is why they paid it.

  4. "The average US worker has less employment protection than the average Indian, Chinese, Brazilian or Russian."

    If this is so I am sorry to point out that this employment protection thing is a bit of a busted flush.

    Despite all it awfulness, it is better to be a worker in the US than in BRIC land.

    That's why > a million people a year emigrate legally to the US, plenty being from BRIC land.

  5. If you consider the plethora of law, regulation and punitive precedent that bears upon what an employer can inflict upon his employee I think you could say the US labour market is more regulated now that it was in 1961.

    Of course, proper regulation is a fundamental necessity.

    No one wants to go back to pit ponies and child labour.

    But I am not convinced by the suggestion the US labour market is a free market free for all for the sole benefit of the reprehensible rentiers.

  6. Oh Buggah!

    Eastern Europe!

    I thought everyone had forgotten about that and it had gone away.

    Eastern Europe was what we worried about when we weren't worrying about our buddies in the sun.

    We're doomed.

    I'm gonna shave me beard, put on a frock and pretend to be a chick (fat) to see if I can get myself a seat in the lifeboat.

    We're going down I tell yer.

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