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  1. I think it's shocking that these fees can be charged without there being any regulation or official rules on them. Unauthorised overdraft charges made it to court, yet these fees continue to be charged! It would be interesting to see if anyone was able to obtain a breakdown of how the charges applied - I suspect though that they are merely deposited straight into LA's Xmas Party fund :angry:
  2. Parts of Couldson (particularly old Coulsdon) are very nice, as are parts of Purley. However, I guess the reason for the cheaper price is because of proximity to Croydon...in my book, proximity to Croydon is not a good thing! However one advantage might be that commuting from these areas to London is significantly cheaper because they are in Travelcard zones (Reigate and Redhill are not - so I pay around £2500 for an annual season ticket....!). Finally, the schizophrenic is not me. Nor me. Sorry, bad joke, couldn't resist
  3. My flat is Barratts and to be fair, apart from some snagging issues (which although irritating are not at all dangerous or really even that serious) I have been told that the build quality on my flat is superior to the George Wimpey and Bellway flats - obviously from someone who was in a position to see properties from all developers and who I trust to be reasonably impartial. The biggest complaint against them as a builder would really be that they gained unlawful access to my flat (and others on site) with an undeclared / undisclosed set of "master keys". The police were involved in this incident as it was reported (not by me) as a crime. I have read people saying various things about the Watercolour estate and I am surprised. I have been there (looked at properties there a while back) and the place appeared to be rather pleasant. Still, Park 25 appeared to be 'rather pleasant' as well...... About the best thing I can say about the place is that my neighbours are all top-notch people; it's not full of bums / chavs but normal, hard-working professionals who don't make loads of noise and make a fuss. Anyway back to your question - if I had a choice, when it came to builders, I would choose a Barratt home over, say, a George Wimpey home.
  4. The problems the protesters are..well, protesting about - are not isolated to George Wimpey homes. There is a "consortium" of three developers - Barratt, Bellway and George Wimpey - all involved in the Park 25 development. The district heating system is not the sole responsibility of one developer, or the management company either at the moment. This makes it trememdously difficult when trying to figure out who to threaten with legal action...! My experience with this has really left me jaded and I would be reluctant to buy a new build again. About the only good thing that came out of it, was that I got a lot of decent spec white goods thrown in. Still, for all the hassle I have had, it hardly seems worth it. I could regale you with a whole host of problems with that development and the immediate area - from graffiti on the site to drunk teenage chavs who frequent the area in summer - but I won't bore you! The person who said Redhill is a hole is right - the town centre and the Park 25 'end' is - but the back roads off Whitepost Hill are actually extremely pleasant. I used to rent there - in fact I rented three properties in the same road over the course of six years - my only regret is moving. At least it's close to Reigate, which can be a far more pleasant evening out!
  5. I think renting through an agency, providing it is reputable and ARLA-registered, does offer more security. I've lived in three managed properties, and that really made property maintenance / fault repair a lot more hassle-free. I willingly paid the extra knowing that any issues that cropped up had dedicated contact numbers, out of hours emergency callouts and a local office I could turn up at if things got awkweard (which they never did).
  6. I think the landlord would have to prove the issues with the cleaning. Since the independent inventory has proven you did clean, you should get your money back. How you proceed now depends on if your TDS is Custodial or Insurance based. From memory, if it's the latter,you might have to take the landord to the small claims court to resolve it.
  7. Just to add my tuppence-worth, I think Reigate is a smashing area, if a little expensive! From a purely personal point of view, I would steer clear of the Woodhatch area . In contrast, I've always known Meadvale to be rather pleasant (if a little further out towards Redhill).
  8. No issues with subsidence that I am aware of. However, there are issues with the management company, and most importantly, the hot water / heating system for the estate, which I believe is currently the subject of litigation by some residents. Without wishing to go too much into detail, there is a 'green' hot water / heating system which feeds the entire estate. Due to various factors, a lot of properties in Park 25 are regularly, without heating and hot water. This may be the law suit you have heard about.
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