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  1. Rest assured - we're not looking for a quick profit - we're actually aiming to move down to the dorset area to be closer to my wife's ageing parents, having sold up north in October and moved into rented in the meantime. Just looking to avoid having to downsize too much with the move south and happy to take on a project. Once we move it will be for the long term.
  2. Apologies if this has all been done before but as a relative newby looking to purchase a bargain I'd like to check I am hooked into the most relevant/helpful websites. The ones I am using are: Best site for houses on the market (is there a list anywhere of agents who don't use Rightmove?) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/ Alternative – more or less the same houses but has a useful map search facility http://www.globrix.com/ Site for seeing how long houses have been on the market and if they've been reduced – only seems to have about 75% of the house listed on Rightmove though http://www.home.co.uk/ Site for checking what a house last sold for and what it ought to be worth today – a bit fiddly to use: click on the "Sold Prices" tab and then enter a postcode. Only works well if the house has been sold since 1995 since it relies publicly available Land Registry details. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/ Alternatively if you know the last sale price & date there are the HBOS or Nationwide price estimators: http://www.hbosplc.com/economy/HousePriceCalculator.asp http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/calculator.asp Are there are any others members would recommend? Are any of the subscription sites worthwhile? e.g. http://www.pickupaproperty.com/ costs £10 per month but claims to have lots of renovation projects across the UK (which we are interested in). Then again since they are only scouring the internet sites of EAs, do they have anything much that isn't on Rightmove? Any help gratefully accepted. Thx
  3. Thanks GBdamo. We're moving into the area - my wife's elderly parents live in Wincanton and she wants to be closer. We sold our house in Yorkshire in October within a week of putting it on the market - we took a decision to knock 20% off the price we thought it was worth in 2007. Neighbours thought we were crazy but we sold straightaway and are in a strong position now - lots of other house in the village still for sale. Moving from a 4 bed detached with a big garden to a 2 bed flat temporarily is not much fun though! - hopefully it will be worth it in the long run. It was always our intention to move to SW eventually - we thought we would be seriously downsizing but now maybe not...
  4. We're also looking at SP8 as cash buyers (hope there's not too many of us!). We're looking in the £300 -£400k region. I am thinking of offering ad maybe 20% under asking prices now if we see something we like as an alternative to waiting til later in the year. Anyone got any thoughts or advice. I am assuming EAs may not be too pleased but am I right in thinking they are obliged to put any offer to the vendors?
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