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  1. House + car paid for. We only spend half our £24k income. Can't figure out what I'm supposed to want. Could do with some new Crocs I suppose.
  2. If you "havn't got many years left" why buy?
  3. Charters from the time of King Offa of Mercia show that tolls were collected on trade, and it was during Offa's reign that coinage in silver pennies was first introduced into Anglo-Saxon England. Coinage became a royal right and was probably introduced to make payment of taxes easier
  4. And they get paid to own it! " Jeremy R Drax (Richard’s brother and a London property magnate), who appears to have a stately pad by the coast and is getting paid £853,547 to keep the surrounding farmland in good stewardship "
  5. The plebs think it's crowded because they are forced to live in the gaps between the gentry's estates. The figures are from http://uknea.unep-wcmc.org/ .
  6. My point is that far from being "concreted over" it's mostly green. "all the buildings in the UK - houses, shops, offices, factories, greenhouses - cover 1.4% of the total land surface. Looking at England alone, the figure still rises to only 2%. "
  7. What proportion of the whole UK is classified as continuous urban fabric? A: 0.1% "Buildings cover less of Britain than the land revealed when the tide goes out. !
  8. Extractors won't work if they have plugged the air brick because they "don't like the cold draught."
  9. We have a window cracked even when it is -20 and, believe it or not, a humidifier. Nice fresh air not too dry.
  10. I remember seeing a block of perhaps 12 flats and noticing that one of them had windows running with water. I'd bet that that the people in that one flat were complaining about the damp and blaming the landlord instead of opening a window.
  11. Astra Zenica Monday afternoon. A night of shaking,chills and fever and a day of dozing. Fine Wednesday.
  12. That "valuable heat escaping" is what takes the moisture with it. If you don't want to "waste" heat turn it off but still leave the windows open.
  13. Why buy? Rent and try to spend all the money before you die.
  14. Is whatever is behind the door without a handle included?
  15. When I get my vaccination it will be recorded against my person number then if authorized entities want to know if I am vaccinated they will just scan the QR code on my driver's license to access the data base. What's not to like?
  16. Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, Greater Manchester. None.
  17. They tend to homeopathy. Lots of non-prescription nostrums in their pharmacies.
  18. Thanks to the wood stove the smoke goes up the chimney. The problem was the dryness of the air.
  19. -5C outside right now. Wood stove warming us to 21C. Window cracked for fresh air, humidifier running too. Our lungs are much less congested than the year when we made the mistake of keeping the windows shut.
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