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  1. £50k ! Ooh - stop it Eric. I'll have a street at that price, please, and knock 'em all into each other like that early Beatles film. You're such a tease !
  2. Unfortunately, we now live in an era where companies / councils / churches etc carry out whatever they can within the legal letter of the law, rather than what seems morally justifiable. Then they dress it up with "we have to do it as a duty to our our shareholders / electors / parishioners, otherwise they could sue us. Don't expect any favours from anyone corporate, church included. If they can dredge up some bunch of 500 year old s**t that allows them to screw people, then they will. It wasn't THAT long ago that they were applying thumb screws to people, literally. They may need another 500 years to move on past the legal thumbscrews phase. edit spelink
  3. Sorry to hear about your keylogger harvester virus, Login. I've never crossed swords withy you in the past, and I#ve always found your posts reasonable in the past, which is why I was so surprised that you're putting up such a stalwart defence for the Chancel searches. I dunno about the mathematical odds on the thing - the 2003 Chancel website I checked yesterday referred to 1.3 million conveyances in 2002, so in reality, I suspect the odds against being caught out with a repairing liability are quite a lot higher than 5000 to 1. Anyway, I guess the HPC posters will make their own minds up on this one - as always. Hope you get your laptop back to normal.
  4. The Wallbanks wsho live(d) in Aston Cantlow were landed with their bill in 2003. It's almost 2010 now, so I would have thought that some other cases might have reached the media by now. Lots of solicitors' harrumphing generalities and unquoted hearsay, but no concrete examples - it all sounds suspicuously like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me. C'mon - just one teeny weeny example. Please !
  5. ... or a licensed conveyancer. Login - your response was extraordinary in its defensiveness and vitriol. You really do sound like a vested interest sales pitch. Perhaps you could point us to some other examples than that of the Wallbanks. Their unfortunate case history is the only one that solicitors ever sem able to quote. Your argument might be a little more sustainable if it weren't based on one horror story and the subsequent rantings of the Mail, Telegraph et. al. Clutton Cox, who wrote the article are of course, ... ahem ... solicitors, and they, as usual, can only point out the Wallbanks' example. But perhaps you know of some other examples ...
  6. Nitpicking correction of other peoples' grammatical errors is an occasional minor feature. [email protected] - I've been calling the plural of forum "fora" for years, and getting funny looks. Wikipedia has just shown me the error of my ways. BIoody Latin 'O' level (scrape through after resit).
  7. pps: See if you can find any examples other than that of the Wallbanks. They're a wee bit thin on the ground.
  8. The Chancel liability indemnity wheeze is a solicitor / conveyancer's wet dream. The same "couple lose cottage" story gets trumpeted constantly in an attempt to get every transaction to add £150 or whatever (depends on solr.) to the final bill. You'd think there's a £400,000 repair bill waiting round the corner for every Wimpey home, every flat, every terraced cottage throughout the land the way solicitors have seized upon this in the last couple of years. Sure, a chancel repair bill such as the once incurred by the Wallbanks is no joke, but neither is getting knocked down by a tram, and more people get knocked down by trams than end up with a five or six figure sum repairing liability. Sleep in peace, HPC'ers - you have (almost) nothing to fear, except fear itself ! ps: I always put my money where my mouth is, and I never get one done, even in historic T----- where I live.
  9. My point is - he got it wrong bigtime, and then covered up to the tune of $80,000,000. If he was even a competent crook, he'd be a bit more plausible. Why should his current cell notes be any more reliable? ps: I love his "All rights reserved" copyright notice. Just wondering exactly whether these rights count more than the rights of the investors he left high to the tune of 80 million.
  10. Well - their marketing is working - they've got HPC talking about them. Bye
  11. No - of course not. But plenty to do with V.I. (Vested Interest incase you're wondering). I should have thought that was fairly clear. Anyway, felt-tip scribbles or no felt-tip scribbles, Armstrong is no rocket-scientist, despite his Victorian-fixated compex nerd-like projections. Why is he been given almost messianic status here on HPC by a few? http://www.sec.gov/litigation/aljdec/2009/id372rgm.pdf "Armstrong is fifty-nine years old (Mot. Ex. 1 at 2) and currently incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey (Answer). Armstrong was the founder and controlling officer of Princeton Economics International Ltd. (Resp. at 3; Resp. Exs. D, E.) From 1992 until approximately August 1999, Armstrong sold promissory notes, he called Princeton Notes, to several investors and, in connection with these notes, informed the investors that the funds from these notes would be invested for the benefit of the note-holders in various commodities. (Mot. Ex. 1 at 19.) Each note-holder was to have a separate and segregated trading account at Republic New York Securities (Republic) in which their money would be held. (Mot. Ex. 1 at 19-20.) Armstrong’s trading resulted in millions of dollars in losses, which he worked, in combination with others, to conceal." Maybe some of us need to choose our gurus a little more carefully.
