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  1. Two years ago we went through the worst recession since WWII and resolved nothing (except to move the debt from the bankers to the tax payer of course). The thing is, aren’t recessions supposed to rebalance the economy? And then there is the current situation globally, QE, the threat of currency wars, the jobless recovery (especially in the US) and the eurozone crisis etc etc. Oddly though the markets appear to sail serenely on wards and up wards... Seems to me that the conditions are all set for another big 'crash', all we need is a trgger. My favourite would be an European bank going belly up. Just wondering if anyone had any other ideas?
  2. Ah, I have seen their appeals but didn't read them properly DOH! So how about sites like Martin Lewis' Money Experts? Do they also run on charitable status or are they funded out of the 'owners' pocket?
  3. There are obvious ways to make money on the Internet, advertising, sponsered links or even sell things!!! Wikipedia as far as I can see have none of these. So how do they make enough money to pay for their 47 staff (according to some reporter I overheard talking about the Internet award thingy that was on last week)? They are not the only website that seems to exist by will power alone... Any insights to this, one of modern life's great mysteries, gratefully received
  4. I filled it in, suitably bearish I never given away my details on sites like that Be interesting to see if it gets published.
  5. Check this out... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30283907.html Cosy.
  6. Many thanks everyone. Still got some research to do but I have a better idea of where to look and what to look for. Much appreciated.
  7. Looking for some information on CGT. Like some on here I have invested in gold. With CGT set to rise to 40% I am considering bailing out at least long enough to lock in my profits to date. I am aware that I cannot simply buy straight back in, so my question is can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to confirming the '30 day reinvestment rule'? Mods: can you leave this on the main board for awhile, thanks.
  8. Yeh, and the Germans are the hard working tax payers that have to pay for it all. Or may be not... Strangely enough the Greeks may be the ones that sink the deal ny refusing the austerity messures. If they do then the rest of Europe, especially the German tax payers, will cut them loose and let the cold wind of change howl through the streets of Athens. It is about time some poeple learned about self respect and self dependance. Less talk about rights and more talk about responsibilities. People should remember that for every right there is at least one (usually more) responibility. If the Greeks want to retire at 53 then they should take responibility and work harder during the time they do work and save more, not rely on the Germans and French to bail out their self appointed cosy life... To be fair they are not the only ones who talk about rights and forget their responsibilities, your analogy makes the point well...
  9. Firstly, it is the Eurozone partners that are funding it, so we are not involved in that part. The IMF are funding 1/3, which as we contribute to the IMF we will contribute to. Although it should be noted that many other countries out side of Europe contribute to the IMF as well. I wonder if the US citizens have taken any notice of this bailout, because they will be contributing to the IMF third???
  10. That is a very telling observation. It highlights just how fragile the current situation is. With prices down, inflation low, tax rises yet to come, interest rates low and unemployment (as a percentation of the working population) still quite low the conditions are still very benign. It will only take one or two of these factors to head in the wrong direction and debt holders will be in trouble. I have said it before and I'll say it again, society is about to relearn the lessons of our grand parents... debt is bad, buy what you can afford and live within your means. Unfortunately it is going to take the full force of this depression (I believe we are in the eye of the storm, sadly) to ram the message home.
  11. I came to the conclusion, a long time ago, that politics and economics is a bad bad mix.
  12. Oil prices have been very volatile ever since the rapid run up to the $147 peak. This is characteristic of a tight supply / demand relationship. If supply cannot move with demand then the price will move with demand. Creating a spiky price pattern as people cut back and then relax as the apparent ‘crisis’ ends, only for another ‘crisis’ to hit shortly after. However, if supply falls faster than demand you can still have high prices even if demand is falling. If we get in to the latter situation our economy is in deep, deep trouble and 2008 will look like a party. It is interesting that peak oil is now being seriously talked about on ‘economic’ sites and not just The Oil Drum. Interesting find OnlyMe.
  13. That should go down on one of those "exam paper quotes". Class...
  14. So the race to devalue curracies that has be commented on here so often could actual be gathering pace. I wonder who can get to the bottom first. Surely this could seriously destablise the currancy markets if they get too carried any with the devaluations?
  15. We have heard many people say that so and so institution is too big to fail. However, given the impact on the public finances it has occurred to me that some of these institutions may actually be too big to save. Given that there could still be a huge amount of leverage to be unwound is it possible that a point may be reached at which someone say, "It cannot be saved?" I am guessing that that would not be a good moment for the economy either. What would the impact be? Would we need a new economic model and if so how do we design, develop and introduce it?
