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  1. ... resulting in curved walls, and a very curved a*se in the photo. Wide angle should def. not be used except where vendor is size 10 or below. The poor sofa in the 3rd photo looks about to collapse. Maybe it's from Habitat.
  2. Maybe the markets can put you right. Google "remnimbi" and "carry trade" and you'll find 243,000 results. Some of them will confirm that the yuan is taking up some of the slack on the yen. For how long, who knows ...
  3. Farmland to follow downwards too would also be nice. Although somehow I doubt it.
  4. Not sure about the chocolate bathroom. No shortage of Veluxes, though. And near to Oldham Mumps which sounds interesting. G0d - I need to get out more
  5. Anthony Steen couldn't have said it better !
  6. I'm not quite sure if you're being ironic, Frank Hovis. This association has been financing its business in yen bonds. Creative, certainly, but prudent? They claim to intend to swap the yen debt into sterling, but have they done so yet ? Recent financial history is littered with the corpses of casino bankers who didn't get their trades quite right. Bradford & Bingley messsed with things they didn't really understand (G.M. 'slice 'n dice' packages) and paid the price. Is a housing association any more immune from this sort of fate ?
  7. Plus they're possibly in hock to the carry trade as a result of their Yen bond loan. "Will swap into sterling" is not the same as "has already swapped into sterling". Theses sort of guys often can't bear not to run the risk on currency relatives in the hope of an extra bit of margin. Lehmans ... Barings ... Morgan Stanley ... Giant Squid ... can anyone please explain to me the difference? barge pole ... touch ... wouldn't
  8. Generally speaking, all the people I know who are in the market for £500k + houses don't normally ask HPC posters fir (sic) advice. Sorry to be a doubting Thomas, but could you actually be a troll in disguise? cheers D. Thomas
  9. aha - that might explain the recent highs in the gold price - a series of major fat thumb trades. So expect a rapid reversal soon.
  10. I assume he means a pad that would befit a 'superstar' footballer. I'm from Totnes, so I've not heard of Tevez, but I have heard of Manchester, and I understand that it rains a lot there.
  11. Absolutely. H & V News reporting seems to be equivalent to Daily Mail standards of journalism. My local rag does a better job.
  12. "Yes, they'll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree as they lay me neath the green, green grass of home." I don't think we should contact the E.A., Catlin & Co., right now because they must be extremely busy at the moment with damage limitation & crisis meetings. But for those who really feel the need ... http://www.catco.co.uk/contact )
  13. Have you checked with your local council to see if N.T. is 'winging it' with this 'no drilling' business? I also live in a late 1600's building - the whole High Street was built around the same time, and I'm not aware of any beighbours, including myself who hasn't been able to install central heating. Single pane glass issue - yes, except there are ways around this (secondary internal removable glazing units - very efficient too). I suspect that your N.T. landlord is being over-fussy above and beyound the call of duty, and a bit evasive to boot. (Unless you're grade 1 listed, of course - which makes all the difference)
  14. They always have done. But they can't force any landlord to install central heating per se. Any fixed heaters capable of providing adequate heating within building regs. parameters will suffice : 'adequate' being the key word. For example, fixed wall heaters would be ok. Night storage heaters would have sufficed, but would probably have blighted the property. A good C.H. system with a 5 year guarantee (eg: Worcester boiler) would add value to the property. And no - I'm not in the central heating business.
  15. Set a deadline on the offer. Otherwise, the game is completely in their favour. I assume you're 100% cash or close to it, or absolutely guaranteed funded with proof - EA's will laugh at anything other. Hope you get it.
  16. Some solicitors are just really crap at turning docs around. Plus each solr. blames the other. One way of breaking the logjam (althoughh solrs hate this), is to progress chase each document on a day by day basis. eg: Buyer : "Where are we now re. the exchange of contracts?" Own solr: "We are waiting for solr.B to reply to my letter dated ... etc." Buyer: " Shall I phone solr B up direct and chase him?" Own solr: "No - you'd better not. I'll email him later today" (note: If he says "I'll write to him", then this isn't acceptable) Buyer: "OK - I'll phone you tomorrow to see if he's responded. and so on. Neve assume that it's always the other solr at fault - your own is just as likely. I've offered to HAND-DELIVER documents on occasions to break the logjam in the past. I've only actually carried my threat twice, and that was in the days before email. There's absultely no excuse nowadays, and I have exchanged in 7 days once when up against reallt stiff competition - ferrying documents won the day on that occasion ! Be proactive.
  17. Oh - I dunno. The Polish waiters and bar staff seemed quite cheerful. It's only the Irish who weren't very happy.
  18. How about N.S & I inflation bonds. Interest-free - linked to RPI. The nipper's not going to touch it for a while, so migtht not be a bad thing to lock it away for 5 years at , say, 5% tax-free per annum = equivalent to 6% or7% gross if you're a tax-payer And no - 5% is not a prophesy - I'm not that daft. The reason a lot of adults don't buy the inflation bonds is because we think or fear we might need access to the money before 5 years is up. But for a small child - perfect !
  19. I live in a terrace, so I'm ok then ? Here in rural Devon, it's hard to tell the zombies apart from the p!ssd-up cider drinkers in the market square. Their groans even sound the same.
  20. http://planetproperty.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/wonderwalls-4-the-zombie-proof-house/ At least the estate agent will have got his commission before the shutters go down ...
  21. Yep - I'd do that. Most providers have relegated CTF's to the crapbox where they put widows and orphans and other safe non rate-tart type people who they can, as Martin Lewis puts it, Suck Slap & Flog to. I'd stick your extra £100 in something decent - it's all tax-free anyway, and you might as well try to get 2% or more (if you can!)
  22. Sorry maja - you're not going to get a lot of sympathy around here - this is housepricecrash.co.uk, and most of us are waiting for or betting on a crash occurring which doesn't seem to have materialised yet except in Eire & N.I. Which means that there's a lot of frustrated and angry posters around who may not be in the mood to give you legal advice since it looks like you were taking a punt on a property investment which turned out badly. You would happily have banked the profits, so you may have to take the loss instead. In your shoes, I would personally get a good sharp brief to look up some case law on the subject to see if there are any loopholes in your contract. Failing that, threaten to declare bankrupctcy and negotiate the best position you can from that stance.
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