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  1. Because he's inside their tent plssing out, rather than outside their tent plssing in ?
  2. Oh no - you don't get to wind me up as easy as that. Pyracantha as a species is both dense and thorny, and supposed to flower in late autumn, but it looks like you've decided to come out trolling in early spring ! So do, pray, share the benefit of your wisdom on the subject in something more than a sarcastic one word put-down ...
  3. Benjamin Fulford has written a book on the subject, including data on previous induced earthquakes. I'm no scientist, but a lay explanation describes the project as targeting specific resonance frequencies into the ionisphere, lifting the whole ionisphere up, and bouncing some sort of sonic or vibrational boom back down to earth, with devastating consequences. The existence of the Haarp project was denied in its early years, but like Bilderberg Group and all the other previous 'consiracy theories' now acknowledged and mainstream, the U.S. decided to open a Haarp website just to show their citizens what sort of fun they're having spending all those hard-earned tax dollars. The really interesting data is in the patent applications connected with Haarp - they describe some very interesting possible end uses that the Haarp experiments could be put to. Some believe that the Iran earthquake was Haarp-induced.
  4. Then you won't want to be reading any of the consipicy theories about the earthquake and the U.S. Haarp project. http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=1624
  5. That's an interesting point, and one very pertinent to Japan. Many Japanese people don't trust banks (who currently offer 0.1% if you're lucky) after the long line of bank crashes over the last 10 years, and keep their savings in a hiding place, or in the house safe. There will be substantial loss of physical ichimanen notes.
  6. Yep - the carry trade. QE'ing will put the yen under a bit more pressure than it has been of late.
  7. Not correct. The law allows you as a customer to 'offer to entreat' - ie: offer to buy the goods at the price displayed. If they refuse, there's sod'all you can do about it. Check it out ! I'd still write to Justin King, though.
  8. Completely understand doccyboy. And these companies are not all sharks. Some of them are committed to transparency and fairness. There's a company called ****** *** **** who have a testimonal on their website front page from a Mr. ***** ********* who said " **** ****** ** ******* **** ******** **** ****** ** *** ***** **** *** ***** **** ****** ** ******* **** ******** ! " So we definitely shouldnt tar them all with the same brush then ! J****y5th***s (without preju***e)
  9. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property/property-32086115.html Rightmove's Miles Shipside might not have personally sanctioned Rightmove's description of this desirable bit or Portugal real estate, but what's the chance of an interest-only mortgage on this property ?
  10. Look on the plus side, though. It comes ready fitted including cutlery and artwork on the walls. Personally, I have great difficulty choosing artwork, and if Redrow can take that little chore off my hands, well then ... it's gotta be a bonus. And as for the mishmash of Viners cutlery and carboot odds and ends of knives and forks I've been using for donkeys' years, I'll be heartily relieved to be shot of the lot. It's a tragedy that some people are put in the position where they have to scrimp and save for their own choice of finishing touches rather than let Redrow take the load off their shoulders.
  11. However, it is the Times of India, and their perception of their sometimes agressive neighbour is a little different from that elsewhere.
  12. Maybe no P.P. ? My friend (south of the border , admittedly) tells me that retro planning consent applications are much more common here than in England. In which case, it would be just a site with an illegal construction.
  13. Eco-caring as I am, I would prefer my newspapers and milk cartons not to have a percentage of Sarah Bell snotty paper tissues in the manufactured mix. Please don't be offended by this.
  14. Erranta, I would say that IMO you are absolutely barking - but the mods would take issue with that, so i won't say it. ) j5t
  15. One of the locals round the corner from me in Totnes did the cement-down-the-drains trick to his own house a few years ago when he was made bankrupt and foreclosed as a final act of revenge. The incoming buyers didn't discover it until they'd won it at auction - cost a lot to sort out. The outgoing owner had a bad reputation for being an objectionable a*se anyway, and the cement was almost predictable. He ripped out electrics and stuff too, but there was no visible sign that the drains had been 'done'.
  16. "The FSO cannot name financial institutions found guilty of wrongdoing and the couple feared AIB was pushing them in this direction to cover up the issue." Charming ! Another toothless watchdog that exists for the benefit of its members rather than its customers. I wonder if our own UK watchdog is similarly spineless?
  17. I think it would take quite a lot to get Edison to spin in his grave. The biog. that I read about Edison a few years ago was that he was a complete thug, and when not stealing and infringing other peoples' patents, he was busy intimidating other inventers who dared to encroach on 'his' turf with hired muscle - a 19th century version of the archetypal crack dealer's baseball bat approach.
  18. Isn't that exactly what Ireland said at first. In fact, isn't it the standard expected response from all governments / banks / PLC's etc. etc when under fire?
  19. Nothing new in this article that we didn't know before. I get a bit irritated by this sort of throwaway use of the word 'hyperinflation'. What the writer really means is a return to Labour-style high inflation, eg: the 15%, 20%, 25% of the 1970's / 80's. Hyperinflation is another thing entirely. Space-filling nonsense.
  20. There is the answer. Online sales. My boy, who does an online version of what we do in the shop ... same product range ... same prices ... is well up on his Xmas turnover, whereas we and other physical High St. traders are down on last year. The answer is becoming painfully clear. Especially if we are entering an Al Gore predicted scenario of Gulf Stream slowdown and resultant harsh winters for 10,000 years in Devon & Cornwall. Chuck out the hippy pewter jewellery stand, and sell snow tyres on ebay instead ! edit : Darn ! I couldn't spell 'jewellery'
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