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  1. Yes they want to know if rent has always been paid on time/any arrears/good tenant etc. Letting agents dont hold current Experian information as this would be a breach of Data Protection and they also don't know whether utility bills are up to date so this is definitely bull. I'm surprised that they would say that really. As for your last point I suppose it would depend on how much they charge!!
  2. Your first email was fine and I wouldn't have even replied to the second one. The solicitors must be idiots as to all intents and purposes the letting agent IS the landlord especially as they didn't put the landlords address on your agreement (although to be fair it wasn't common 5 years ago). It is a legal requirement for the letting agent to provide you with the landlords address should this be requested by you. You have done your duty and I wouldn't waste any more time on it. It's also a requirement of any mortgage that any ground rents are paid up to date. If he's simply forgotten then t
  3. Most agents charge for a written reference but not for a verbal reference. One reference for both of you is sufficient. Have you kept your bank statements to show that you have paid your rent for the last 6 months? This might be an acceptable alternative to Homelet. Most agents also charge renewal fees for doing a new fixed term contract but shouldn't be charging fees where no work is invloved i.e reversion to periodic. We don't charge tenants for this as there is no work involved.
  4. Some people are just so rude!! Even if they 'forgot' to advise the DEA then that behaviour is unacceptable and definitely interfering with your quiet enjoyment. I agree with the other comments but wonder why they are doing an EPC. Are you leaving the property or are they putting it up for sale? Just curious and interested to know what goes on in other places.
  5. Is it really any wonder that some LL's won't accept pets!! In my experience those that don't take pets (not many that don't in my office BTW) don't have a problem with the pets - just the owners. Is it really too much to expect for a responsible pet owner to deflea the house and clean the carpets for the benefit of the next tenant that may not have pets? We don't take dogs where the dog is home alone all day. We don't take cats on busy main roads. None of my business I know but go figure. If LL's are such parasites then just don't rent.
  6. It is out of order (pardon the pun) for there to be no cooker in an unfurnished property let alone a furnished one!! It may have been condemned only recently with a new one on order but they should have let you know and given you the choice as to whether you move in or not. It's totally unacceptable and you need to write on the inventory that the cooker has been removed since your viewing and keep a copy before you hand it back. Ring them every day until a cooker is installed and inform them that you won't be paying rent for each day you are without a cooker. Has the tenancy actually commenc
  7. That did used to be easier said than done though! In 1998 my mum and my stepdad who have now been together for 32 years asked if they should get married for financial reasons and I said 'yes'. They would then benefit from spouses pension (it's changed for the better now) and married couples allowance. As soon as they got married the married couples allowance was abolished in 1999 - ha - so much for that advice.
  8. I think the TDS is working too .....and for both parties. I've just come back from sunny (not) Wales to find a TDS conclusion waiting for me. The tenant was offered the opportunity to clean the filthy house and return one room back to a neutral colour - and then she offered £50 to the LL. The LL refused and it went to TDS (still a bit slow) and the tenant had to pay £168 in addition to the £50. The moral of this story is that I suggested that the tenant increase her offer as the house really was filthy (detailed inventory) and one room a garish colour. She refused - but the LL would have ac
  9. The only reason I ask for the tenants forwarding address is so that I can return the deposits (TDS) so can think of no other reason if it's DPS. Although to be fair I also send any stray post on too.
  10. +1 I wouldn't be able to resist out finding out exactly what he's up to. ........I would have to tell him that I worked for the fraud squad too! Seriously though if you have the time (and can be bothered) I would just check the ownership of the property from the land registry website first. Get his name - say you are interested and try and get a phone number to ring him back as you've one other to view. Then ring him and ask for his bank details as BACS payments are now instant and therefore the same as cash. Give a false name and then report him to the police. Sounds very dodgy to me.
  11. Good for you. He's very lucky that you're not going for the compensation claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. These scores should be fine for lettings. 545 is deemed to be a poor score and the average score seems to be about 800. The worst case scenario would be a guarantor but in my opinion I don't think you'll have a problem. If you are still doubtful then I would ask your letting agent for their specific criteria in respect of this as it should be set out by their referencing company (if they use one).
  13. That depends how good the LA/landlord is!! If they're doing their job properly then that just won't work. We never 'stole' bonds before TDS and nor have we done so since. A good inventory should be clear and precise about the state of cleanliness when the tenant moves in. If the property is not clean on check-out I give the tenant an opportunity to clean it (fair deal since the tenancy has ended and tenant has moved out) and if they don't do it then they get billed for the cleaning. Proper account is taken of wear or tear and we are quite generous BUT we do go to the TDS and the TDS takes a
  14. Ha ha. Silly old moo. Yes it's the landlords responsibility to fix it. It's his property that's falling into disrepair externally and in his interest to sort it out before you get penetrating damp and then he'll need to redecorate too.
  15. Even 'no sale no fee' agents are able to charge a fee in this situation. I would charge them a fee, then withdraw the property from my books and then find the OP a better house. In my (long) experience if people can play such a dirty trick then something bad will happen to them. Greed is very destructive. They should at least have the decency to refund your fees. Surely they can cover £1000 if they are going to make so much more (not)!!
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