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  1. I've always been wary of men in black Crombies waving 50 quid notes in the air.
  2. http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/gold.php Looks like there's life in the old dog yet ...
  3. I don't think any of the erstwhile main board are gracing any of their local jobcentres quite yet. Chris Rodruigues, who I personally blame for B&B's demise, landed himself a job as head of Visa International - who better to oversee the poisonous 'gift' of overpriced credit to people who often can't really afford it. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/visa-swipes-rodrigues-from-bradford-amp-bingley-571874.html Crawshaw and Kent are not exactly flipping burgers, and the rest of the spineless bunch on the main board were just shoo-ins, and I'm sure they're continuing to 'shoo-in' somewhere else as usual. B&B's collapse personally cost me £17k , and if Rodrigues ever comes in my shop, there's a bucket of something unpleasant awaiting him. I won't tell you which shop, Chris. As the Chinese say - he who waits by the river etc ...
  4. Yep. It was the GMAC contract that Bradford & Bingley signed that was the biggest single contributing factor in bringing the B & B down last year. There's a sort of twisted irony in this - B & B couldn't ... er ... keep up with their own 'mortgage' contract taken out with GMAC, and the result is history - especially now GMAC has been found guilty of being 'excfessive and unfair' and very quick off the mark to repossess. B & B is reputed to have gone cap in hand to GMAC try to mitigate some of their own mortgage forward purchase contract, but the result was too little, too late. If only General Motors had stuck to making cars. Hang on, though ... that went belly up too. What a crock the whole thing is !
  5. It'll be a complication that will not help, imo. Solicitors (theirs) hate complications, and it will open up a 'fear factor' that they may be landed with a tenant unwilling to leave when asked. Even with a watertight tenancy agreement, the buyer might worry about possible unpleasantness when that fateful day comes. I'd say leave well alone, or else get V.P. before you put it on the market.
  6. Hi, Aldi,

    I'm just curious as to which neck of the woods you are based. You seem to know your West Country territory, and you normally make sense ...

  7. Gosh - thing have come to a pretty pass when west country dentists are having to slum it in 675k houses. Poor dears - I almost feel for them. Almost.
  8. B.B., sorry to challenge what is usually seen as gospel fact here on HPC., but I don't think 3.00 - 3.5 is by any means a base line. If you accept that there's always an undershoot on the main HPI graph as it crashes, then that undershoot must logically apply also to the house price / earnings ratio. The graph in your sig. looks more like a next-boom-waiting-to-happen when it dips to about 3.25 or so, and, after a decent period of mourning (3 years or so), the whole shebang starts up again. I'm bound to howled down by a pack of baying HPC'ers , but I suspect baseline is more like 3.75 - 4.00. And not - I'm not from Maidstone !
  9. You wouldn't be getting mixed up with the deferment scheme for 2009/10 business rates, now would you ?
  10. Can't disagree with that. Plus, Rightmove's data states that Fulham & Chelsea and huge swathes of London are now ABOVE their 2007 peak. Maybe we can blame Johnny Foreigner for that one, with the cheap pound at the moment, but I've been placing offers in the last few weeks ... or trying to ... and E.A.'s are now laughing at you if you try to offer 5% below asking on some properties. A year ago, 20% wouldn't have been ridiculous, and at 10%, the E.A. would have bitten your hand off. Maybe there is still sh!t to come - I certainly hope so, for the sake of every FTB, every young growing family needing more space, and, in fact, almost everyone other than BTL's and those about to retire and take their profits. And I'm still signing in as a bear. But I'm not banking on another 20% drop in the next 18 months in real terms. Maybe only in inflation-adjusted stats once QE starts to do what every Labour govt. has done in the last 50 years - end their term with a burst of high inflation that sees savers lose a chunk of their hard-earned dosh. Miles Shipside may not be HPC's favourite pinup, but recently, he has been starting to look unpleasantly prescient, as has also a certain Maidstone resident who still has a shock of bright red hair and a plastic @rse. 'These were the worst of times' ...
  11. I wonder who on earth they could be. Anyone we know?
  12. I 'snipped' my telly out 14 years ago and never regretted it, and I'm def. not posh. However, I do spend an alarming amount of time glued to HPC instead, so maybe it's almost as bad. If I stay in a hotel where there's T.V., just 10 mins watching it makes me realise that it's evenh more sh!te than it was 14 years ago. Try it, HPC'ers, those of you who haven't already done it. And if you still want to watch DVD's, just get your telly 'snipped' instead. No licence required any more, and the kids don't sit glued to it for 5 hours a night. Your local TV shop will generally do it for £25 or so.
  13. And more to the point, most of the time it's just a barometer of the Dow, S & P etc. Dow goes up 120, FTSE goes up 60. Or thereabouts. Dreary stuff ! London may have overtaken Wall St. as the world's #1 financial centre (pinch me - I'm sure I read that a few days ago), but FTSE is still just a dancing puppet with G.S. & a few other chosen anointed ones pulling the strings. IMO.
  14. That was a bit scary. Coming from the Westcountry, I misunderstood the title "Us edges closer to the tipping pont for hyperinflation". Phew ... they were talking about America. Us doesn't like shocks like that, us doesn't !
  15. Auctioneers can only take bids 'off the wall' up to reserve price. Any more, and they'd have their vendor to reckon with if the genuine bidder dropped out, leaving them 'in possession'. I agree that 'off the wall' IS unethical, and ought to be banned, although every auctioneer I know does it (not only house auctions - antiques too)
  16. Where did you find out what the questions were? I'm amazed that The Guardian was even allowed to mention Carter-F*ck or even the fact that The Guardian had been gagged at all, considering recent libel tourism cases reported (where possible) by Private Eye who seem to be about the only media publications daring to take any chances these days. Sh!t - is this what past generations fought and sometimes died for? Come back John Wilkes - you are sorely needed !
  17. Have done already. Randgold Resources. Only a dabble at the moment - I won't be jumping out of an 18th floor window if gold dramatically slumps over the coming months. Plus, if there does turn out to be a serious ponzi-style disparity between physical gold and paper gold, then I'd rather be holding mining shares in the stuff than 'paper bullion'. But I'm sure there's plenty of goldbugs here who will point out to me that there's a fallacy in what I'm doing, though ...
  18. Yep - I'd second that. Plus, for many (including me), gold is not so much an investment - more an insurance policy against our own currency going tits-up with QE.
  19. Be gentle on Nige. he's been overworking, and he's splitting his job in two from now on.
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