  12. Any guesses on when the current $ carry traders will rush for the exit ?
  13. Any guesses on when the current $ carry traders will rush for the exit ?
  14. Lovely thought. Back to the gold standard - although there's some extreme dissenting vies on that whole subject. Depends on your timescale. I agree with C-I-M that $5000 is possible (although i don't agree with his mentor), but timescale is all. $5000 by 2025 - quite possible. By 2011 - you're def. talking tinfoihat, short of a meltdown of Zimbabwean proportions ...
  15. Wrong end of the country, my son ! Devon, in case you hadn't noticed. It's a wee bit away from Aberdeen.
  16. Dude, I never condescend - I just call a spade a spade. Haven't you noticed? And I never comment without reading an article first. I read this particular pile of tripe ages ago. I was researching the "hanging bankers from lamposts" at the time - complete folk-myth fantasy. I even posted a thread on HPC asking for verifiable data on such a juicy idea - and you'd think that if anyone can come up with something, then someone from the H\Pc crew could. But no-one did, and there's nothing around that substantiates this fantasy story. Unfortunately. Armstrong is fixated with minutiai and the unjustness of his own situation. He's not a guru - just a sad nerd loser. And you, my 'friend', need to learn to hear to a point of view that you maybe don't agree with, without being so f*****g rude to your correspondent. If you really want me to dredge up examples, there are plenty littered all over HPC. But I really can't be @rsed tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. Grow up, cash-in-mattress. Your avatar pretty much sums up your attitude to other people !
  17. I don't disagree with you on most of that. Having said that, I'm personally holding out for $1200 in the short term and will decide whether to take some profits at that stage. Who knows about $5000. Maybe eventually ... But ... at least your answers don't consist of less than 8 words, 5 of them being abusive. If C-I-Mattress tried his legendary sort of lack of politeness in my local boozer, he'd be minus a few teeth within a short space. Maybe the kind of people who are ruder on a forum than they would be in real life, gain their Dutch courage through being a safe distance away from a clenched fist ...
  18. We've already had this Barrick thread appear on HPC a few days ago. And it was summarily dismissed for the rampant V.I. tosh that it surely is. Cash-in mattress may not necessarily be a 'sad ramper' in gold, but he is a contrarian and is always pointlessly rude to almost everyone, which makes him a much better candidate for trolldom than Sibley. IMO (of course). Well - there's my cards on the table. As another HPC'er already said previously, Barrick predicting gold price increases, estate agents predicting HPI, turkeys predicting Xmas ... etc ..., . Ho hum ...
  19. Just because this years lot of councillors and planning officials won't accept a bung in a brown envelope, doesn't mean that another lot won't be more amenable in 5 years time.
  20. Looks like a reasonable balance you've got between sterling (60%) and non-sterling (40%) assets although you may hear all sorts of other contradictory opinions on HPC. Regarding gold - I hold mine in FTSE100 listed 'Randgold Resources' for 2 reasons. (1) The spread on dealing is about 1% or less - much cheaper than holding physical gold. (2) The share price more or less mirrors the rise / fall of gold and more. (3) It's saleable within seconds, unlike physical gold which needs a safe place and transporting to buy / sell. If we ever get a "head-for-the-hills-and-stock-up-on-shotguns-and-generators" scenario which some doomsayers predict, then you could cash in shares at short notice and swap it for the real glittery jingly stuff. I won't try and answer your other points - there are plenty on HPC who can do that. But, at the end of the day ... no-one really knows if the dollar will collapse, if sterling will end up as toilet paper. Do keep your ISA's though for the moment. They may be paying crap rates at the moment, but unless we enter a Zimbabwean scenario, you'll probably be glad you hung on. But keep a close watch on the situation just in case inflation does start to get really serious.
  21. I work on the same basis as any other business, whether PLC or small retailer - R.O.C.E. - return on capital employed. This is not the amount I paid for the asset, but its value today. If my asset has doubled in value, and the GROSS rent received is the same, then my yield has halved, which is something to be expected after a dose of serious HPI. So your gross yield is about 6%. There are worse yields around. And better, if you want to work harder and have bigger headaches.
  22. Er ... I'm not sure. I need Injin to really explain this to me once again.
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