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  1. Yep - I noticed. Didn't bother going to bid in the end since I wanted the barn for regular access, and with its restrictive covenants, the barn is no use to anyone except fror storing a caravan / boat or something used occasionally. Getting the covenant lifted would be difficult and unlikely since the barn is abutted on 3 sides by access roads within the estate - no chance of merging with sonmeone's garden in the future with subsequent conversion possibilities, or persuading the good inhabitants of the estate that more regular access would do anything other than work against their interests (IMO). Regarding £250k Berry Pomeroy cottage, I suspect the reserve was a fair bit more than 250k - more like 300k - 325k, so it'll be interesting to see Land Reg. figures if a sale has been agreed. If you didn't pay your £10 / £20, then you'd never get your legal pack, regardless of what Jason might have told you. I chased him for two weeks, and finally had the legal pack CD sent urgently 7 days before the auction date - not from Fulfords, but from West Country Auctions. I'd say that it's a normal state of affairs - only dodgy in the sense that sending out a couple of hundred legal pack CD's at £10 a pop is a nice little earner for the auctioneer. And I guess that they'd be hoping that there'd always be a few 'hopefuls' who'd bid prices up, blind, becausde they hadn't forked out their £10. Dangerous stuff - having seen how shot full of holes title of auction properties can be.
  2. Then god help us all if you ever becom a ground rents landlord, abharrison. I've been at the sharp end of some miserable money-grubbing landlords over the years who insure with whichever insurance co. pays the fattest commission, and who insure the building at 30% more than rebuilding cost, and there's not a lot one as a tenant can do about it. If your dream is to find a "license to print money" by chiselling tenants in these sorts of ways, then you'd be no better than the Wilsons. By the way, you can find ground rents easily - it's not a closed game, but I'm [email protected] if I'm going to tell you where to look.
  3. Not really. We're talking about freehold ground rents here, on blocks of flats already sold off on long (eg: 99 year, 125 year etc.) leases - ie: virtual freeholds. These are valued at a straight multiple of the ground rent, and are nothing to do with the business of letting apartments/flats. edit : virtual (not virtal)
  4. If you are happy to see Steve Hillage rejoining Gong once again, then yes. And no. And maybe. Was Norwich THAT naughty?
  5. So let us all in on the secret - where exactly do you live, Dom? Must be somewhere really nice - much better than one of Britain's top 10 funkiest towns. Or maybe you hate musicians. http://www.totnesonline.com/index.php What's my problem? None really, except your incessant sneering. Get a life no. 211 !
  6. Mostly moved on - Bartertown seems to be a popular haunt for them these days, I believe.
  7. What's your problem Dom? Were you once spurned by a female vegan or summink? You've done nothing but heap abuse on every post you've made on this thread. Totnes is a great place to live, so go and post your moaning rants elsewhere, you miserable *&%$. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  8. Yes - the garden is quite a decent size, compared to most Totnes gardens anyway. I've done an external viewing - it doesn't look bad overall, apart from the constant main road noise / pollution aspect - particularly bad in the summer.
  9. You might jest, but this town earned itself the title of heroin capital of Devon about 10 years ago with a reputed 20 - 25 regular users - not bad for a population of 2000. Maybe the skunk factory coupled with Bankside's phone mast suggestion. And a helipad installed on the roof. (edit : town, not village)
  10. The agent never does send you the pack. After chasing him for almost 2 weks, their position altered to "the pack is now available from the auctioneers", who prompty trousered a £10 fee for sending me a CD. You can drive to their Exmouth office (50 miles from the auction venue) if you want to view the legal packs free. The garden of the 250k Totnes farmhouse/barn abuts the main road, even though the access drive to the house itself is set slightly back from the main road which is the VERY busy main through access between Plymouth / Totnes and Torbay. Not great peace of mind if you've got a toddler like we have. The 250k is probably a bit of a 'come-on' price - they'l be hoping for 300k +.
  11. The curtain-twitchers of Hoskins Court. This is Buckfastleigh !
  12. Sorry, porca - I miquoted before. here is the exact wording. The entire legal pack is in JPEG format, so I can't just cut and paste text, and I def. can't be ar*ed to photobucket it. "(d) a right of way (in common with the Buyer and all others entitled thereto on foot and with vehicles over the access shown edged blue...)" So cycles are out, I'm afraid. Pogo sticks maybe.
  13. Do you know Buckfastleigh, or are you just being kind? Barn itself is def. not crappy - in another location, 100k +
  14. Well, I was planning on attending until I saw the legal pack. Prev. owner paid 35k for it 2 years ago. Apparently, he only bothered to collect the keys for the first time recently - now I realise why. I actually only wanted tghe barn for storage, but blowed if I'm going to be restricted to using it once a fortnight. Great if you need to store a couiple of classic cars through the winter, but not much good for anything else ? Any suggestions? Nothing else I'm interested in - a nice house on the edge of Totnes with attached barn, failed to sell at 400k, 375k, 350k - now estimated guide of 250k. Busy main road outside is the chief deterrent.
  15. No land - just a right of way 26 times per year. How did you know about the idiots? Did you know about the webbed feet too ? Joking aside, there are some nice people living there as well as inbred locals. Totnes isn't big enough to squeeze in all the artists, poets, potters etc, so Buckfastleigh is an overspill area. But my question is ... should the EA really be burying something like "26 times per year access" deep in the legal pack?
  16. I haven't time to send the photo to photobucket or similar, but here's the link http://www.fulfords.co.uk/content/009_Resu...0219-1251966851 Big barn for sale. Price guide 20k. Size is even bigger than details state, with high eaves, lovely big front and back doors. Only one problem - right of way limited to max. 26 times per year. Jason, from Fulfords was clear on the fact that it wasn't really a prospect for house conversion, but was strangely reticent as to why. So, you've got to pay £10 (CD) or £20 (paper) for the 70 page legal pack to find this out. Plus, of course your solicitor's costs to read through the whole pack. Shouldn't something as draconian as "access either on foot or by motor vehicle limited to no more than 26 times per annum" be clearly spelt out as a key fact, and not buried deep in the legal document? I feel sure that Fulfords knew about the restriction, but are silent on the subject. Dirty dealings, or fair game? What do HPC'ers think ?
  17. N.O.W. : "The encouraging numbers fuel hope that banks are finally turning on the borrowing taps and that the stomach-churning plunges in house prices are over." What's really stomach-churning at the moment is watching this irrational temporary rise in the housing market going on month after month, knowing that it's going to end in tears for so many people. If the plunge had been allowed to continue, then first-time buyers would at least have a chance to step onto the ladder. That may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view, but at least they would have the chance to make a choice. This faux-recovery is just going to prolong the agony for most people. Stop trying to manipulate the situation, Gordon/Alistair, and let the correction take place so we can return to 'normalilty' a bit sooner. (whatever normality is ... )
  18. Average size for a small estate of very-slightly-posher-than-average 1990's built 3 bed semis round our way is 69 m2 (755sq ft) each. Detatched 4 bed are only 20% larger. My 55m2 2 bed flat (200 year old) somehow feels more spacious than any of the above, so layout / room size is definitely an important factor too.
  19. Sounds like a 2 yr bond or longer, in which case, better hope that inflation doesn't rise to a heady 5% or soar away to a scorching 8% or ... you get the idea. Under Labour, anything's possible. Remember 22% one or two Labour administrations ago?
  20. +1 There are plenty of people who are hoping your assessment is right.
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