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  1. We sold our house in March (25th) and other houses in our street are selling about £2000 less than we sold ours for.
  2. Hmmm... You know I've been thinking that council tax could be the thing that really causes a regional property slump in some areas and an increase in others. People are already paying over £1000 a year in council tax in our local area for an average sized house. I'm not sure what others are paying but I heard that Croydon were planning to almost double council tax for some people. Already people are not able to take holidays etc due to the the money they have to give to their local councils. Paul
  3. do those traffic cones mean anything? Like a dunces hat.
  4. I was trying to colour kirsty allsop's face in red - but then I thought I can't be naffed because soon she really will be going red - with embarrassment. she will be having the red face - you watch.
  5. read this: https://secure.needanadviser.com/client_cen...ws.php/nid/1869
  6. house market crash it will happen, and it is happening now.
  7. https://secure.needanadviser.com/client_cen...ws.php/nid/1869 read this
  8. I was quoting her on London Tonight EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID. That was Monday night - they didn't even talk about house prices really , more about Eco-Friendly housing. If you ask me it was a ploy to avoid embarassement. Paul
  9. I'm livid. Kirsty Alsop just said she would not promote this website because it is trying to CAUSE A HOUSE MARKET CRASH SO THAT THEY COULD BENEFIT FROM IT! Come on Kirsty - what about the dropping house prices for the last few months? What about more sellers than buyers? This is TERRIBLE journalism. THe market is dropping on its own....
  10. LOL There are a few of this type of BOUSE (boat thats a house) on the thames, they have a lot of problems with WASH from passing boats (not us because we only go 4 miles an hour!) Paul.
  11. My husband just read the postings and wanted to answer....over to him Sledgehead, thanks for your reply :-) We actually really appreciated the discussion and your response. I hope we are well-adjusted. Certainly we're very content with this lifestyle. I am always happy to talk with those who would be thinking about a move like this as someone who has done it. It's not for everyone - just like living in a house is not for everyone I think certain people would really love it and for others it would be a disaster. I don't think people should do what we have done simply because of Financial reasons, thats not enough. It's also NOT a good idea if your partner is not keen on it, you have to be committed to it from day one. It's a very different lifestyle and it needs to be checked out. But there are many benefits. I'm hoping that our discussion has prompted more thoughts about "alternative" lifestyles. A good website if you would like further information is http://www.rboa.co.uk I'm actually writing this whilst sitting on my boat, using wireless Broadband. Best wishes Paul.
  12. Excellent! yes we have a permanant mooring like yours. :-) It will be interesting to see if boat prices are affected by house prices. Paul
  13. Our boat is ours, no one can take this away from us. To say that we are water gypsies is offensive. My husband works - he is self employed by doing websites for various companies and goes to work in Enfield aswell for more money. I stay at home with my girls, I do not have to work, whereas in the house and tied with a mortgage, so those mums who have kids go to work to help pay the mortgage. I do not have to do that, my girls need me at home. If we were in the house, which we were, I would have to go out to work as well. With our boat, we have done what is right for us as a family and a couple. My girls love it especially my older one. She does not want to go back to a house. My husband also does not want to pay for a mortgage at all. That Kirsty has no idea whatsoever, the house market is going to crash, and who wants to pay negative equity - not us. Loads of the people who lives on boats, have normal lives, and work and do every day things like you and I. Its best to own your own house/boat/whatever, because it is yours, no one elses. when the house market crashes than you can buy your own house, but for us, I don't think we can ever go back to a house in a long time. Because we are enjoying ourselves alot more than we did with a house and a mortgage.
  14. Our boat was valued at £56500 2 weeks ago, 5 months after we bought it for £40500. They do go up in value if they are well looked after.
  15. Our boat is made out of steel and we cannot flood. Because the water rises up. We rent our moorings but its WAY cheaper than our mortgage.
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