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  1. That is absolutely outrageous. All standard rental contracts allow for inspection by landlord or his agents - even for inspection by potential buyers. There could be a problem tenant there. I suppose an unuscrupulous and cynical landlord would go ahead and buy sight unseen, insure to the hilt, then use every means possible to evict the tenant.
  2. Yes - Tesco selling gold - or encouraging customers to invest in it.
  3. I agree - my personal a/c is with Barclays, & the co. business a/c with NatWest. Nat.Fed.Small Businesses have a pretty good rate - about 1.4% flat I think, but you canh match that by shopping around. Cardsave (Devon/Cornwall) can usually match and beat Nat.Fed.'s rate - we've been with them on 1.4% for over a year, after having being caned by Barclays for 1.95% previously. You can do even better than that, but we're only a small shop. I'm sure the likes of Aldi get a cracking deal
  4. If you're a retailer & want a card terminal, you need a business account - they won't do it on a personal account unfortunately. We had to open a business account (NatWest - 2 yrs free banking) to enable the machine to be set up.
  5. ... such as this one ... er ... found on the front page of H.P.C. website www.landfinderuk.com "Cheap Land for Sale Cheap plots of Land for Sale in UK Free Brochure. Buy plots of Land. www.landfinderuk.com" "Land in has always been one of the great financial opportunities available. Now, thanks to our unique set-up, we can offer excellent purchases for as little as £20,000. With possibilities at up to a five fold return on your investment in as little as two years. Can you afford to miss out"
  6. Have they good grounds for believing that the cylinder "must have been leakin g for months" ? For example, were there any stains, rust marks, signs of dripping / damp patches etc. that would have ordinarily been noticeable that their solr. can justify the claim that you must have been aware when you completed the p.i.f. ? Certainly they can take you to court, but I think they have to prove that you completed the p.i.f. incorrectly. This is why I always preface all p.i.f. answers with "as far as I am aware" and "to the best of my knowledge" to be on the safe side. Did you state that the cylinder was fully working?
  7. I'm taking the devil's advoate position on this one. It has ransom value. The owner of the property behind would be crazy NOT to buy it - it would add at least 10k to his own house to have such an eyesore removed, not even allowing for the extra parking space. At the moment, it's detracting from the value of his own property. £10k might even be undervalued ...
  8. It did - Salway was upbeat about prospects plus a tidy upward revaluation of assets coupled with increased profits last year. I can smell an increased divi around the corner after it more than halved 3 years ago. But what I'm really holding out for personally, though, is the first round of takeover bids for the sector - it's been a long lonely wait )
  9. I really object to the offensive language you use in your posts ! How dare you call it a lute, when it is obbviously a Neapolitan flatback mandolin ! The action on it doesn't look too healthy, either ...
  10. The old Regulated tenancies were such a low rent bargain for the tenant that absolutely no landlord in his right mind wanted to let property any more. Result - no properties available to let. Something needed to be done. Even now, with 'landlord-friendly' A.S.T. legislation, there are tenants who stump up 1 months rent & 1 months deposit, pay nothing more, and spin out the eviction and court proceedings to 4 or 5 months or worse, move on, and do the same again to someone else. I know there are some bad landlords around, but these scumbag tenants are not sticking it to the man - they're just f*cking it up for every other renter.
  11. Lots of them are chartered surveyors, so maybe there's still other work coming in to pay the bills. One of my local estate agents is always wiping his fat sweaty brow dashing from viewing to viewing, giving an impressing of a busyoffice with too much work to handle. The fact that their staffing level has been pared down to the bone may have contributed to that situation.
  12. Most physical paper shares got transferred over to the Crest system several years ago, so I assume that you've had yours for a few years now. Are Compushare charging you £80 'indemnity admin charge' to create a new cert., or to transfer your shares over to Crest? Have you talked to your broker yet? What did they say?
  13. Shhhh ! Don't mention it to George Osborne - he might suggest that Merv start putting expiry dates on British banknotes, like Zimbabwe did in the bad old days ...
