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  1. I don't get it, Ken. How do Maersk have them by the balls? Are you talking some kind of force majeure get-out clause in a particular type of contract?
  2. I'd be ****ing furious if my shipper tried tripling his prices to me after I'd signed up a 3 year fixed-price deal. OK - £600 a container is an absolute snip - I pay three times that rate, but I'm small-fry, and I only book about 10% of a container at a time, so the rate is exponentially higher. However, I don't expect any shipping line to arbitrarily increase by 200% AFTER a contract has been signed. Whether you love or hate Argos, a contract is a contract. Good luck to them. Whether Sindy dolls and Night Garden merchandise are cheapo tat is utterly irrelevant.
  3. I think you could have hit on something there, MT. The two do seem inxorably linked - MEWing could only take place on the coat-tails of a buoyant property market, so by the same token, a small drift down in HP would only result in a small drift down in retail spending. Retailers (including myself) in my town are generally down by a small amount, but it's not the bloodbath you'd expect given the financial situation.
  4. Blimey - I hope so. I'll sell everything I own, including my granny, at 5985 and plough back in at 5250. only problem is ,... the whole world will have got there before me, and sold out at 5750. 6000 seems a tad unlikely. but that's just an opinion ...
  5. Anyway - he's eating fish and chips. Wos wrong wiv that? sa freecountry innit?
  6. Don't worry about the dog toilet and the can of Stella. Can't you smell the leather upholstery and the parquet flooring? Mmm ... lovely !
  7. Too true ! In my area, you can never find a lesbian outreach worker when you really need one. (
  8. Switch 'em off, and what's left? ITV? Sky? Freeview/ Great ! ( Good ol' beeb - our TV would be like US or Japanese TV without her, god bless her. A tad overdone, your argument, what !
  9. 1.6 tonnes approx. (pi r 2 @ 1 tonne per cu mtr) Probably ok provided the joists aren't worm-eaten.
  10. Maybe stating the bleedin' obvious, but sounds like a monthly rental. Too much tin-foil-hat thinking going on around here sometimes ... Where's Sibley, by the way? I'm starting to get nostalgic.
  11. Not sure I'd want to work for a dyed redhead proprietress aged 104 who wears multiple Designers Guild cravats. Maybe she failed all her applicants' job interviews ...
  12. Is this the dead hand of the giant squid cornering the baked bean market in an attempt to artificially inflate both the price of the haricot and the gaseous content of the stomach of the western world ? Mark my words ... fraaaaaaaap !
  13. I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe they'll try for 50% in certain special minority situations - but a blanket 50% has absolutely no chance of sticking. It all sounds good in the soundbite, but watch out for the devil in the detail as usual. Just like the 2.5k CGT threshold - pigs have more chance of flying. IMO, of course.
  14. I'd contact the Citizens Advice Bureau, since they're quite hot on tenants' rights, and usually give you pretty accurate advice on your position. Your situation is pretty much why I stopped letting a couple of years ago. Most tenants are fine, but when you get screwed by a bad one, it can be a bit disheartening.
  15. Well, I don't have an average wife, but I would def. buy our entire street and knock through if the houses all came down from 200k to 25k, or whatever the average wage is. So if there's a few others like me and my not-quite-average-wife around, then the laws of supply and demand would pretty much answer your question for you.
  16. Blo0dy well right. I don't remember that being a plank of their agenda. Maybe this is how politics works after 5 years in power ...
  17. Would I be right in thinking that you voted UKIP in the last election ?
  18. Well - if Ibex came off 7.5%, you'd expect their banking sector to underperform the index. Uk banks underperformed FTSE by an even greater margin this week. (Not that I'm bullish about Santander ..)
  19. No - we're only part-way there. In another 20 years, it'll look like a steal !
  20. Could be. Definitely within a year. Many voters have already factored it in mentally, so no anti-Tory/LibDem backlash there. Except from the Mail/Torygraph et al, but they're just sh!te-stirrers anyway. The previous 17.5 > 15.0 < 17.5% seemed all a bit of a damp squib and inconsequential to most shoppers, was the impression I got from talking to customers in my shop. Anyway, 20% is an easier figure for the numerically challenged (not that there are any here, of course.). What the heck - bring it on !
  21. I feel sorry for Portugal - they've been queue-jumped !
  22. Banks getting a caning too. Lloyds down 8%
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