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  1. Really? I haven't seen anything like that although I admit I've only visited briefly so far. Sure there is some banter/swearing that might offend some delicate readers but it seems to be all in good spirit and with good humour. It's like the HPC of olden days, in fact. I think people have generally had enough of having to try to be so politically correct all the time these days. Enough is enough, I think. Sorry, I don't post here (or there) much as I don't have a lot of time or have anything much worthwhile to add anyway, but I am very grateful for the insights, knowledge and common sense of all the good people on HPC and I guess that someone being 'triggered' by alleged racism has 'triggered' me to post this. I will continue reading both sites and if there is any actual racism or 'incitement to violence' then I'll make my own mind up and stay away accordingly.
  2. Great list canbuywontbuy. How the hell did we get to the stage where all of that is now considered normal. But I would say " People will put up with ANYTHING... until one day they just decide that they won't anymore" (see Brexit and see Trump)
  3. Hi DB. Someone else mentioned the "IBTL" ETF upthread and I put a little of that into a H&L stocks and shares ISA recently. The one you've linked there seems to be called "IDTL" and seems to be a USD version of "IBTL" ( which is in GBP ). Can't seem to find "IDTL" on the H&L website. Hmmm.... I have no idea what I am doing really so that's why I'm only putting a little bit in and learning as I go along... hopefully !
  4. This is on my mind too. I have 5% in gold and it's all in Krugs and Maples (rookie error in hindsight) that I bought several years ago . So if things pan out as DB suggests then it will definitely be time to double (or treble) up, but this time with CGT free coins. For the existing ones, I'm thinking just to try to avoid ultimately selling more than profits me the £11K (currently) CGT allowance per year. What's the betting they'll reduce/remove the CGT allowance in this scenario though or perhaps they'll just not raise it in line with inflation... ( nice little earner for a bankrupt government ! ) I suppose the only way to, as you say, "swap" to CGT free coins is to sell them gradually over the coming few years, taking a small hit now knowing the future gain would cover any sell/buy loss, and then buy sovs/britannias. Would be feasible for my modest holding at least... Let us know if you find a better way?
  5. Thanks very, very much durhamborn for sharing your knowledge and experience here. I have today finally caught up with all this thread and feel am much enlightened by it. Watching that DXY value (and the other measures) with keen interest now. When that baby hits 88....
  6. https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-grenfell-tower-gavin-barwell-resign-now
  7. https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-grenfell-tower-gavin-barwell-resign-now
  8. From the Guardian 28/3/2019: "Following unprecedented demand for so called 'dog kennel' flats over the last two years, thousands of first time buyers have been able to get their foot on the first rung of the housing ladder, thanks to the government's Help to Bark scheme. However, they have been so popular that many people now find themselves priced out from owning one of these bijou, yet practical, homes. Fortunately there is now another enticing option available... Gavin Barsteward ( Conservative housing minister ) today unveiled plans for new 'micro dog kennel' flats, endearingly termed 'rabbit hutch' flats. These desirable 'bijouette' homes are available in both 4 and 6 square meter sizes and a new government scheme "Help to Burrow" is available (for first time buyers only). Alternatively they can be rented either furnished (with straw) or unfurnished (without straw) Unfortunately there is no kitchen or toilet due to the compact design but there will be a communal latrine located for every 10 hutches and a local Marks and Spencers outlet serving hot and cold ready meals at competitive prices. These developments promise to trailblaze a whole new way of community living where you can really get to know and socialize with your neighbours... 24/7"
  9. It surely should be doing that. Of course they will 'look through' and conveniently forget what this was actually all about, but It's up to us to keep reminding them isn't it? Or we could all just sleep walk through life I suppose.... The politicians didn't allow themselves to be so out of touch... WE allowed them. P.S. I used to be complacent and indifferent but these days I couldn't be bothered.
  10. Let it go mate. And I thought this was the biggest c0ck in Dorking...
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Remember-Remember-5th-November-Brexit-March-1792546257692509/ Bring your own gunpowder... ( No, seriously, don't! )
  12. I don't know how old you are, but I am getting on for 50 and have seen many changes, but especially rapid changes (for the worse) over the last 20 years or so. I work in IT infrastructure and have seen the big IT companies and their customers use 'globalization' to offshore, outsource, slash/remove training budgets etc. etc. Of course, companies need to make a profit... but at what cost, and what of the future? And who is receiving the bulk of that profit? Your concept of a 'society that shares wealth' is very commendable but that's not how it works and the 'EU' have no interest in making it work that way. I have kept one step ahead of all this. Gave up working for anybody other than myself years ago and now only work when I want to ... am actually doing very well under the so called 'status quo' as you put it. However, I gladly voted Leave knowing full well the consequences that we are now seeing , don't kid yourself that any of us didn't know this or were fooled into voting 'incorrectly' ! I voted Leave because I see the harm it has done ... and will continue to do, make no mistake! There are so few opportunities for younger people coming up behind me .. or perhaps they are all becoming bankers and estate agents now instead.. that would be sad I think. So maybe I see the world from my little bubble here in the IT industry and perhaps it is largely just an offshored/outsourced industry now and that's just the way it is and the way it was always going to be (but who's industry will it be next? Maybe your relative's? Maybe yours? ). I see young people struggling and I'm not happy about it and if it is not globalization and the suppression of people's freewill with cheap credit and sh!t loads of debt at the heart of it all then what is it? And if the 'EU' isn't an enabling part of that globalization/suppression then you've been had. And if you think your future is bright in such a system then good luck to you. What are most young people able to do now to earn enough to buy their own home or make a half decent life like I was able to - nothing ! It has been stolen from them. They've been robbed. A few people at the very top are getting extremely rich out of all of this and it is not you and it is not me ( or maybe it is you ...I don't know). They (yes, THEY) will tell us it's all for our own good and most people, sadly, will believe them. While THEY carry on with their noses in the trough laughing at us. They'll just trash the pound here , QE some more there , wait for the prices of essentials to go up... we'll soon get back with the programme... won't be so disobedient again in the future.. But you are right, of course, it must be my tin foil hat telling me all this. I must have dreamt it all. Swampy, you are right. A once in a lifetime opportunity to walk out of jail has been offered and half the population want the jailer to lock the door again. We are so fooked. There is still some hope though, I believe...
  13. That is what they would like you to think, yes. You are doing well.. a model citizen, in fact
  14. Try again... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XPgiI46FCDU"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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