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  1. Just wondering if the OP every bought their house in Blackrock? Am interested in a house for sale in there, but its a large semi and I really fancied a detached. So if anyone has experience of the noise insulation in the Blackrock houses then let me know!
  2. Anyone any opinions on the Brambles on the Old Carrick Road? In terms on the criteria above?
  3. So I'm going to take the plunge and buy a largish detached home for me, my wife and my growing family. I'm looking 1800 sq ft+, 4 bedrooms, garage, bit of gardens etc. Priced anywhere between 190k - 240k. Something that needs little work. We have saved a decent sized deposit so mortgage won't be too bad. Basically I'm looking somewhere I would be happy to live for 20+ years. I've lived in east antrim all my life and my wife and I both commute to work in Belfast. The commute is a bit much at the minute so we want to be closer to Belfast (also for family reasons). I have narrowed it down
  4. Myself and my gf bought our first home over 2 years ago for £157,000 with a mortgage of £150000. It looks like we are currently about £10,000 in -ve equity on the mortgage as the house is prob worth about £140,000. We have to travel about 40mins to work everyday and this has been tiresome, esp for my gf since she is from Belfast and finds it hard living so far away. We always aimed to get on the property market and then try and move in a couple of years. But obv this is next to impossible now. I have since inherited £50,000 and we are looking at buying a house closer to Belfast, and using
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