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  1. Anyone know the likely impact of the pending HMRC campaign? They seem to be targeting £500 million of evasion. How did they calculate that? Let Property Campaign This campaign will target the residential property letting market and offer a chance for landlords in this sector to get up to date and then remain compliant. Find out more information about paying tax when renting out property or call the Let Property Campaign Hotline between 9.am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 03000 514479. https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/reducing-tax-evasion-and-avoidance/supporting-pages/hmrc-campaigns There is one telegraph article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/10320504/Buy-to-let-Landlords-warned-over-unpaid-tax-on-rental-income.html
  2. Or return to sender with "not living at this address"...
  3. "David Hollingworth of mortgage broker London & Country said:... ‘People change their habits when they buy a house. They don’t go out as much, and they spend less on birthdays and holidays because they have a mortgage to pay" Sounds to me like a mortgage makes life a bundle of joy. That's one desperate mortgage broker.
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/9099117/UK-housing-market-heading-for-lost-decade-warns-Collins-Stewart.html Lost decade or slow correction? The overstatement of under building to boost the lack of supply argument.
  5. "It wasn’t enough income to describe ourselves as wealthy.... ..a five-bedroom house in Buckinghamshire, with an Aga, bespoke kitchen and wet room, surrounded by 15 acres with stables and 14 horses...A top-of-the-range Audi as well as a Range Rover sat on the drive. Their two children were privately educated and they holidayed in the Caribbean and Dubai..." These people doomed themselves from the start. The disconect between the 2 statements above is stark and the author still believes she was not wealthy. No income would ever have been sufficient. The economic climate is not the issue here - it was simply a question of time - it is a combination of their self assessment (insecurity) vs others and attitudes. 'Sophisticated' money markets/credit availabilty permits them to fall deeper than perhaps they would have done in prior eras. Like the UK. Or maybe they would have fallen prey to loan sharks and debtors jail in former times. Where did fear of debt and leverage go? Can it be measured? Only when it returns will asset prices normalise. The anecdote she presents suggests it will be a long time.
  6. I've lost track of this. Which house is she tryng and failing to sell? Its her husband and children who have to live with the consequences of of her actions. Rosie Millard Facebook Rosie Millard house sale has just collapsed! aaargh! Husband suicidal. I am a bit more pragmatic. October 27 at 11:11pm · View Feedback (9)Hide Feedback (9) View all 9 comments . . Rosie Millard Rosie Millard has just sold her house! October 23 at 8:51pm
  7. I'm feeling a bit fed up with this "spring bounce". Can the Market stay irrational longer than we can stay renting? http://www.facebook.com/rosie.millard?v=wa...iewas=667684953 "it's a bit complicated but basically we lost 150k" cheered me up. See earlier rosie millard thread where she bought million pound house at auction wearing "lucky minniskirt"
  8. Breaking news ROSIE MILLARD FACEBOOK ENTRY I lost £150K on house. 'It's not as if anyone died or anything' This woman brings out the very worst in me (second only to Baroness Uddin). So as an indulgence, let us speculate on possible future scenarios... Sofa surfing with family on return then 2 1/2 bed "temporary" rented flat not quite in catchment area of school(s) already irritated with her for taking children out mid term? Current tenants asking for 10% rent reduction at 6 months? Drip drip drip of storage costs mean savings needed (stops household insurance)... Margin call on business loan on "her" rented house? Media work dries up as seeping bitterness turns off audience? Husband fails to get job from overseas? Rosie asks children to 'lend' her their savings to cover rent? "Lucky skirt" up on ebay? do please continue...
  9. Surely you can't be proposing a cartel of those interested in Fulham house sales sharing financial information? Havn't we've got three already (EAs on Munster, Fulham and Kings road).
  10. I've been thinking about that. I rang the doorbell to ask on Sunday pre auction on my way back from work - no reply unfortuantely. Might try again if I see the owner.
  11. fodder, if you are interested in 4 bed house sw6, why not try 72 bishops road, on auction with Savills, guide i think £725K in the next week or 2. Solid house, if you can ignore the smell of cats urine. http://auctions.savills.co.uk/lond_Current..._lot.asp?pos=82 you have 5 days to the auction.
  12. Twitter. has just rented her house out hooray now can leave country without fearing financial doom and gloom 11:13 AM May 27th from web. Rosie Millard disaster averted. Move along, nothing to see.
  13. Did anyone read todays Sunday times 'homes' section today. I can't find it online. (Can anyone find an online link/post it?) There was an article by Rosie on some comedian who bought a house for 1.9million, spend 600K on it and is now selling it for the same price. I couldn't get the point of the article but to me it sounded bitter. Wonder why?
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