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  1. I don't think prices will sky rocket from here. I just think they will flatten and bounce along for the next 10-20 years whilst inflation nibbles away at them until they get to fair value. I'm also looking at it from the PoV that house prices already crashed by anywhere up to 50% for anyone not in GBP which I would consider to be a fair crash already. However, I was never really looking at a house as an investment or a pension. Having been working abroad, my time to buy was always likely to be when I came back regardless of where we were in the cycle and who ends up being right or wrong. As
  2. As per the thread title really. I was updating my story in t'other thread here. but although I was viewing a fair few properties, there was nothing that seemed to tick enough boxes to even bother updating with, let alone offering on! It was a fairly sobering experience actually viewing properties. I had rather naively thought that as a cash buyer being ready to move the house-buying world would have been my oyster and I would have been beating desperate sellers off with a sh*tty stick. Whilst that may have been the case for the previous few years it turns out that timing really is everything.
  3. It runs a couple of months behind IIRC so we will have to wait and see if the current rises in the Haliwide are confirmed through the LR or not.
  4. Given all the murders I've seen on TV in that area I'm surprised there is anyone left to rent a house there. LLL.
  5. Thats strange, I'm sure I already pay for this kind of thing through my taxes. Police time, A&E time, Cell time, all paid for through taxation of which I pay. Whether its a good use of funds is neither here nor there. once the police start outsourcing some tasks it won't be long before they outsource more and we end up with a private police force with I'm almost sure nobody wants. Half the problem with drunkenness in the UK comes from pubs and clubs serving to overly drunk people. In many places abroad they will refuse service if you even look a tiny bit drunk.
  6. 'Baby, this relationship is so good we have to get the government involved' Its not like people don't know this before getting married.. If you're not willing to gamble all your money, you shouldn't really be in the casino. -Disclaimer- I certainly don't think the current situation is correct, but its not like information about it is difficult to find out.
  7. I have the lions share of my savings in USD. To be honest, it doesn't really give me that much peace of mind as I'm pretty sure if one country goes all the rest will like a house of cards and the extra safety of having the money in the worlds reserve currency is kind of offset by the fact I can't just go in and pull it out quickly. There are also FX and transfer rates to consider if you are ear-marking funds for purchase in any other currency as well. Overall, I'd be thinking that if any currency was to go down the toilet and not worry the world too much it would be GBP, but if you really wa
  8. Recently moved back to the UK after working abroad for several years. Joined this site and followed the property market hoping the crash would have happened by the time I moved back as the money I was earning was always earmarked for a house. Unfortunately prices have remained sticky in my area and sellers have remained entitled. It wouldn't be so bad but things are going SSTC even at the overinflated asking prices. I've offered on a couple of places and my only competition has been BTL or FTBs buying with HTB or BOMAD. My offers of just 10% below are being flat out refused without even count
  9. Right.. Lets see if we can find a subtone in the following quotes. Maybe its just me, but it does indeed seem like you have a view of what the unemployed are doing rather than working.
  10. A few stats on the labour market. Including; Not enough jobs to go around. I'd be more than happy for a scheme to pay people who were unemployed to work as long as they were paid NMW for everything they did. Just because they are unemployed doesn't make them any less human than anyone else in the country. In reality though, we don't pay them £70 a week for nothing. We pay them £70 so they don't come around, steal your stuff and eat your children. Anyone who has anything at all to lose in society should view this payment as absolutely necessary and value for money.
  11. Government giving free money away to spend on asset class causes asset class to rise. Shocking news.
  12. One of the worst ideas ever. All the bad points of renting along with all the bad points of owning. Can't believe anyone ever thought this was a good idea.
  13. And here it is. Looked at a further 4 houses so far this week. One 3 bed Georgian terrace that looked ok, had a beautiful kitchen, but apparently there isn't room for manoeuvre on the price as they 'need this price to buy the house they want'. House has recently come down by 30k which is a direct result of the house they want being reduced by that much but as this still leaves it priced at 170k when the last sold price was for 156k in 2006 so I will continue to monitor but otherwise ignore it. One 2 bed bungalow. Huge garden so room to move out as the inside was fairly small, but overpriced
  14. Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd just chime in on this one.. Should offer some comparison opportunity as to the then and now. I've been away from the UK for the last few years working abroad. I recently finished my contract and moved back having saved up an amount of money I was hoping would allow me to buy outright with. Sadly, prices haven't crashed to that level and my area (SW) has remained stubbornly sticky. Very luckily, My father has offered a small sum to top up what I have on interest free loan so I can buy outright rather than go down the mortgage route. I'm hoping this
  15. Right but, what if, goverments in the future simply said it wasn't wiped after 30 years but had to be repaid. Anyone taking out one of these that hasn't considered this possibility, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you..!
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