  16. I know. That's why I am so furious. I am faced with taking redundancy early in the economic cycle or hanging on with the very real risk that I will get made redundant later and the company T&C's being changed or irrelevant and me getting nothing for more than 20 years of service. Some choice...
  17. I heard an estimate on the radio news last week that the tax take was down by 10% already. The Whitehall bosses maybe simply extrapolating from that... This is phase one of a depression and the next phase is about to start. I recon we have got to September at best before the markets make their next big move south. I just hope the bankers are made to repay what they have stolen from the tax payer...
  18. Back in the Thirties the only form of communication for most people was the post. A few had phones. Now everyone is contected to the internet, the idea that this has been caused by greed, particularly on the part of a few is not going to be supressed this time. If it gets as bad as it did in the thirties then revolution is a real possibility. Bet the Russian commies are wishing they could have hung on for a few more years...
  19. What a complete shite... I was informed about three weeks ago that my job is at risk. I work in the defence industry and guess what. According to one of our customers in MOD, MOD is cutting programmes left right and centre because the money has gone to the f**king bankers. I rememeber someone joking on here that there are conviently four lamps to every lamp post outside the BoE, means we can string four bankers up on every lamp post. Bankers, *ankers the lot of them. I worked out the Fred the Shreds pension potof £16.6m would easily pay my and my 400 collegues and friends saleries for a year. These top *ankers should have their assets frozen and their saleries cut to the level of a nurse. They are complete and utter greedy shite. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment...ly-ticking.html
  20. Thanks, that's wonderfully positive.
  21. So true. I felt like that Monday morning when I walked into the office. I felt rather different when i walked out...
  22. Guys, Many thanks for your supportive and humerous posts. Much appreciated. Hired Goon Sounds like a shocking experience. In my case I have a madatory 90 days consultancy period, because of the numbers involved. The options are basically redeployment (providing skills match need) or redundancy. There is a vanishingly small possibility that something may come in that saves the day, but I ain't holding my breadth. It is quite surreal in many respects. I was at a project meeting with reps from the consortia companies today. They were all talking about the next phase of the project etc. I was chipping in with ideas but kept thinking, "I won't be here to see this happen!" May be if I can come up with enough good ideas I could get a job with one of them... Bit of a long shot, but hope springs iternal... Monday was another surreal experience. Some of us were told at the morning meeting, but some others who were affected were not around so didn't know, plus those who were unaffected were in the dark, utterly unaware that half the people in the office had just been told they were "at risk". We were told quite bluntly not to discuss it in front of the others until all formal communications had been completed. Fair enough really, especially for those "at risk" who had not been informed, but all the same I was out of there as soon as looked reasonable... I understand what you mean about the grief thing. I went on to a website that the company provides that has lots of useful stuff on it. They went into the emotional cycle associated with redundency and /or the prospect of same. Grief and shock were the first emotions they described and your words chimed. Shock is , I guess, where I am. Wake up in the morning feeling good for a second or two then I remember my situation and I get that cold knot in the pit of my stomach you get when you miss your footing at the top of the stairs... It's not nice thinking I'm about to let my family down, even if it is not my fault. On the other side of the coin I have felt in a bit of a rut lately so may be this is happening for a reason. I am going to start to come up with some options, plans and actions over the weekend. Hopefully that will help to create something good. You do hear of some people, once they get past the inital trauma, moving onto something better and saying it was the best thing to happen to them. It is a possitive way to look at it away. I sincerely wish you all the best. 50%deposit... Funny post, thanks. Made me laugh this morning in the office (couldn't reply then) and again this evening. I can see one small problem with your otherwise top plan. 20 years in Prison... Hmm I'll get out just time to collect me pension At the end of the day the little guy gets shafted while the guys at the top line their pockets. Come the revolution... Funny thing was I heard on the news this morning that Fred the Shred was going to give some of the 16 mil back. Didn't say how much though. mikelivingstone, The "anti tank copper jet missile" probably should wait until he's paid the b***dy money back. But I like your thinking. The RAF's Brimstone missile is designed to attack tanks, I wonder if it is possible to modify it into an ABHM (Anti Banker Homing Missile) Thanks again guys, if you are interested I'll let you know how I get on. Good luck to us all, we need it, Green Shoots my A**SE. :angry: ... its called an emotional roller coaster
  23. Ayear ago I would have said that would be a good thing for the UK. Now I get a serious oh sh*t feeling. how could we possibly bail out Wall St.
  24. He will seek to close regulation gaps like hedge funds. And international rules. There will be a single set of regulations. All respository companies including hedge funds will have to maintain reserves.
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