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  1. So if there's anyone to blame that's humans then as rabbits had no choice...
  2. Hi guys I haven't posted here for a while, although I've been reading posts. Been busy with kids and work but most importantly our offer on a house was accepted some time ago and we've now exchanged. For all the reasons discussed in aeternum on this forum I stand by what I said many times - prices are too high, should have crashed ages ago and should still fall etc. but government didn't let it happen. So far. And God knows what the future holds for us. Another bear capitulates? You could see it that way, I suppose, though things cannot be put on hold forever. I've been fed up with the whole situation for a long time. And for a long time we as a family have felt the need for a bigger shoe box - now we can have it. Kids grow fast, life goes by quite quickly and I ain't no spring chicken no more. I guess I didn't want to be in a position where I'd be too old to enjoy a house of our own. The house we're buying needs modernization, so not ideal but we can do the work to our taste. We got 10% off on the asking price in the end. We had a sizeable deposit needing a home, so our mortgage is not gonna be big and repayments gonna be about a third of our rent. And if IR's shoot up, our current rent would still be higher than the mortgage. Also, we're not the kind of people who buy gold, shares and stuff... So, yes, we've waited and waited - 4 years now since the credit crunch and many more considering that we'd been waiting before that too. Years of hope and years of delusion, and what's more years of rent paid to this or that greedy landlord. I guess we probably paid in rent in the last 4 years alone about £40k. And what did that get us? Sadly nowhere AFAIK as on this side of the world prices are pretty much the same as in 2007. Wish all the best to you guys and I hope you finally get the place that you want at a reasonable price. Good luck Captain Picard
  3. Exactly, you nailed it. I don't think they'll sell for the AP, but I don't expect them to drop their price to below £400k either, which means that, whatever the actual selling price when sold, any other (deluded) future seller on that road will have that figure in mind (the final AP). Sad times to live in.
  4. b****rds! I'm pretty sure I saw this house last year, they did an open day thing, it needed quite a lot of work done to it and asking price was around 270k. We thought about putting in a cheeky offer on the silly asking price but didn't go ahead as agent told us that there were going to be sealed bids to be put in by a certain deadline. I remember a few viewers taking notes on a pad (those who bought must have been among these) at the time. It sold for (as per mouseprice) 275k.... and now they want 450K!!! HIGHEST price ever achieved on that road is 367.5k in 2008 - i.e. when prices peaked! They paid over the asking price for it and probably spent 25k - 50k on it, and if they did the work themselves, as I think, probably less than that, and they now want to make an absolute killing - hoping to make £125k - 150k profit !!! And all this, wait, wait... in 2011! Four years after the beginning of the credit crunch... I'm truly speechless... Obviously news that house prices are on the down haven't reached these w****ers! I just hope no mug comes along and decides to pay anything remotely close to that ridiculous price!!! :angry:
  5. All I know is rent has gone up to £925 for our pokey 3 bedder in this part of Hanover. My landlord nicely cashing in the money as he must have bought well before records began. Well, I'll say what some people here might be reluctant to say or admit: the situation here is dire and I don't see any signs of improvement, if you're seeing improvement in other parts of town than good for you. Also we got the school allocation for our son today, so we're somehow stuck for now. Lots of people on this site say that renting is cheaper than buying as initially you'd only be paying interest on your mortgage blah blah... Well, I think we've been wasting time and money down the drain for years now... and every year we don't buy we fush down the toilet more than £10k in rent and house prices are not going down (or not by much)... not in my area. We have savings for a big deposit and mortgage would be tiny but still prices are crazy and nothing nice is coming up on the market. Whenever something passable comes up is sold within weeks... three 300k+ houses on the market over the last two weeks have already sold! With Londoners/commuters, cash buyers, BTLetters seems like there's an endless number of people who think it's worth buying here at these stupid prices... Brighton is no longer the same place, seems like everyone wants to buy here, and apparently many still can... End of rant
  6. as posted in the main forum interesting article on Planet Property: Brighton-the-worst-place-to-live-in-england I thought it makes an interesting read
  7. ...sad but true... BEST comment I've ever read on this forum
  8. Damn it! Should have known better! Bloody Londoners again...
  9. Gotta admit that these days my faith in the HPC is faltering, while yours is quite firm! So I thank you for your support castrogtx Thing is... still peak prices and above round here...
  10. should be good news (nationally) but locally I guess it isn't... While papers and this site are celebrating (or at least announcing) price falls relating to October (ie Land Registry/Hometrack report of monthly -0.8% ) index for B&H on the other hand is back up (??) +0.8%.... report shows that more high range houses are selling compared to less lower end ones, which skews the average... ("Sales volumes, after hitting a high in July at 65,825, fell back in August to 58,783, the latest available figures. The drop in volumes is most acute among lower-priced properties, which are favoured by first-time buyers. The drop was sharpest among properties in the £100,001-£150,000 range where sales dropped 12 per cent from 2009 levels...") where do all these rich people buying very expensive houses here come from? Not a happy chappy...
  11. Looks like this thread is slowly dying, As much as we keep telling ourselves to be patient, not much is changing in my area either. Same stuff, same prices, occasional drop every now and then, soon made up for by a new property that comes up on the market for a price much higher than the ones that are already there. And even sadder than that is that some of this old stuff at some stage either gets sold or else is taken off the market. Most people on this site claim time and again that governments cannot interfere with markets..... Well, it's now yr 3 since the credit crunch & thanx to ultralow IR's (and yet no signs of ZIRP ending soon) we're back to where we were at peak or thereabouts... Brown has set the way, and though this gvmnt has done in 6 months more than Labour in 13yrs, it still looks like we won't have a proper crash anymore, just the slow drip with prices painfully edging south... trickle trickle drip drip In the meanwhile I'm still paying just under a grand a month in rent, and thinking I'll never save in price drops what I spend in a year's rental... :angry: I don't want to play along the bullish lines of "this time is different" but it looks like we've entered a new era where all the banks (and as a consequence, the feckless overborrowed homeowners) are going to be bailed out again and again at taxpayers' expence. Looks like the populace has accepted this as the new normal, so it can be repeated again and again... Please, please, tell me I'm wrong, that this is a nightmare and I will wake up soon... depressed captain
  12. The euro is still hoding its ground. For how long though nobody knows. Let's not forget that whatever the reasons, the sterling was €1.45 three years ago. Only 1 month ago the sterling was worth €1.20 or thereabouts, only when (and IF!) the pound goes back to 1.4 I'd be inclined to say that it's doing really well... Last time I was back in Euroland - a year ago - (the equivalent of) a pint was about €4.50....., probably gone up by now... Go figure...
  13. Standy by what Live&letBuy and TOW are saying. Can't afford to pay the mortgage??? Sell and downsize or sell and rent! Simples and fair! As they're saying we've been renting for some time, while these people are still living in properties they couldn't afford without all the taxpayer's help! How fair is that??? I also notice that whatcrash (one of the most stubborn bulls on this forum) desperately needs a crash course in spelling... Anyhoo, price reductions are coming!
  14. Getting fed up with the silly prices here. Might check out Worthing this weekend. Ms Picard thinks it's a better (and cheaper) place to bring up your family... I don't know it - what's your views about the place?
  15. Unbelievable... over the last month or so the number of houses for my Rightmove search has gone down from 20 to 11.... looks like 5 or 6 houses "may" have been sold between saturday and today... Sure, they might come back on the market as some do, but the fact that despite the silly prices there seems to be an endless number of ready buyers is so depressing...
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