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  1. [... and another thing ... ... what kind of location are you operating in, that by doubling the mortgage to £140 odd quid a month takes you into loss-making territory? Any area that operates on rental levels as low as that should be producing a 10% yield or better - just for the aggro value.
  2. Before anyone can really answer your question properly, why is the mortgage co. is calling in the loan. Is it because you've been BTL'ing, without telling them? If it is, that would explain why they want a better slice of the action, since the risk is higher from their point of view. But back to your question ... if the people on HPC had a 90% foolproof way of avoiding using estate agents, estate agents would no longer exist now since the word would have spread and agents would by now be an extinct species. I hate most of 'em, but I still have to use them if I want a serious chance of a result. There are other ways, and I'm sure other HPC'ers will enlighten you, but I won't, because I've never had any success in selling except through an estate agent. One day ... but not yet. btw ... how did the mortgage co. find out ?
  3. This is fantastic news. Since piracy is effectively virtually legalised in Somalia due to the absence of rule of law, then the pirates are operating within the framework of effective law. Isn't this what UK & USA bankers do - not what's morally right - but what's LEGALLY just permissible, or at least until the government overturns it (think overdraft charges, PPI etc.). At least the Somalian PLC;'s ( ) have the guts to call a spade a spade.
  4. Aah. So that's what the government's aiming for. I feel ashamed now for ever having suspected the government of stealthily sneaking in big brother measures to gradually enchain us all. I shall self-flagellate immediately. (with the help of two lovely ladies, of course).
  5. Maybe we need a threaed for the most outrageous demand for proof of I.D. etc. Here's one for starters. I've been walking rescue dogs for years at our local animal rescue sanctuary. Quite recently, after a 9 month break (wife had a baby), we went back to resume. Turned away at the door - Photo I.D. now needed and proof of residence (council tax bill) etc. Involved a 10 mile round trip to get them, so, unfiortunately, one less abandoned mutt got walked that day. The only thing that will stop the likes of Jacqui Smith and her ilk is mass outright refusal. If only we were Spanish ... or French ... Sigh !
  6. Foxtons is my tipping point. At the point when Jon Hunt buys Foxtons back from the administrators for a fraction of what he sold it for, that's when I'll be filling my boots. Anyone know if he has a position on when gold is likely to hit top? His suit may have been on the shiny side, and his fleet of minis a tad cheesy, but when it comes to timing ...
  7. This is no aberration,. Aklmost every 'guru' I encounter or hear abouty has a definite point of view on gold (usually bullish). US, Japanese, UK - it doesn't matter - they all take a pretty similar stance on the shiny stuff - ie: still plenty more mileage left yet. Curiously, they have all been proved right SO FAR ... Homeopathy and rampant gold bullishness are kith and kin. BTW - I'm sure that big pharma do fiddle the results. They just bury the trials that don't give the 'right' answers.
  8. Gasp ! You don't mean there are ... gulp ... tinfoil hatters amongst the ranks of goldbugs? OMG !
  9. I voted no yesterday too. They haven't even got the good grace to admit that they totally f***ed up. Usual corporate bullsh!t whitewash job. Pity we can't sack the whole lot of them. (Actually, we can, but it needs more than a handful of disaffected HPC crew to do it, unfortunately. Wouldn't it be lovely to get a momentum going to hound these inept cretins out of their fat salaried jobs and bonuses by the power of the internet ... ) (edit - to get 'bullsh!t' past the censors)
  10. I hope you're right, Lucky One - I just liquidated my entire gold position this morning. I believe in the yellow stuff long / medium term, but there's been some weird trading of late, so I'm backing further slides before coming back in. End of the day ... who knows - you pays yer money & you takes yer chances. Still a bit unsettling when it starts creeping back up towards 1130 again, though ...
  11. Dontcha just love the HPC fuzzy logic software that places banner ads underneath this thread with titles like:- "Real Estate in Honduras: Own a waterfront property in the Caribbean for as little as $17,000 for ¼ acre." Are there still any 'marks' left in the BTL / hol.homes market who haven't yet been totally divested of all their hard won cash? S'pose there must be ... Bulgaria Dubai what next ?
  12. I dunno. The drops look quite severe. The price builds steadily , and then it feels like someone very large enter the room with a huge parcel to sell at a discount, and the plunge more than wipes out within minutes all the hard-won gains of the last 36 hours. It's all quite a strange pattern, and one that a goldbug much much wiser than me might make better sense of. I'm taking my gains tomorow morning if the price hasn't committed hari-kiri before 8.30am, and buying back in days or weeks to come at 5 or 10% lower (inshallah). But I'm just an amateur - so don't take my advice. (Don't not take it either) )
  13. I should have thought the French notaire would have a duty of care under French legal transfer law. There are both bent and incompetent notaires around, just as there are bent solicrs to be found in the UK, but I suspect there is more than meets the eye on this one.
  14. Yep - and once again, 'recouped' is the definitive word. It's a dirty business mostly run by crooks and accountants with both ethics and memory problems.
  15. In times past, when previous coinage reached a similar situation (pre-1947 silver, I seem to remember), there were small bespoke foundries operating in Belgium and Holland that would happily accept your coins at scrap metal values, and then melt them down quite legally. Dunno if EC laws prevent that nowadays ...
  16. Hang on. "Daily swings of $100"? That's pretty volatile - 8% in a day now becoming the norm. Even the recent 'metoric rise' in gold has rarely exceeded $20 per day, so why now $100 all of a sudden? "What goes up must come down" seems a pretty feeble answer to explain a sharp VIX increase in the metal. On what do you base your prediction?
  17. True. Bob Hope is now sadly dead, but his genius is still around on 78's in junk shops. "I'm dreaming ... " Cheer up, hotairmail. These are not the best of times. But neither are they the worst of times, since things will indeed get much, much, much worse.
  18. I always like to read a well balanced article, Dubai. Keep 'em coming !
  19. I think the markets were closed over 4 day Eid, so the Dubai World collapse may not have factored into share prices yet as they already have in the infidel West.
  20. Interestingly, when the original story broke a few months ago, the ratio was 1 in 20 = 5%. Now it's one in 40 = 2.5%. Does that mean that the forgers aren't working weekends any more ? For those who didn't see the original articles in Spring 2009, one of the ways to spot a fake is that the reverse doesn't line up with the front - the 2 designs don't match vertically. Can't remember the other signs, but they weren't so easy to spot.
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