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  1. Salary @ £45k per year, index linked final salary pension, living expenses included. Where do I sign up ?
  2. Lol. Is that suppsed to be an insult ? You're wrong when you suggest that people fighting do not get locked up. To say categorically that "none of 'em get jailed" is wrong. If there is a serious enough assault then people will do time. I've seen it first hand. That was all I was trying to say. Now, if someone of his background is involved in violence then there is no other choice but to bang him up. I agree with your last points though.
  3. You don't think so, no ? So if you got into a fight with someone and were found to have used excessive force or to have deliberately provoked a violent occurence, you don't think you could be put away for it ? But, not only has this 'being' carried out such a heinous crime previously, which involved gratuitous violence and torture as a 10 yr old boy, but having being given the chance to change as an adult, is still prone to violence ? Should have put them both down after the conviction. 10 year olds know that torturing a 2 year old kid to death is not "right".
  4. Sorry but this post has go to be one of the funniest I have read in a while. So because theft from nations occured by ruling elites, it's the footballer's fault ? Footballers increased house prices ? Do you know how many footballers are on the kind of money needed to make this absurd statement true ? About 1%. Most footballers earn considerably less than your Banker or CEO . To get to the absolute top in football you need real talent, dedication, skill, desire and a little bit of luck along the way. It's not "who you know" as it is in most well paid professions. the top jobs in Banking for example. If you think the amount of money sloshing around in the game is the footballers fault then you are very misguided.
  5. Spot on. So what in your view is the answer ? Although I agree with everything you have said I would also like to know what it is you think needs to be done, and how it will be done ?
  6. When it's cheaper than renting !

    (Probably never then !)

  7. I just think he didn't really know enough to comment so made laughing noises to disguise his lack of knowledge. Schiff makes some interesting points but seriously, who's going to listen to him? It's not political spin it's the truth about what needs to be done, but this won't fair well with the home owners still thinking they are "worth" so much due to the "value" of their house. Sentiment will need to change, on both sides of the Atlantic, before someone like Schiff is listened to.
  8. Shock horror ! 0% interest rates, Quantitive easing (f**k me I did well for a drunk) boosting the balance sheet of our banks that should have had their directors burned at the stake, reposession avoidance schemes from the government. Only people selling are the ones who need to. Who'd have thunk it !! Bring on the NWO. Oh. we're already there .......
  9. Ahh the world of KPT's (key performance targets). And from a public service too, that relies on catching our more 'transient' population. The whole problem is that as soon as you try to quantify the work our public services do. you create a new culture. We try to make sure we hit the targets, effective policing go's out the window. It's a shame because the majority of our criminal prosecuting forces are a decent bunch waiting for the chance to catch a serious criminal. So bogged down with red tape they forget why they joined the service in the first place. Happy New Year !
  10. +1 When someone just has an uncontrollable hard on for Thatcher I don't think they'll be able to think properly due to all the blood rushing from one head to the other.
  11. There it is in bold, the most significant point to make about politics in general. What a political party say they'll do in their election manifesto and what they ACTUALLY do once in power are more often than not two completely different things. The problem is, the percentage of the eligible population registered to vote at general election time who actually bother to has steadily decreased since the '92 election. http://www.ukpolitical.info/Turnout45.htm And of course there are those in the country who either are eligible but haven't registered, and those who live here but are ineligible. A measly 60% voted at the last GE, will the missing third bother to make the trip to the polling station this time ? More people decided NOT to vote than voted Labour ! The result gave Labour a Parliamentary majority of 66. It also produced some interesting statistics: Labour's percentage of votes - at 36% (down by 5% from 2001) - is the lowest any winning party has ever achieved. More people voted for the Conservatives in England than for Labour - but the Conservatives won 92 seats less than Labour within England (285 to 193). The Conservatives received 60,000 more votes than Labour in England. There was an overall turnout of 61% - up 2% from 2001. But this still means that 1/3rd of those registered to vote did not do so. More people opted not to vote (38.7%) than voted for Labour (36%). Labour's share of the total possible electorate was 22%. Labour got 55% of the seats but 36% of the votes cast The Conservatives got 30% of the seats but 33% of the votes cast The Liberal Democrats got 10% of the seats but 22% of the votes cast. Both the Electoral Reform Society and 'Make Votes Count' expressed their concern that democracy within the UK was being severely diluted by the continued use of the 'first-past-the-post' system. "The British first-past-the-post electoral system has reduced the general election to a travesty of democracy. How can any government back by one in four or five electors conceivably claim any sort of valid democratic mandate?" David Lipsey, 'Make Votes Count' This tells me that they can say whatever they like to get into power, they only have to convince a fairly small percentage of people that they are being honest, but have we learned anything from the last year in particular ? Or from the last 12 years ? Does anybody now trust our politicians ? Did they ever !?
  12. Does anybody else feel totally helpless and disallusioned ? What next to make us feel sick to the back teeth ? No wonder more and more people are using drugs, it's the only way to escape reality !
  13. Lol with your testament I'm bound to win. I hope I can call you as a character witness too.
  14. World at War was designed by different programmers to CoD 4 so played differently. Plus its far too slow and the weapons are shite. I'm not saying your PS3 will die if you get MW2, it just seems common for it to happen after any update. Maybe the firmware is having some kind of effect on the laser, it just seems a lot of people have had this problem. Are there any computer boffins here who could shed some light on the matter I wonder ? Is it possible for a software update to corrupt hardware ?
  15. You're lucky you can still play your PS3, on downloading the update for MW2 and playing for 3 days my blu ray drive started to freeze then decided to die. Now I can't even watch a DVD on it or play any games. You won't believe how common this seems to be from reading various forums and complaints. The PlayStation is only 19 months old yet Sony want £100 to take it try to repair it and deliver it back, or replace with a reconditioned unit if unable to repair. Currently in the process of claiming through the Sale of Goods Act with Curry's for a resolution, hopefully this will be sorted soon and I can dedicate further hours to CoD, and try to block out the general shittyness of the current state of things often read on this informative but sometimes depressing site! Oh by the way CoD World at War is poo, it's all about MW2 mate.
  16. Wow you're a regular Bear Grylls aintcha. Should have used your ninja skills in this incident you decided to tell us all about. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=129107&st=0&p=2221334&fromsearch=1entry2221334
  17. Erm, so if the Tory's get in they'll give us a referendum to decide whether to be part of this new EU created by the Lisbon Treaty ?
  18. Hilarious. Do some people still think there is a difference between red or blue in our two party system ?!
  19. That got a giggle out of me. Well done Sir !
  20. Absolutely spot on mr Muslim in the audience, took guts to say that in the current climate.
  21. Does make me chuckle when an MP says , "We as taxpayers ......" Hilarious.
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