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  1. I live in Surrey and what I've observe most sellers start off believing the 'Property market in the South East is still buoyant' story and price their property accordingly. Some sellers wise up after a few months and they drop the price by 10% - they than sell at 5-10% below that. Some others make up a load of excuses - 'the market is dead', 'can't get what it's worth', 'the agent is rubbish', etc and of course their property remains unsold for years in some cases.
  2. Just heard Estonia are joining the Euro tonight - looks like they'll be having a property boom soon. The low interest rates will no doubt lead to high property prices and excessive government borrowing ending in a Irish style financial crisis. Can't decide if I should catch the first flight over there to snap up some bargains or just feel sorry for them.
  3. Perhaps the buyers were Global Warming believers and they were expecting a rise in sea level making it a beach front property
  4. Mate of mine works for LLoyds and they're still getting bonuses - just called incentives / achievement payments. He tells me that they're vastly expanding the Investment Banking side of the business with the idea of becoming a Global Bank. It'll be sold off just before the next election so the Government can claim they've made a profit on the deal.
  5. in the Mediterranean Cubic style Don't they mean in the 3 year old child's house drawing style
  6. Digby Jones - I think he was partner in a large law firm - being a lawyer not sure what that qualifies you for though
  7. Does anybody seriously believe that we'll make a profit out of bailing out Lloyds or RBS? Sounds like they've got Enron's old accountants in - Arthur Anderson. Without Government backing the Lloyds share price would collapse overnight - actually it wouldn't take that long!
  8. Surely the only reason to listen to Ben Benanke is to find out was isn't going to happen. This guy said there wasn't going to be a recession, the fundamentals were good, sub prime was contained, etc... He's the 2nd worst Fed Chairman ever (after Greenspan) and should be used as a contrary indicator.
  9. High inflation is nothing new - for years I could never reconcile the increase in prices against the Government stated inflation. Everything I bought always seemed to go up 5-10% per year but the official inflation rate was 2-3%. Then I realised the true rate of inflation is 5-10% - the Government are just understating it.
  10. I'm sure if you went into any business and asked the front line staff they'd say much the same
  11. Maybe they did it badly or mostly to their benefit - perhaps that why professional administrators were brought in.
  12. Why is it that it's taken as a given that - Hospital administrators are an unproductive overhead and nurses are all hard working and wonderful? Is there any proof of this? Every organisation needs administration staff to schedule work and control costs. I'm not saying Nurses are not hard working and wonderful but show me the evidence - apart from anecdotal - "they looked after my Dad when he went in for his hernia operation last week". Where's the evidence that there's too many administrators and too few nurses?
  13. I don't word believe of this - just got a card through the letter box from the local EA saying May was a strong month and June was going to be even better
  14. The Icelanders shouldn't be paying anything - the Icelandic Bank savers shouldn't have been bailed out in the first place. They were just a bunch of greedy fools chasing the highest interest rates - it's not the British government that bailed them out it was us, the tax payer. There was no point in bailing them out anyway as people that dumb will no doubt lose their money in some bonkers property development scheme in Albania.
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