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  1. I am just reading Monkey with a Pin http://monkeywithapin.com/ Sounds as good as the cat! Interesting points about investing, fund managers and fees. Some good stuff describing survivorship bias and comparison with indexes. BTW book is free and not too long so worth a shufti
  2. Hi there seen this article debunking theory, just fyi..... http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2012/07/24/1094111/is-peak-oil-dead/
  3. www.businessinsider.com/the-best-finance-people-on-twitter-2012-4?op=1 thought might be of interest i surposed myself by already following a few of them!
  4. Interesting article from Building magazine http://www.building.co.uk/average-house-prices-may-be-stable-but-the-figures-hide-trouble/5034900.blog Dont have time to say anything, at work, but food for thought.
  5. Another one www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/mediatechnologyandtelecoms/electronics/9181939/Apple-Topeka-Capital-Markets-analyst-predicts-Apple-will-be-worth-1000-a-share.html Golden apple, only way is up, Flippin heck! Sound familiar......
  6. just thought I'd pop in and say hello and link article www.creditwritedowns.com/2012/04/more-on-why-minsky-matters.html bit simple for you guys but gives Krugman a bit of a kicking, so why not. I like the guys views anyway. Main forum would benefit though!
  7. Have downloaded from youtube using http://www.downloadhelper.net/ Will transfer to my tablet and watch on the way to work Cheers
  8. couple of links may be of interest www.scribd.com/paul_mason_01/d/79963708-Mason-Lse-Lecture-Jan-2012 www.ritholtz.com/blog/2012/01/cnbc-best-alternative-financial-blogs/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter all led to from twitter, brilliant medium for news!
  9. I am looking at the title of the thread and numerous pages arguing about the definition of value somewhat moved away from the point question of the original post Been Injin'd again, what a waste
  10. I decided this last year and cut down on the amount of time I spent on here, generally only this thread and posts by specific people. I have just accepted I have no control what happens so am getting on with life as best as I can. I have been a whole lot happier I can tell you! Try leech block if you use firefox, you can block HPC for the times you want. I did it last year and it is effective in getting you to change your habits. Good luck and best to all for 2012, fingers crossed!
  11. some levity to proceedings http://macro-man.blogspot.com/2011/12/europe-and-bomb.html
  12. No problem wasn't really expecting an answer unless his name was already in the public domain He seems very well read but it is that unfailing belief that there is only one path and everyone else is wrong........ How does one learn unless you ask questions,and that includes about yourself
  13. Looks like he was born in Turnberry.....possibly or somewhere in Scotland at any rate, so pretty much Scottish I think, but there was lot of inbreeding then near the borders Looks like French lineage in there somewhere but quite common really My mothers maiden name is a cheese eating surrender monkey's but I am definitely Scottish though, that foreign language nonsense escapes me,sooner we all speak English the better
  14. Who is goldfinger, I have always been interested to know He is so sure of himself like a lot of people..... People without any self doubt are always a worry to me
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