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  1. erat_forte

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Bitbargain seems to be good value for small purchases. Direct peer-to-peer transactions by bank transfer. Have used it a number of times.
  2. Yes this is very relevant. I remember a Muscovite friend talking about how Russians could not just move to Moscow, they had to get a special permit to be able to live or work in the city - kind of like an internal passport. I see no reason why London could not do the same, have a border so that country folk would have to apply for permission to go there. And what about Scotland and Wales? There's clearly a lot of sentiment in England that Scots and Welsh are not wanted- look at the opinions of Gordon Brown, yes he was a useless ++++ but there was a lot of mention that he was a useless Scottish ++++ and that made a difference. So should there be a border between England and Scotland? And the US? Politicians in London seem keen to have more regulatory alignment with the US (trade deals, pale blue passports, military bases and nuclear codes etc.) but is there not an argument that the UK should be more independent of the US? I don't know but the idea that the UK is unitary and homogenous and everywhere outside the UK is different seems slightly confusing.
  3. erat_forte

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Thank you Well it wasn't bitcoin cash, and it was a free transaction. Last Sunday. I don't have a record of the ID. I have seen the fees go up and down with supply and demand. I was suprised to get offered a free transaction but there it was. (this exchange gives a drop down menu when you transfer out, giving three or so different priorities, needless to say this was lowest and you could pay a lot more to have a quick transfer)
  4. erat_forte

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Doesn't the fee go up and down depending on demand? Mrs. did a small transaction (<£20) a week and a half ago, went through in 3 or 4 hours with no fee at all.
  5. erat_forte

    If Taxes Were Lower, Maybe Google Would Pay Them

    If taxes were on tangible things like land or resource use, rather than on flexible and adjustable things like profits or income, it would be much harder to avoid them.
  6. Very good, very true. Where do we start though...?
  7. Why is this demand "pent up"? There are thousands of people who are keen to buy but they don't put in offers on the goods that are offered for sale because... 1. the goods are underpriced, and the potential buyers don't want to short change the sellers 2. The local mafia are threatening to kneecap anyone who puts in an offer 3. .....?
  8. No need for immigration control, no need for international harmonisation. Who would immigrate here after that?
  9. Why is it a bad thing if shares get cheaper? It means you can buy more? Just like houses or computers?
  10. erat_forte

    Tenant Sold Her House

    So much confusing about this story! "dull middle-class folk" have an unearned income more than the national average wage? People pay over £1,000,000 for a smallish terraced house? Fascinating.
  11. erat_forte


    I think its shocking how much you have to earn, to rent a modest place.
  12. Don't think this has bee mentioned on here? Rent caps as the solution though... ignore the casue, treat the symptom...
  13. erat_forte

    Postcapitalism - Paul Mason

    Property rights is the puzzle. As a landless person, where are my property rights?
  14. erat_forte

    Postcapitalism - Paul Mason

    What you describe would be not post-capitalism, but post-rentierism.
  15. Should have offered double.

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