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  1. I've found a wallet generation seed from 2014 on my computer. Can I do anything with it?
  2. You missed the point that, in those areas, cars have to go slow enough that they can stop if someone walks in front of them. I expect bicycles having the right of way at roundabouts would infuriate you too.
  3. Works in town centres in the Netherlands. People there accept that cars have no more rights than pedestrians and if a car hits someone in those areas the driver will never drive again.
  4. https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/vat-news/eu-2021-e-commerce-vat-package.html
  5. My wife's and my family histories have many obvious "marriages of economic necessity", granddaughters living with aged grandparents and in my wife's Norwegian ancestry children from families too poor to support them placed with other local families that could use some help around the farm "Legdslem".
  6. I was at work in Denver fixing an ADM3a terminal listening to KTCL or KBCO. They played Lennon/Beatles music for the whole day.
  7. The USA won't let anyone look behind the curtain either but for the opposite reason.
  8. "I don't have to work" was my favourite when being questioned to determine my class. "Of independent means" or "Gentleman" were fun when filling out forms. Now I'm just a pensioner.
  9. BankID means not waiting on hold for half an hour before trying to trying to remember my dog's maiden name etc. Not having to carry a wedge of plastic cards. Not having to visit a cash machine. Not having carry a utility bill to prove my address.
  10. It allows me to identify myself to Govt. book health appointments, log in to banks/phone co/lottery, collect packages, approve online card purchases, pay online and in shops ( Swish, Klarna).
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