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  1. Hi, Looking at a house and have just downloaded the Title Register from LandReg. The current owner has been resident for a number of years. Then in 2010 there is an entry under the Registered Charges section which I've put below. Any idea what this means? "REGISTERED CHARGE xx/xx/2010 Proprietor: HSBC BANK The proprietor of the Charge dated xxx referred to above is under an obligation to make further advances. These advances will have priority to the extent afforded by section 49(3) Land Registration Act 2002. And also another part further up which says: "RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate by the proprietor of the registered estate is to be registered without a written consent signed by the proprietor for the time being of the Charge dated xxx in favour of HSBC Bank PLC referred to in the Charges Register."
  2. Interesting thread and I think those arguing to keep a good relationship with agent/vendor are right if you want any chance of securing the property for whatever value. The OP wanted a 15% reduction on asking price. This doesn't, though, appear to cheeky to me in the current environment. I'm going to be looking to buy later this year and given I'm flexible will probably be looking to offer some lowball offers of up to 20% off. Has anyone had much experience of offering 15-20% under in terms of agent/vendor reaction? We have a large deposit mortgage will be no problem so can proceed very quickly when we come to move. I'm seeing more and more properties in inland East Sussex area getting discounted quite heavily. I'm presuming getting another 10% off something isn't going to be too tricky but maybe I'm wrong?
  3. What the hell was positive about my post? I'm merely pointing out that if you ignore the timing of Easter then you're as stupid as the BRC. You simply can't tell a lot from the release and that there is a pretty good reason why sales are the weakest on record this month compared to a year earlier.
  4. +1. This is a complete joke and the reporting has been awful. Everyone here talks about VIs, well the VI here is the BRC and they are forever in the business of making out things are terrible on the High Street. Read it every month. And the lame journos this time around are just being spoon fed this rubbish. The timing of Easter will have a massive effect on the year-on-year comparison. This is the main reason why the figure is so weak this month. It may be that March sales ex the Easter effect are weak but you won't really ever be able to find out from the BRC data (The National Statistics data will attempt to deal with this effect). Expect to see a massive bounceback next month when April this year with Easter is compared to April last year with no Easter effect. Wait for the National Stats data for a better picture. Indeed it's a better guide every month as it includes all retailers not just the large ones who are in the BRC and skew the figures.
  5. Has anyone mentioned that it's in Luton!? Good game though. What's the best 3/4 bed detached anyone can find within a max 1 and a half hour commute to London for £250k or less? Garden would be nice....
  6. Is this the norm that when you have a large deposit then they will lend you a higher salary multiple? I've spoken with one bank previously and this wasn't the case.
  7. Prices a little more reasonable up your way than Brighton. What's it like up there? What's the commute to London like? Would only need to do it a handful of mornings every month so not the full 9-5 every day grind.
  8. This is the sort of thing I'm looking for. 4/5 bed for sub-250. Can someone find me one near Brighton? Failing that -- what's Southport like to live?!
  9. Ha! "You can wake up in the morning and start the day with some fantastic views over Saltdean from this property." They say it like that's a good thing! Things do seem to look worse and worse the further East I drive out of Brighton. Still I'm looking for 3/4 bed preferably detached with garden and Brighton is just ridiculous.
  10. That is fun. It would be even more fun if the FSA investigate the market move in the day preceding the data release if I'm viewing your graph right. While other asset markets tread water or rise in anticipation of more QE the house price future starts plummeting? Looks like someone knew something.
  11. They may be showing a clear lack of understanding but other comments from Dale suggest he has some sort of clue to the outlook. I did start a new topic about 5 hours ago but as a newbie it needs to go through the mods. Mods -- why not upgrade me and get important news fast?! Link here: Spencer Dale House Price Comments Although to say the housing bubble was less obvious in the UK...... I've been watching the BOE for many years and this is the first comment I can remember from a bank insider regarding the level of house prices and their direction. They usually steer well away from any comments on possible asset price movements.
  12. Thanks for the info. I liked Tavistock when we visited and I have relatives there as well. While my children are quite young at the moment I'm a bit concerned that the secondary school there is currently under special measures and deemed to be failing. Okay, things will probably change a lot in the next 7 years when mine have to go there but I do wonder to what extent the school's issues are solely to do with the school or whether their students are not the greatest material to deal with! I doubt I can afford the rather posh looking school we saw there!
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