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  1. The emergence of Brazil, China and India is the result of their recently found willingness to adopt market mechanisms, albeit with their own characteristics. US fiscal policy has less than minimal impact on this. And anyway, this putative ECB rate rise is only about containing Jerman inflation that is likely to flow from the enhanced competitive advantage the Jerman's have been able to accrue during the euro. Maybe the Jermans are thinking, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."
  2. "Don't you think that this money might have looked for a return?" The money wasn't looking for a return in food. Whatever made you think that? Increased demand for agricultural produce as a result of new found spending power in Brazil, China and India has led to a rapid increase in food prices, which has caused this North African/Middle east unrest. I suspect the Americans have far less impact in this world than people think.
  3. "What a load of boll*x. " Well how about, http://www.google.fr/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=egyptian+bread+prices Take your pick, brains.
  4. The Spanish have their fair share of the blame to shoulder but to deny that setting European interest rates for German convenience rather than European benefit had a detrimental effect on Spanish prospects, is misplaced.
  5. Nah. It's bread prices and that is a result of the emergence of Brazil, India and China. There is nothing the Fed or anyone else can do about it really.
  6. I've heard that a very large proportion of Irish debt, bonds, whatever it's called?, was bought by Irish pension funds, firemen, teachers, nurses, that stuff and public bodies, local councils I suppose. Anyone know if this is true?
  7. As a youngster I was really quite far out on the left. From that perspective it seemed pretty clear to me the British people wanted a capitalistic society and they still do and that being so they have to take the rough with the smooth. I think it is also worth pointing out that only a generation ago, the proletariat's housing stock, the council houses, were sold off to that proletariat at a whacking discount. For people to all turn round and nod sagely together and agree, "Only for the elite," Seems pretty useless to me. Thatcher wanted a property owning democracy. She pretty much created one by selling off the nations housing stock at a level that probably makes Brown's gold deal look alright. A generation down the line we seem to be reverting to the norm of a property renting democracy. Plus ca change.
  8. "but hey, only the Rich can cheat," Au contraire. Benefits cheats cheat and they're poor. The poor cheat all the time.
  9. Geithner is just the finance guy of probably the most Anglophobe Whitehouse, since we burnt the thing in the War or 1812. We probably tortured Obama's grand father in the Mau Mau thing bacj wjen in Kenya. It's not big deal. It'll pass. I mean, isn't Obama on record with, "America's greatest ally is the French"? http://patriotstatesman.com/2011/02/obama-betrays-americas-greatest-ally/ So, we shouldn't have tortured his grand father but how were we to know. As for Geithner .... yeah and ... And it did start in America and we all know that.
  10. "And who will shoot the rioters." Oh Delroy Smellie of course. Do please keep up. http://www.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://www.anorak.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/delroy-smellie-v-nicola-fisher/copper-smellie.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.anorak.co.uk/244027/media/delroy-smellie-not-made-to-pay-for-the-death-of-ian-tomlinson.html&h=350&w=585&sz=43&tbnid=khnngi2S7k63RM:&tbnh=81&tbnw=135&prev=/images%3Fq%3DDelroy%2BSmellie%2Bimage&zoom=1&q=Delroy+Smellie+image&usg=__K7GAyPYKzXAzisx6RXZi3IWKGTk=&sa=X&ei=IF9hTYzDLIix8QPR85yQDA&ved=0CBwQ9QEwAA
  11. "Gordon Brown was 'misunderstood' ," I think the 'was' word is misplaced.
  12. It's an interesting case that I think it is important to keep continually under review. Could it sumarised as, "we're at the beginning of a third period of excessive valuation"? The counter would be this earnings season is generally going very well. Most companies in the S & P are making good money and there is some great value out there, like ARLP, DE and DELL. We remain 14% off the previous peak of 1561. How long is that likely to take to get to? A year, 18 months? There could very well be scope for things to get a lot more expensive yet. Take Ebay, P/E of 25.45. Compare to Amazon, P/E of 73.76. I suspect we need to see a lot more P/E's in excess of 30 before we're genuinely close to the edge.
