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  1. Wasn't it the case that when the ascension countries joing the EU every country except the UK and ROI put exceptions in place to prevent mass migration from East to West for a number of years? I imagine it would be to allow funds from West to East to bring living standards up to a comparable level and prevent the denuding of their skilled labour who would go West to clean toilets and serve coffee? Does that make the French/Italians/Dutch/Danes/Spanish a bunch of bigots too?
  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/apr/26/housing-policy-crisis The comments say it all. It being the Guardian, of course it can't last a whole article without mentioning the unmentionables.
  3. I started reading 'The State we're in' recently. Didn't even finish the first chapter. Everything he slagged off the Tories for, GB has done the same. Too much speculation, the city allowed to get too big, etc., etc. Now I see him on TV defending the sh!t he disagreed with then. Obviously Tory boom/bust is worse than Labour boom/bust - [email protected] I can't stand party politics - if you want to follow a colour, support a football team and leave the politics to the grown-ups.
  4. Is that recent? When I worked in pharmacy software (Nexphase if you're interested) we had a facility for making extemps on the application. Pointlessly wasteful, unless that the whole point? Deskill the workforce so you only need half qualified dispensers on site.
  5. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/anatole_kaletsky/article6943418.ece Big bank bonuses make failure more likely If the Royal Bank of Scotland’s board have genuinely threatened to resign over the right to pay £1.5 billion of bonuses, they should be asked to do so immediately. Their mass resignation would offer the Government a golden opportunity to correct all the managerial mistakes it made when it took over RBS and the other banks in the heat of last year’s crisis. The first mistake was to pack their boards with traditional City types who were intellectual clones of the
  6. I dont think you quite get my point. Maybe its because the cost of living is too high in the UK, but its just seems insane to tax people and then give them that tax back because their wages don't cover the expense of providing a home for ones family, putting food on the table etc. Raise tax threshholds and do away with tax credits. It needs to be part of a general change in the tax/benefits system. The gap between living on benefits and low paid work should be large enough to encourage people to work. Work should pay for itself and not require taxpayer subsidy. Apart from saving admin cos
  7. Agreed. Stopping tax credits would have to be part of a wider set of changes including raising the tax threshhold to compensate. I think it should be tax neutral, but would save huge amounts of admin and if properly done would create a gap between benefits and low paid work. As you say, at present it really is not worth working for lots of people - they would be better off on benefits.
  8. +1 Why should my taxes subsidise employers who dont pay a proper wage?
  9. Surely as the oil runs out, we should be encouraging people to go ( and stopping people entering the UK regardless whether they are qualified or not ). Food/energy security (they're the same thing) will become increasingly important over the next few decades. We cannot feed a population of 60 million. 40 mil seems about right.
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION%5E93324&insId=2&sortByPriceDescending=false&minPrice=150000&maxPrice=170000&minBedrooms=3&maxBedrooms=3 "I’ve said to him if you can find a three-bed, detached property in Park Farm for £160,000, as they’re claiming, then I’ll give them a £5,000 finder’s fee." Ok Fergus, this one is on at 162k, but I'm sure you could get it for 160k. Where my 5k?
  11. What about the other classic he said - " I will not allow house prices to get out of control"!!!!!
  12. Dont know about China turning to Smith, but you're wrong about communism sweeping west. IMO there is now no alternative to capitalism, hence the capitalists dont need the support of the masses anymore. NO-one will start a revolution. Consequently, all the gains made during the post war period - pensions, free education, healthcare, social housing and the rest are all being rolled back. While you could be right about personal liberty and equality of poverty but thats not a marxist plot, its because they ( the capitalists ) want you in your place - exploitable.
  13. March isn't soon enough! 1 condition I would add is that they leave their passports at the border. If they want it back - £100 million per passport. Same goes for anyone who leaves the country for tax reasons.
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