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  1. This is the thing, the conspiracy theories are not just neutral "pushing the boundaries" because they all basically push in the same direction. We don't see crazy conspiracies that there is a secret plot to spread fairness and equality, or that there are a group of undercover NWO agents whose dedicated mission is to go around the world monitoring for human rights abuses and ensuring rigourous democratic accountability and legal fairness. There are not conspiracy theories about cabals of shady string-pullers secretly distributing nutritious food and educational materials to the world's poor.
  2. Why is an Amazon warehouse worse than a farmed field? Both are industrially manipulated plots of land, used to maximise return on investment. Neither is anything like wilderness or wild nature. This person thinks the field is pretty and the warehouse is ugly. Another person might think the warehouse is beautiful and the field is dreary and desolate. The warehouse is an amazing and inspiring piece of infrastructure, it could be admired like a fine mechanical watch or sports car or ship. The field is just mud that has been dosed with synthetic pesticides and fertilisers to create a cash-cro
  3. Very clever. Brilliant marketing (probably unplanned though). Get their name on national media alongside the message "your house is worth more". Nutters like us will think it is awful, the majority will remember that Chorlton and Old Trafford are on the up and that nice purple estate agent with the white slanty writing (can't remember their name) is very reliable and honest.
  4. Dinghies? Cut out the middle men, send the cruise ships over to pick them up at source.
  5. That is a truly useless flow chart. The very first question if you answer "No" you just get shunted on the no-to-everything track and don't get a chance to answer any of the others. And I don't see how industry-specific exemptions could possibly work. Border control: let me see your papers. Me: Uh, I'm a musician. I do uh avant garde ambient humming. I'm on a 6 month fact-finding trip to France and Spain to discover previously unheard hums in bars and restaurants. Border control: OK thats fine. Carry on.
  6. Mmm yes but there is something magic about £0.00, if your bank balance is £100 o/d that is a very different thing from if $500 is the new baseline and your balance is £400.
  7. Just to point out that the UK is not an island, it includes territory on the island of Ireland as well as Britain, and has a land border with an EU member state (RoI)
  8. Yes that is a good way to look at it, but you seem to think that shifting the "zero" is a bad thing because it makes no difference. I suggest that shifting the "zero" is precisely the point. If you house is built at sea level then shifting it up 50 feet makes a big difference to your quality of life even though the floor is still at floor level. As for whether landlords and rent-extractors would just whack prices up to cream off all the increase... that is easily solved by, for example, increasing tax on landlordism and rent-extraction to cover the cost of the ubi. At the end of the
  9. Is there a difference between "gender neutral" and "gender free"? Are "gender free" toilets only for the use of gender free people?
  10. If you use https://www.measuringworth.com for comparing monetary values over time you can see some of these issues at work.
  11. If your slogan is "make this country great again", that implies you think it is currently not great. And if your other slogan is that people who are not happy with the country in its current state shouldn't complain but should go back to where they or their recent ancestors came from, and you are descended from people who immigrated from a different continent within the last few generations, you are basically arguing that you yourself should just leave.
  12. The UK should split up first. Then the former UK member states can each decide on their own merits whether to apply to join. My guess is NI first, then Scotland, then Wales. Maybe England eventually, but the whole EU will look very different by then.
  13. Maybe there are people whose daily home life is like this anyway, so turning home into a B&B is no extra effort/
  14. No... I don't think that's possible is it? The only conceivable answer is more government help. There must be some genius "scheme" that could help them on the ladder. Help to buy 10% shared ownership interest only mortgage perhaps? Would that help?
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