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  1. Why? If the bad debt levels are below 1% on average ?
  2. If I can get a deal and get into print first for my forthcoming book "My year amongst the HousePriceCrash doomsayers" by Johnny Cing-Doigts, with a foreword by Kirsty Allsopp" ...
  3. You boys been hacking into your dad's HPC page again? Shame on you. It's way past your bedtime. Be off with you or else ...
  4. Perhaps the govt can be equally proactive in curbing the 6 figure bonuses bankers & their ilk are starting to re-award themselves. Otherwise it might look a tad like bullying those least able to argue back. 25% pay cut in the upper echelons of the civil service anyone? Or maybe a reconsideration of the new MP's overnight expenses allowace of £9000 per annum (no receipts needed - just fill in the ticket). I suspect not ...
  5. "cult" ! ? Mum - they've been brainwashing me. Come and get me. Take me home !
  6. Those figs are US - not UK June UK improved to -0.9%: Quote : Wednesday, 15 July 2009 12:19 Daisy Newman News British commercial property markets have recorded the shallowest fall since August 2007, at -0.9%, according to June’s IPD UK Monthly Index. But the all property peak-to-trough now stands at -44.1%, while the 12-month change in capital values is -30.8%. Over this two-year period, the nature of this property recession has shifted from a yield-driven downturn – all property initial yields have moved out from 4.6% to 7.9% – to a deepening negative rental cycle, particularly over the six months to the end of June 2009. Yield impact, which measures the influence yield movements have on capital values, has followed a correlated "double-dip" pattern, aligned with the two distinct financial market shocks. At the end of June, the yield impact had retreated to just -0.19% – the smallest monthly figure over the two-year period." endquote Not out of the woods yet, but it may be time to hang up the tin foil hat ...
  7. Bloody hell - don't tell me there's anarchists living in Brighton. Don't tell Schnews, for G-d's sake !
  8. You're lucky ! I'll be inheriting a domestic book collection I can remember as a kid, and some eccentric appliances.
  9. Incorrect. Most of the UK sites are parent co. owned, as opposed to the franchise system which operates, in USA, China & quite a few other places. So repatriating of profits to cuckoo-clock land WILL hurt UK tax income. It's not too difficult to repatriate profits, btw. And I agree with the previous poster about taking a dump - their toilets are always squeaky clean, even in the grimier parts of Beijing, although you have to blag an access token in many branches. Freshly bleached bog - it's a luvverly smell when you've been on the road for a few months !
  10. I agree with keeprenting. This sounds suspiciously like pound-cost averaging, which is fine when applied to planned regular share purchases towards a pension, but utter nonsense when buying the-most-expensive-thing-you-will-ever-buy-in-your-life-apart-from-the-next-time-which-will-be-even-bigger-and-more-stoopid! So, there you have it
  11. A zero off the end would be a nice thing indeed. It's about 4 miles down the road from me, and this kind of property never comes on the open market for less than £1,000,000 unfortunately. But if they reduce it to 130k, as you suggest, I'll have half a dozen, please ! Position, position, position ...
  12. Just wondering, DB, when no. 9 of your sig. is likely to come due. Maybe it would help the HPC situation to speed up a little and save a little nail-biting for some of us. Care to hazard any guesses as to likely due date?
  13. Where are all the conspiracy theory numerologists when we need them. This coin is not as simple as it seems, and the numerolgoists are still over on the Alex Jones thread arguing about 911 freemasonry symbolism. Come on, guys !
  14. One-half is a hell-of-a-drop for an oilco. Is this a hunch, or have you got some data to support? I'm mildly bullish on BP etc. in the mid-term, and putting my money where my mouth is, on the basis that we're going to see more mini-rallies like the last one - enough to turn a profit or two before the real rally starts. What makes you think there isn't persistent support long before we get to, say, 230 on BP fr example ?
  15. Thanks spline ! Bit I don't understand the aspect of May and June increasing by 10,000 each over Mar/April - Could you please explain to a novice what it means ? Is it seasonal adjustment? Seems quite heavy if it is ...
  16. People generally don't like to tell the REAL extent of their losses. Especially showbiz types and 'professionals' I'll bet she lost a wee bit more than 150k. But I guess that'll have to stay a secret between her and the Inland Revenue via her annual Capital gains and losses summary sheet. At least she'll be able to carry the loss forward as long as she hasn't yet registered the house as her primary residence. But she wouldn't do anything as stupid as that, would she ...
  17. Isn't the point of a minus central bank interest rate to encourage commercial banks to get their money moving in the economy again, instead of B & B'ing it with the Swedish equivalent of the BOE. After Lehmans when the banks were terrified to lend to each other, they were leaving large sums on overnight with BOE in an act of collective financial cowardice / prudence (take your pick). None of this DIRECTLY affects most of us at the retail end, any more than BOE's 0.5% central rate affects credit card companies who are still charging 24.9% APR or more, or building societies. Indirectly is another matter.
  18. Multiples tend to be lower in Skelmersdale - there are several affordable places there. Window-cleaning maintenace tends to be less of a chore, too.
  19. That's because you've never been an employer. You'd feel differently if you had some hands-on experience of taking on people on this basis - you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised from time to time, by realising that you've just got yourself an ace amployee who will go far - and I don't mean aisle 13, top shelf. I've found people from various voluntary schemes in the past, who became shop or shift manager within 18 months . And ok - YTS isn't the same as this current scheme, but there are huge similarities, the main one being that it will give some talented people who haven't yet been given a break, to make good. Almost every trained employee COSTS money for the first few weeks, so the employer certainly doesn't do it just to line his pockets. Learn to recognise that even a crap politican can sometimes introduce a scheme that actually manages to help the people it was intending to help, even if you only believed this was only a cynical intention to massage the jobless figures.
  20. I agree. In the past, I've taken people on YTS etc who I wouldn't have hired at interview because something about their attitiude / qualifications seemed iffy, yet who proved good reliable workers. Interviewing is a pretty hit and miss affair for both sides, laden with personal prejudices, no matter how open-minded you try to be, and a trial placement worker can often prove themself into a real job with prospects later.
  21. I think it will be a Hamish-shaped recession. The market slid down his arm, rose gently to the top of his tam o'shanter, and by August will be dropping off the edge of his cape in freefall. Incidentally, what's happening to the bottom end of the market. Things are buzzing along nicely for EA's in our part of Devon, all except 1 bed / 2 bed flats which are still stuck in superglue or falling. What sort of housing recovery can commence without FTB's?
  22. Sounds conflicting on the face of it. A term certain of 12 months means a fixed term. Don't understand the reference to 6 months is it appears to be a 12 month lease. Landlords can't normally make upward rent reviews during the term in a domestic lease. Need to see more of the lease to make any sense. Can you type out the whole notice / rent review sections? Off to bed now
  23. Need to see more detail explaining the references to 12 months / 6 months to really give a reliable answer.
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