  14. I wish I hadn't mentioned internet sales now - we always get into this polarised internet versus The High Street argument. Yes - some High Street retailers are rude and surly - I have been known to be grumpy on a really bad day, but I do my bet to be really helpful and cheerful 95% of the time. And there are some people working in retail who would be better employed as traffic wardens or abbatoir operatives. And yes - internet shopping is really convenient - I use it myself for some things rather than drive 30 miles to a shop that might just sell what i want, at 100% dearer than the internet price. Surprise, surprise - I'm human ! But the point I was really trying to make is that within the upbeat "retail sales are 3% up !" headlines, are a whole host of counterbalancing minuses - * Food inflation is increasing at an astronomical % which artificially inflates the overall sales growth figure. * Petrol / diesel too * Many readers of these headlines tend to to think retail sales means shops. Mark Twain still has my vote ! * btw, every time a shop closes down in my town, a cafe or service industry shop opens in its place. I suspect as a defensive ploy against the internet - after all, you can't get a cup of coffee, or a haircut, or an aromatherapy over the internet yet. We now have about 15 cafes out of a total of 90 shops - there's going to be an almighty shake-out soon !
  15. Dunno about that. These figures are too complex to extrapolate a simple statement such as that above. Page 6 showes a different picture - more retailers experienced a drop in March turnover Y.O.Y. than a rise. And internet trading showed 10% growth, much of which would have been at the expense of the High St. I'm a High St. retailer, and a member of local Chamber of Commerce, and anecdotal evidence from other retailers throughout the West Country would say that March was nothing to write home about. As Mark Twain - "Lies, d*mn lies and ... "
  16. Aha - sounds familiar. Would incentive payments be in any way related to huge bonus increases for senior managers and directors to ease their pain in sacking workers and thus increasing productivity?
  17. Well, I'd say that Spader was posting an opinion on a regular poster who normally takes a contrarian viewpoint as a V.I. Quite a lot of views are expressed here on H.P.C., contrarian or otherwise, on things that affect house prices. There'e only so much one can say about this month's Haliwide survey before you start to repeat yourself, hence comment. Vive le comment !
  18. I used to have to play that 'song' when I sang and played keys ina hol. camp duo. After about 750 performances of watching p!ssed up Welshmen and Brummies shaking their beer bellies around the floor, I came to the conclusion that playing the 'song' should be punishable with death. Perhaps you might be able to help.
  19. Call me old-fashioned, but any company that can't cope with a 10% downturn in its stride, is about on a par with 95% LTV housebuyers - feckless.
  20. Pay attention please, Reading Rabbit. It would have been related to The Excess if he hadn't sold The Spurt for £40M in 2007.
  21. The writer of the article Ros Altmann is the D.G. of Saga, so her position on pensioners is not totally unbiased.
  22. I'd agree both with you and the previous poster certainly in one respect - the [email protected] end of the market is still going down the pan, while house prices in much of London are conversely going through the roof. Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Plus inflow of hot money from overseas for various reasons - regime instability, bottom picking investors etc. I'm intrigued to know how far this divergence of the top and bottom 1 percentile can go before something gives. Historically, my perception is that under a Tory govt., the divergence widened, and under a following Labour govt., it narrowed again with punitive tax rises for the rich etc. But the Blair years changed all that, the divergence carried on widening, and with Cameron/Osborne, the gap is further accelerating now. One thing's for sure - the only E.A.'s shutting up shop around this neck of the woods (and there aren't very many), seeem to be those who focussed on the lower to mid sector of the market. The likes of Stags, Marchad Petit et al. who have a strong presence in the banker's bonus "Snob & Countryside" sector of the market seem to be surviving very nicely thank you. Not a great time to trade up from a £80k grotbox to a £2.5m. luxuriously appointed pile with breathtaking panaramic coastal views. Especially at a time when the current going rate seems to be about £100k per adjective. * footnote - mod software wouldn't let me say "S-w-a-n-k and C-o-u-n-t-r-y-s-i-d-e" ... can't imagine why.
  23. I think the key word is "own", and not 'watch'. When 90% of a population owns a television, that country becomes incapable of revolution. I'm happy to be proved wrong - so show me an example.
  24. I remember reading a theory long ago that no nation 90% of whose population owns a television set will ever have a revolution. I'm not sure why this should be, but it seems to be true. I don't think it will ever go 'pop'. Maybe a few marches, localised riots etc., but no 'pop'. I'd love to believe otherwise, though ...
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