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  1. That's the thing about spin doctors - Cameron's an ex-PR man - he wouldn't be doing his job properly if he didn't SOUND plausible. He still looks like a [email protected], though. And anyone who got suckered into voting for Thatcher in '79 has to bear that particular cross for life. "Won't Get Fooled Again", I think the song goes. Anyway, I agree with Fudge on virtually all of this.
  2. Would that be Ulan Bator, or Huhohot ? It's quite a big place last time I was there (9 years ago, but I don't think it's shrunk)
  3. Would you mind awfully if we dig it up next day on Wednesday 2nd December instead when the end of the world doesn't, in fact, materialise.
  4. One difference, though. 30 years ago, W.Germany was a byeword for excellence and technical reliability. They produced Mercedes Benz, Leica cameras, etc. etc. We produced ... er ... the Robin Reliant, Austin Minis & Morris Marinas (when British Leyland weren't on strike). Ok - I admit I am taking the p*ss a bit, but my point is serious. Japanese or W.German made goods with a general reputation of implied quality. Both had a strong currency. Try making shoddy product, and only a weak currency will help exporters to shift theirr stuff. (And yes, I DO remember the p!ssed-off punter who parked his faulty Merc outside the main Hanover Square Merc showroom every day for a fortnight back in the Seventies because he was so angry that he'd had the bad luck to get a 'Friday afternoon special' - everyone screws up once in a while - even the Germans. ps: bits are STILL falling off Morris Marinas all over Britain. There's not enough Gaffa tape to deal wqith the problem !
  5. ... or not - didn't Mrs. W get a pasting at the hands of the court ?
  6. I guess we have to assume that you're talking about 1.2% AER, since many HPC'ers would happily grab 4.8% on something as short-term as 3 months. (Except for the goldbugs of course, who are going to hit $1500 by Xmas ) I'd be very interested too, but unless you can give us a link ...
  7. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. I spent a couple of mornings warning everyone I knew to pull their money out of NatWest,. And Bradford & Bingley a couple of months earlier. With hindsight, Gordo had no choice but to bail them out, but these WERE dark days, and you never quite know with a Labour govt. of any hue ... Better safe than sorry. Respect for your intentions !
  8. If any of the w***ers who ran Brad & Bingley into the ground ever come in my shop, they'll get my boot up their collective @rse - literally. But having said that, I can see why no bank can ever admit to even a hint of insolvency UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Who would want pictures of mass queues, Northern Rock style, outside their branches at 8.30 a.m. being beamed around the world within hours. I think that's one situation where anything other than lying (or at least with-holding the truth) is absolutely obligatory. A year on ... then that's another story. I'd love to read the whole story, when it does get told fully. edit : "@rse" - the censor got to it !
  9. Nope - still surfing that golden money wave. Tomorrow or sometime in the near future will do !
  10. You can sometimes tell by their handshake. (The two young ladies in my avatar are demonstrating their handshakes to Mr. Anthony Steen - current M.P. for South Hams)
  11. What a rude [email protected] you are. Just cos you probably think a bag of gold sovs, a euro account and a stash under the mattress will sort it all our doesn't even start to address the points that Sour Mash made. Come on Mr. Clever Dick - tell us your secret for REALISTICALLY AND LEGALLY dealing with the current hurdles this govt. has put in the way of people who want to protect their hard-earned dosh? Without being a complete sarcastic t0sser ! Sour Mash made a valid point, and your comment just shows you up as an ignorant troll.
  12. That could be because other BS's have been complaining about N.R. poaching their costomers. N.R. have been appearing a lot in the Best Buy tables recently - they did give undertakings at the time of nationalisation not to be in the top 3. Whenever N.R. gets too much flak, I've noticed that their rates start creeping downward again, until equilibrium is achieved again. They're a bit of an exception, and I suspect rates are going to creep upward as QE bites.
  13. So sorry you're offended, Wait-and-See, but cheer up - not all the country is controlled by nimbys. For example, there's lots of really great affordable housing up in Skelmersdale. It's solidly built, in a rather appealing 'defensive architectiure' style of construction. Many regular HPC'ers are familiar with them, and I can direct you to the links if you like. I'm sure people in gated £600k developments are just as guilty as of popping over next door's wall to do a spot of robbing, or disassembling broken motor bikes on the living room carpet whilst playing Metallica through a 2k sound rig as any affordable housing dweller. Some people are just so prejudiced - pah !
  14. Are you absolutely sure about that? Maybe one of the US's reasons for devaluation was out of a sense of "yah boo sucks!" against China's refusal to revalue the yuan. "You won't revalue, then we'll devalue - same effect". Pegging might temporarily stop that outcome, but would create some hefty problems within the Peoples Republic, already undergoing some disobedience in parts. Could be a price too high to pay in the end?
  15. Absolutely choice ! For once, the EA wasn't exaggerating when he called it "unique".
  16. I can see writs flying if any bank tries repaying a mortgage using a customer's offset ISA. That would be scary !
  17. Strewth! Unemployment benefit reduced to £92 a week in Spain. No wonder they call it the Costa del Dole ! What's it here? £55.65 ?
  18. One side, but a number of faeces. Today's Labour party is full of little sh!ts.
  19. By the way, did you notice that most of the top end properties in that auction remained unsold. Lots of the junk at the bottom end went for extraordinarily high figures, but not the top end.
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