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  1. It is supply and demand. When supply goes above the number of people the price crashes towards 0. This is why imo all European nations are inviting in immigrants. Almost every country in western europe would have falling population without immigration.

    Hang on - isn't this the tail wagging the dog? I seem to remember reading that we need to increase our supply of housing by 3 or 4 million units to COPE with the rising tide of immigration (might have been the D.Mail, though). Chicken and egg ?

  2. My guess is that would be about a year's worth in a place like Lakeside - seems fairly standard for these places. It will have to come down a lot to entice anyone in. Anyone with shares in companies that own these places would be well advised to bail ASAP IMHO

    Maybe too late. My shares in Land Secs aren't that far from joining the 90% club, as are most commercial property cos. It's maybe only worth selling them now if one takes the view that Brit Land, Land Secs, Hammersons et al are not going to survive the crash. (which might or might not be true). Otherwise, maybe better to stay for the white knuckle ride ?

  3. yeh, it was a bit strange

    is £450k a good price for a 30 bed sea front hotel with a 4 bedder two storey detatched cottage???

    (orcades hotel, esplanade road, tq4 6eb)

    Maybe not. Most local (TQ) Hotel prices tok a bloodbath last housing crash - probably do the same with knobs on this time round.

    Local EA Luscome Maye's auction on Tuesday (3.3.09)


    offered 3 houses, 1 barn with p.p., and 6 lots of pony paddocks & fields - none of the houses reached reserve. But all the pony paddocks & fields sold for above estimate. Must be some sort of meaning there ...

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