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  1. er ... I think I'll just go and check Daddy Bear's old red and black domesday scenario and see where we're up to now ...
  2. Did you get that from the same article that said house prices would crash by 90% within the next 2 yrs?
  3. Well - I though it was pretty clear. Avoid employing people if you can. But if you're ambitious and want to create an empire and earn squilions of quid, then you've got no choice but to employ people. But expect massive govt. interference and big headaches in the process. Life is easier and much less stressfull if you can avoid being an employer. Now what part of that do you not understand?
  4. Last time I went to Tesco, I reckoned that Leahy has a very good grasp on exactly what his customers want. And I reckon that a fair few of them are funded by the D.S.S. by the look of them. I wouldn't think he'd lose too much sleep over a slight lack of A, B & C1's in the overall socio-economic profile of his punters as long as the tills keep on jingling for him. A pound is still a pound even if it's from a cashed giro.
  5. Fine - as long as I don't have to employ them. Do you think Terry Leahy worries about stuff like that?
  6. Aldi's comment may be partly tongue-in-cheek, but there is an awful lot of validity in it too. I would say he is a realist, and realism comes from experience. I downsizsed my business 16 years ago - 4 full-time + 16 part-time staff just racked up an awfully high wages bill, and with 9% employers N.I. contributions, sheafs of paperwork andf new initiatives to constantly fill out as fast as the b***ers in the government could invent it. Not to mention sick pay, pregnancy, being carefulo to observe the law in its nth degree with regard to written warnings when things go wrong. A good businessmasn can often do the work of 3 paid staff without breaking into a sweat. I now have zero employees, and earn only slightly less now (in real terms - ie: taking account of inflation) than I earned 16 years ago - and without an awful lot of the headaches. If you're ambitious and really need to make your first 5 million quid, then I guess you can't do without employees. But if you can scrape by quite happily on somewhere between 1 & 2 times the average wage, you can do it without ever having to fill in a P46 or P45. And all those businesslink brochures and updates and warnings can go straight into the recfycle bin. Aah - bliss ! Don't knock it.
  7. Obviously no HPC members are aware of the "The Roundabout Appreciation Society", or they would be bidding this little gem right up into the stratosphere. What a perfect position to fully appreciate and photograph a fine roundabout from the comfort of your own abode without being asked to asisst Her Majesty's police with their anti-terrorism enquiries. This photo appears to show the west to north crownline of a particularly fine example of a fairly early pre-Blackmore construction. It's hard to tell from the photo if thre are any splitter/diverter islands, but even without, this is an excellent design example. The Roundabout Appreciation Society (UKRAS) is a group of people in the United Kingdom that discuss traffic roundabouts. May I also draw your attention to :- http://www.roundaboutsofbritain.com/ who offer a very pleasant range of roundabout postcards, including "Roundabouts of Redditch" for quite a reasonable price. I really ought to get out less.
  8. Well that would be a jolly wheeze, wouldn't it. Dump a truckload of sh!t over someone's house, then slap a C.P.O. on it, offering half its true value because .. er .. it's all covered with sh!t. I'm beginning to long for the 13th century and the days of robber barons. At least while they were f***ing you, they had the decency to call a spade a spade. Now they call it an economic growth necessity. But they're still robber barons.
  9. So what happened to the £1000 cashback? Why has it been relegated to the other window? I'm going to view a Connells property on Thurs, so rest assured I WILL be asking what this all means.
  10. But on a different note, there was a strong ethic of 'fair play' from the Quaker backgrounds that begat the Fry, Rowntree and Cadbury empires, and some minor traces of that still exist, at least in the 'heritage' departments of the choccy manufactories. Cadbury's getting swallowed up by Kraft kisses a final goodbye to all that. My mate used to work on the packing conveyor at Cadbury's, years ago. Apocryphally, every now and then, someone on the creme egg conveyor would go temporarily beserk, and hurl a creme egg or two at the far wall, through a mist of red. Apparently, no-one ever got the sack for that - those in charge just understood and nodded in sympathy. This is the heritage that we are truly about to lose.
  11. Good to see that Q.E is actually working, then. Next stop, the £25 First Class postage stamp ...
  12. Sorry to sound less than supportive, but either an inventory or a schedule of condition should always be treated as a trap for the unwary, since it's always going to be almost impossible to disprove when the lease ends. I always work on the premise that anything that requires my signature could cost me dear unless thoroughly checked and challenged where necessary. But you should still challenge it anyway, and good luck - def. keep pressing for arbitration. I assume that your tenancy started before the Tenants Deposit Scheme came into being, otherwise if your landlord never registered and placed the deposit money into an authorised scheme, it's him that will be wishing he'd done a bit more reading when the court makes him pay you back 3 times your deposit. Good luck !
  13. Carthage, Troy, Persia etc ... all were great once. Persia could rise again, so maybe the UK has another great future ahead in about 2000 years time. Who knows. And the possible anacronym is too difficult for me at this time of night. zzz
  14. Hmm. The Daily Express and Mail appear to have let this story slip by. Maybe the story hasn't explained precisely how the increasing co-operation between at least some former USSR states and mid-east nations will affect house prices. But nice to hear a viewpoint from another part of the world, and one that sounds worryingly prescient.
  15. I'm not really looking forward to another Portillo 'moment' when he is proved right. The first one, a decade or more ago, when he lost his seat, will see me through my later years quite happily, thank you. And if he is proved right, then it won't be any thanks to him. Once a smarmy b*****d, always a smarmy b*****d !
  16. ... and by the way, by way of a reminder about exit strategies for the precious metals, here's an old tip that may have been forgotten over the months/years ... Peter De Graaf - a man who will put his money where his mouth is, unlike some tipsters ... http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_08/degraaf040808.html <<<<< EXIT STRATEGY We are a long way from having to be concerned about an exit strategy from our gold and silver positions. For those of you who worry about tops, I’ll share my exit strategy with you. When 2 ounces of gold or 10 ounces of silver are equal in value to the daily quote for the Dow industrials, I’ll start making plans to sell most of my metals, and I’ll buy blue chip stocks or real estate with the proceeds. Today the ratio between gold and the Dow is 13.6 ounces of gold or 700 ounces of silver versus the Dow. That is a long way from my exit. Peter Degraaf April 08/2008 >>>>> One of his interesting points is ... watch out for the spike at the beginning of every month, and then buy as it dips ! And be alert for triple witching moments, of course. I'm sure the good Doctor will post from Hong Kong when these moments are about to occur.
  17. A.Z. still has a point whether you like being challenged or not. Your data is dodgy because appears you deliberately chose a truly freak moment in Silver's history to make a spurious comparison so you could create a more startling sig. AZ was answering you off the cuff, and imo you have mispresented data just as shamefully as any govt. minister or PR outfit. Despite that, I agree that you probably will be proved right in that silver still has some way to go.
  18. Loaf of Kingsmill with sandwich spread, followed by meatballs & frozen pizza. Chrysalis - you certainly know how to live ! Yum yum !
  19. Hmm ... 30 pieces of silver. Maybe Bairds are sending you some sort of quasi-religious message.
  20. AZ - your wit was completely wasted. HP ... sauce ... ... and some fell on stony ground
  21. Assuming you're talking about Allsopps residential auction, all E/.A. / auctioneers charge for the 'buyers pack' which usually includes the HIP. They give you b***er all info about the property and charge you anything from a tenner upwards to get even basic crucial info about the property. Nothing illegal in it, afaik - just a 'perk of the job'.
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