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  1. "I am really sick an tired ..." Well clearly but that was a very funny post. It's had me chuckling all morning, thanks. Hopefully, you will be able to espouse your consanguineous drivel without fear of some legal ugliness soon.
  2. Which strikes me as extremely unfair and horribly unfortunate and surely worse than any other system anyone could come up with except for every other system that everyone has come up with. A muggy business all round but life's like that.
  3. Well, once you've waltzed through the delights of Bakunin, you'll have Errico Malatesta and Kropotkin to enjoy. Lucky you.
  4. "But NK isn't a communist state ..." OK then. How about,everyone 'even including' those funky dudes from Pyongyang have given up on communism/socialism/call it whatever you likeism? Did those Cambodians, reeling from the depredations of the French, then the Sihanouk regime, then the Khmer find themselves "lead to socialism"? And if the Cambodians can't even settle on a socialist path, quite why anyone thinks yankee will, escapes me.
  5. If this is so, how come all the commies in the world except the North Koreans are giving up on socialism? If oppression leads to socialism, how come the oppressions of Russia and China have lead to these countries abandoning the state planned path? Perhaps it could be argued that the failure of the proletariat to live up to the opportunity presented to it by numerous socialist experiments across the world is why elites have turned their back on this model. To suggest that after a century of failed socialist experiments, that the US will adopt or have this model foisted on it is just plain wrong. Except for the fact its spoutation accrues some wonga for some cute babe, something I am generally in favour of.
  6. Ooooh cute, brainy babe Dambisa turns a buck by worrying us about reds under the bed and the yellow peril. She's got two birds in one with that shot, well done her, Absolute cobblers but fun nonetheless.
  7. If the north is so great why do the singes velus du nord spend so much time slagging off the sarf rather than enjoying God's own paradise, into which it seems they have been plonked? Here's one about a traffic jam in the rain on a motor way up north. Something that is dear to my heart so long as I am headed sarf. I never had too much trouble with the weather up north. It was always the spiessig, or to be more literal the, "kleiner gesonnener Provinzialismus," of the people that wore me down. Nasty, cheap basterds, beset with some delusion they had some northern warmth of friendliness .... much worse than the weather. (Not all of course. Wouldn't want to generalise excessively of course but maybe just a certain number; more than a few; perhaps more often than seldom.)
  8. The Chinese haven't come up with anything funky that flies since the kite. Why anyone thinks this thing is gonna fly better than a tin can in the absence of any hard evidence that says it will, is beyond me. Now here's a clip of my uncle Gerald playing wiff waff,
  9. To say BLT is "high" when its P/E is c. half that of XTA and c. a third of AAL and less than a third of LMI seems misplaced to me. RIO does look slightly better value and approaching its 4400 resistance level it looks like there may be a cheeky 4% on offer there, were it not for the stamp duty. Pity that.
  10. CNN money tells me the average P/E for the Dow is 15 and for the S&P it's 17.8. If these numbers are a bit toppy for long term historic averages (14-16 according to the idiots guide), they are nothing like as "overvalued" as they were during the bull run of the 1990's and the run from c. 2003 - the end of 2007. And who would have wanted to have missed out on those?
  11. I wonder when the Chinese and Russians started hating the Americans? For the Chinese, what about the Boxer rebellion? That puts it about 1899. For the Russians, what about the Alaska purchase? 1867? Since then, Ivan and his little Chinese buddy have done such business as they do in green backs only because it is the least bad option. Who is wanna do big number contracts in the euro just now? When the Hun and Tojo negotiated their WWII axis, no prizes for guessing the language used and why. Some pipeline or other makes zero difference to the green back imperative. What do you wanna do business in, yuan or roooobles? Or green?
  12. "However a lot of what Marx said has proved accurate, we are seeing larger and larger corporations forming." I'm not sure about that. I don't think we've got anything as big now as the British East India Company was in its heyday. I suspect Ford and General Motors are smaller now in market share terms than they were.
  13. According to my recollection of AJP Taylor, in central/eastern europe, at the time Marx was writing, class defined ethnicity, which is why Bratislava was a German city. And "Marx and Engels were wrong," In their predictions but really quite good in a lot of their analysis.
  14. Which led us to, "We used to think that you could spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by cutting taxes and boosting government spending. I tell you in all candour that that option no longer exists, and in so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion since the war by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step." No? http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/James_Callaghan
  15. "Thre main thing is that the pain and the austerity to come is equitably born by everyone. Anything less than an equitable allocation of that austerity and there will be blood. And so there should be." Oh do get a grip. It's never been born by everyone, let alone equitably and there's been no serious blood since about 30 January 1649. That there should be has and never has had anything to do with it.
  16. "Grow the f*ck up and take a look at the bigger picture you idiot." Definitely a boomer.
  17. Isn't it pretty obvious? The boomers are not gonna get paid their pensions. For the simple reason they can't be paid. The cupboard might not be quite bare yet and it may be six months, or six years or sixteen but the cupboard is not deep enough for them to get paid. I have quite a lot of sympathy for all those sociable, bewildered boomers who are just about to enroll in the bowls club but they won't be able to run the camper van on that, let alone chuck money at Michael Ryan.
  18. I think that's the argument they're running in Greece. I don't think it works, which is a pity.
  19. "No problem they can afford it and even if they cant the near neighbours will cough up 7 billion or so until the next boom." I hope you're an anti-Irish bigot. For obvious reasons.
  20. So, would I be right in thinking the Irish have become overgenerous to their unemployed?
  21. I think it's time to face up to it. The people who have been cheating, swindling and ripping off the Greeks; the people who have been lying, false accounting and committing economic terrorism against the Greeks are the Greeks. That's why they need a German bailout. Why they are bankrupt. Why they are more corrupt than the Turks and the Romanians and why their railways that lead nowhere and employ no one might have a debt that ... "Analysts estimate the total to be around $33.6 billion, a sum that would add another 11 percentage points to Greece’s current debt level of about 120 percent of gross domestic product." Sentence one, paragraph seven of the NYT quoted above, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/business/global/21rail.html?_r=1 The most sensible way forward is for the euro to devalue to give the Bubbles a chance to sluice their Augean stables but they have to get with the programme. All their hubristic denial is worth a thimble full of spit. All this, " ....the Greeks are pretty free people. Invaded so many times historically they don't care who is in power and they do not hand over money to thieves without making it difficult. It has stood them in good stead for at least two thousand years and they still make wine now the same as they did two thousand years ago ...." Would be innocuous if their numbers could be trusted. But since they can't, if they do not make them so, they'll probably slide back to some torturing military dictatorship like they had under their Colonels as recently as the 1970's. And who wants that?
  22. "Propaganda by the Elite to turn the German common people against the Greek common people." I am not sure the information available to us supports that assertion. It seems Greek train drivers could earn $130,000 per year in 2009 and the average for Greek railway employees was $78,000. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/business/global/21rail.html Compared to, http://www.mysalary.co.uk/average-salary/Train_Driver_3139 Looking at this, it would appear the Greeks have been having a laugh at Jerman expense, something I commend wholeheartedly, And here's some men in skirts with a funny walk,
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