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  1. This is a really annoying feature on the rival site. For example for the last month every time i type bt9 and sort by recently updated this pops to the top of the list http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/TRLTRL46556/3-Oakwood-Grove/225840767/Page1 yet nothing has been updated. clearly some little ea trick However at least i get to have a good laugh at the asking price. Think it might take a little more than so ea updating to shift this quote name='PropertyPalPal' timestamp='1363355483' post='909280099'] Ok, so looks to be fine. Spoke to a dev there. It is by design. The blue text indicates any detail of the property has changed, however the recently updated sort that you are using only sorts by the last price/status update. If you look at the price history on the detail page you will see the dates there are sequential. That is there to prevent agents from cheating the system and just making tiny updates to get the property bumped up the list. In other words they need to make a price change or status change for it to be "really" updated. Regards, Paul.
  2. That should be a very healthy budget. Many of the older houses in NI are in a poor state some have been painted over to look superficially OK but underneath most are leaky, often damp cold money pits. Many will need a complete back to the brick refurb if you want a modern well insulated house or else be prepared to spend a fortune over the years on heating and repairs. Similarly many of the new developments built at the peak were thrown up and often insulation etc were not done to a very high standard certainly not to current regulations. There are a few treads on this site highlighting leaky light fixtures poor insulation etc. Hence the need to take your time and chose carefully. I'm sure there are some well built or even half built houses out there. The other option with that budget would be to buy a site and build then at least you might get a decent plot with a modern low maintenance house??? I know not for everyone quote name='Novamike' timestamp='1362065169' post='909269431'] Hi We're looking around the £300-330k range. We've been very fortunate with the exchange rate (which was 2.5CAD$ to the pound when we came out and is now around 1.6CAD$ -£). Looking around the upper malone/ north east Lisburn area. In Canada we have been heavily involved in the Real Estate/ relocation/ immigration sector (and can continue to do so from NI); selling our house won't be a problem as the market here is very robust and sales usually only take 4-5 week from offer to completion (the 'exchange of contracts' is at the beginning of the process, unlike the UK). As you suggest, i've had a good look at the different topics and the information/ depth of knowledge is fantastic. It certainly has helped us form a more realistic picture. I can't believe that some prices advertised are from 1-2 years ago and haven't been amended, and often bear no relation to the RV- in some instances i've seen listed prices at double the RV!. We're out in Belfast next week to have a good look around and hope to move back around June/ July. I'll have to remember to drive on the wrong (right) side of the road- i still get UK moments when i get in the wrong (right) side of the car. A question if any one can shed any light on this: In your opinion is (in general) there better value in buying a 'used' house, a referbished house or a new build/ construction (say, of the same sq f, same area etc)? It appears to me that value is more in vacant/ referbished pre owned houses.
  3. If i had any advice it would be to take your time. We returned home a number of years ago and by far and away the best decision was to rent. It can take a long time to get to know an area. You can be fairly sure that during your rental period the only way property prices are going is down IMO. Renting has saved me a fortune and saved me buying in an area that i thought was suitable only to have my eyes opened.
  4. ouch! http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/UPS11217-2-267050/50-Malone-Park/217483309/Page1 http://jonathan-davis-media.s3.amazonaws.com/inthemedia%2F3.5_million_disaster_120912.pdf
  5. Why not register online with one of the free company check websites eg duedil and search away or pay approx £1 for report from companies house both will give loads of info directors etc turnover, mortgages, net assets
  6. I tend to find that the RV is a useful guide but no more than that. From what I can see it is based almost entirely on the location and the size of house(m2). It does not take any account of other things that might make the house more or less desirable eg a big plot, south facing plot, recent refurbishment etc nor does it allow for the opposite ie it will tend to over estimate the price of a wreck. In my opinion a better guide is to find out the price at which other similar properties have sold for in the area. 20000 over the best other offer seems a lot but without knowing more hard to comment further.
  7. Not likely, think this is one next door which was bought and has planning permission for same. Seems they have decided to cut their losses. http://www.propertypal.com/43-knightsbridge-park-belfast/189768
  8. still there ! i would however have preferred your HPC post to have appeared, not sure it would still be there though.
  9. By any chance is your new pad in *n**s***???? sounds very like somewhere we viewed
  10. it's called Re:pay mx LTV 90% 2.99% loans >£150,000
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