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  1. Fluffy and Co2 make very good points. I too am thinking that way and am probably going to go down the same path. In times like these its best to be Pre-active than pro.
  2. This could be beautiful, truly beautiful for some of us anyway and good in the long run for everybody. Ok what are the odds expressed in % format do you think that these laws will be announced and enforced within the next month?
  3. Great tool. £5 donated. Property beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Yes was thinking along the same lines. No my trust in the government is long gone. I still think its a better option than just putting it in the commercial banks though. But really i just want to dump all my sterling now.
  5. would waking your dosh in here be any good: http://www.nsandi.com/products/ilsc/overview.jsp
  6. Its easy to sit back and criticize but your banging on about the wrong argument here. Yes we all know House prices are falling like a ton of bricks. the point you are missing is that now Sterling is in the same position. But the difference is there could be no end to a crash on the pound it could lose 99.99999% of its value as seen many times before in different economies. At least with a real commodity you can use it and barter with it if times get that bad and it will allways have some value. Im also a cash buyer and trust me when you have all your life savings in sterling and it starts to
  7. On those calculations i have been rapped in broad day light! I have just seen my savings been diluted and £11.5k has been vaporized into thin air. Which may as well be doubled to 23k because we all know they will "ease" out another big imaginary turd next month. Add to that the fact that my savings annual income has gone from 16.5k to under 5k in a matter of months. I'm fed up with it now. I worked hard for my cash and to see the government just magic up some 140bn effing well p!!!sses me off! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  8. Hey guys thanks for the reply's. As i thought they would be quite bearish in terms of buying now, but i appreciate that. Sterling is still a major problem though, the government are doing all they can to prop up the economy but i fear its just far to much to hold up and by QE it just shows how desperate things are. If we have a depression or HI and sterling is practically worthless then all my life savings go up in smoke. Whereas if i buy a Real asset at least i can live there and make use of it. Holding 100% of all ones wealth in 1 fiat currency at this particular time doesn't feel safe, i
  9. Hi guys, I too am in a similar position to the original poster but with probably less experience being a 1st time buyer. I am currently residing in the parental home and at the age of 29 I feel I should really move out now, having resisted the urge for years because of over inflated prices. I also decided not to rent and just squirrel away the majority of my income. I have 3 main issues which I would be so very grateful if anyone could offer some advice. My Issues 1) Valuations - How much of a % cut from current market value should one submit, I have been looking at 350k-450k range with
  10. Yet another lurker! I apologise for being a parasite on here for the last few years, having read many posts I think it’s time I contributed and registered! Especially as the sentiments expressed on these boards have helped me to steer clear of loading up on a mortgage at the height of the market. I am currently residing in the parental home and have been saving like a squirrel for many years in order to get my own place and now that the market is in freefall (and with the nuts being adequately stockpiled) I am looking to buy........at the right price of course! Anyway brilliant website, k
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