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  1. If you tax them too much they cease to be expensive properties. I remember many empty large houses in the 60's that no one wanted as the rates were too high.
  2. Damn. I that £4 would buy me 500g of butter.
  3. AIB(NI) is in the north and AIB in the south and from my experience I think they would be helpful. Many companies/people have accounts on both sides of the border. Alternatively a Wise (https://wise.com/) account holding € and £ plus their debit card is all you need for day to day spending either side of the border.
  4. Coop Sweden has had no tills for two days thanks to an attack on their service co. Can scan and pay with your phone though.
  5. Earlier you wrote "Are you parodying a man who thinks he knows better than people who actually work on these things, or are you the real thing? ". Which implies that I am wrong to say the ice will come because I'm not "one of the people that actually work on these things".
  6. You. When I said that it will get colder and the ice will come.
  7. No. Where has anyone said that there will never be another ice age?
  8. Are you suggesting that the next ice age isn't coming ?
  9. I won't be around to see it but I imagine that in coming decades as the cooling starts Thunberg et al. will claim credit. What will they say when the ice comes?
  10. Prove it. No one is allowed to look behind the curtain.
  11. House + car paid for. We only spend half our £24k income. Can't figure out what I'm supposed to want. Could do with some new Crocs I suppose.
  12. If you "havn't got many years left" why buy?
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