  13. When it comes to the markets, you will be either too early or too late. If you can make the money you need by being too early, you might be alright. Only ask the market for what it can give you. Trading the market seriously is hard work. People that think speculating is easy haven't speculated. And never forget, fundamentally it's all,
  14. "You seem somewhat obsessed (as well as wrong). " If you think being reasonably well researched is obsessed it's probably because you are idle or stupid or both. If the imf, world bank or cia world factbook are wrong - demonstrate it.
  15. And it would appear from what the idiots guide says our friends in Langley think the Hun has a public debt of 77.2% of GDP compared to a mere 53.5% for Blighty. All this Hun worship seems as ill informed as it is tasteless to me. (That's Wikipedia's quotation of the CIA world fact book for those that don't know.)
  16. "A bit sad to hide behind PPP .." Au contraire it is a perfectly acceptable and legitimate economic index that you average hun lover will be only too happy to chuck in ya face if it suits him.
  17. Because you average Hun is a bit more skint than your average Brit on a GDP PPP per capita basis, "United Kingdom Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita GDP: $ 35,082.832" http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2010/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2007&ey=2010&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=112&s=NGDPD,NGDPDPC,PPPGDP,PPPPC,LP&grp=0&a=&pr.x=25&pr.y=6 "Germany Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita GDP: $34,905.117" http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2010/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2007&ey=2010&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=134&s=NGDPD,NGDPDPC,PPPGDP,PPPPC,LP&grp=0&a=&pr.x=52&pr.y=17 According to the IMF, which is apparently a reputable source even though it's run by a French socialist. And according to the ease of doing business index, Deutschland comes in at some paltry 23, while good old Blighty scampers in fourth behind Singapore, HK and NZ (wherever that is?). And that's a world bank thing, apparently, http://www.doingbusiness.org/rankings So, all together then, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkRIbUT6u7Q
  18. Well quite. The last few years have definitely shown that all those Saloon Bar Bores who would always whine on .... "If he was running a private business .... he'd have been fired by now." Had no idea what they were talking about, The appalling lack of senior management accountability in the face of the awful mess of the last few year is atrocious. Of course, this did come to pass while the proletarian party were on watch. A bit like the bankruptcy of the country and the IMF bail out of 1976 or whatever.
  19. Isn't the problem with the public ownership of the land that the proletariat starve or get whacked some other way. The rich get eaten too but who cares about them? We have the examples of the famine in the USSR in the 1930's, the Cultural revolution, the Killing Fields and all the other anti-free market experiments tried by Germans and Italians and Albanians and the Communards or whatever. The market, with some sensible regulation, which will always be deeply flawed is absolutely useless but like democracy it's quite a lot less bad than everything else. It always starts off with singing and dancing and Ten Days That Shook the World and ends with cannibalism in a ditch in somewhere over the hill from Minsk, Chengdu or Siem Reap. I mean, look at this lot,
  20. "Has the UK changed its name recently???" Apologies. I should have said that for everybody other than Polish people Jermany is not the promised land.
  21. "We however have a few niche players who have survived despite everything else." Yeah like most of the components of the FTSE 100 ... a few niche players .... Which would be why our lovely cuddly Jerman buddies have a, "Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita GDP of $34,905.117" http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2010/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2007&ey=2010&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=134&s=NGDPD,NGDPDPC,PPPGDP,PPPPC,LP&grp=0&a=&pr.x=52&pr.y=17 And useless, feckless debt ridden Blighty has one of "$35,082.832" http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2010/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2007&ey=2010&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=112&s=NGDPD,NGDPDPC,PPPGDP,PPPPC,LP&grp=0&a=&pr.x=25&pr.y=6 The article is just typical un-researched hunphile garbage. Jermany is no promised land. It's cold, wet, dark and boring and full of people who are at best, constantly chasing the joke,
  22. "Roll on the 5th of May, the best chance the English have of independance!" Ho ho. Independence for England bankruptcy for Scotland. Probably messy but then again, good fun usually is.
  23. And I suppose the rich are paying more tax than ever because like the poor, they are richer than ever, so I suppose it's all quits really. Oh well, it's been enlightening. Thank you everyone for your contributions. I certainly shall know better than to expect any "fair do's" for the tax that I pay. Likewise for the charity I will probably have to give away. But at least I know now and for that I am grateful.
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