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  1. you already pay them a subscription.............will they reduce our "subscriptions" if they are reducing their content?.....i very much doubt it
  2. The term quantitative easing describes an extreme form of monetary policy used to stimulate an economy where interest rates are either at, or close to, zero. Normally, a central bank stimulates the economy indirectly by lowering interest rates but when it cannot lower them any further it can attempt to seed the financial system with new money through quantitative easing. In practical terms, the central bank purchases financial assets (mostly short-term), including government paper and corporate bonds, from financial institutions (such as banks) using money it has created ex nihilo (out of nothing). This process is called open market operations. The creation of this new money is supposed to seed the increase in the overall money supply through deposit multiplication by encouraging lending by these institutions and reducing the cost of borrowing, thereby stimulating the economy.[1] However, there is a risk that banks will still refuse to lend despite the increase in their deposits, and in a worst case scenario, possibly lead to hyperinflation.[1] Quantitative easing is sometimes described as 'printing money', although the central bank actually creates it electronically 'out of nothing' by increasing the credit in its own bank account. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantitative_easing
  3. towns? last time i checked a lot of those "towns" were cities???
  4. if people (nohpc im talking to u) think interest rates are staying this low ad infinitum they are more deluded than i imagined was possible, the banks product its selling is debt, u think it is willing to get such small returns on such large debts for very long at all? When i purchased my first home i paid £57,000 and was earning £25,000, i borrowed £50,000 and my monthly repayments were £400+ a month on a 25 year mortgage......interest rates at this time were relatively normal and the housing bubble hadn't started, at the height of the bubble this same house was "worth" £200,000 and my wage was still the same as manufacturing was struggling and we were on year after year pay freezes......the cheapest houses which previously ranged from 20-30,000 now cost 90-100,000 and yet the people buying them were earning the same low wages.......if this is a picture that sounds even slightly sustainable i must be missing something..........how does a person earning minimum wages afford a £100,000 mortgage.......maybe they can when interest rates are .5% but what happens when interest rates return to NORMAL LOGIC DICTATES HOUSE PRICES MUST FALL, doesn't it?
  5. You hit the nail on the head - CHOICE.....if only the bbc gave you a choice - the choice i made was to remove TV's from my house so that i could have a CHOICE when did sky start forcing people to pay for their service?..........last time i checked they gave you the CHOICE to do so if you so wished
  6. yeah thats right because how could we survive without the good ole beeb......where would i get my fix of cheap reality based celebrity dance shows?
  7. after taking some advice on this very forum (thanks for putting me right johnny storm) i cancelled my TV license and was refunded the last half of the year as i paid in full at the begining of the year, i swapped my downstairs tv with a 28" monitor and my bedroom tv with a laptop and now i pay no license and still watch all the programmes i used to, online....job sorted
  8. I live on a town built around an industrial estate.............hard to call it an industrial estate lately as its more like a ghost town - smashed windows and TO LET boards have replaced company logos and signs. Its been slowly happening for a long time now with the steady decline of UK manufacturing, but the rate has certainly increased in the last year...........and yet people still believe their £100,000 council houses are actually worth that and not the pre bubble levels of £30,000........and those prices were when the town was thriving, not the corpse of a town that remains today.
  9. you need to recheck your facts - you need a tv license if you have a mobile phone capable of browsing the web or a broadband enabled pc - the laws were changed a few years ago to include these items to prepare for the change over to internet tv
  10. his command of the queens english is outstanding........"I think you can guess what one I am"
  11. why the anger at that comment?....is it you trying to sell
  12. not sure how many people saw this or even remember it - THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER!!......yeah right!! tonys people!!
  13. heres a comparison of what we pay in the small industrial shithole where I live compared to one of the wealthiest areas of the uk, hard to work out what we get for our money?
  14. it looked like he'd tucked his stomach under his belt and into his pants, or maybe he wears his bum bag under his trousers
  15. oh man i was speechless, i still am now, im just watching it again............and we wonder why were in such a mess with people like her in charge "Im on planet reality"......if only she was
  16. Finally managed to watch it this morning - did anyone watch it and see the comments made by Angela Knight (chief executive of the British bankers association)? is she high on crack??.......claiming that only banks on the very margins were lending 125% and self certifying, desperately trying to convince us that 3 times salary is a bad thing and will prevent people buying houses......oh my gawd i dunno whether to laugh or cry.......if you havent watched it already i urge you to watch
  17. I missed todays daily politics and started watching on iplayer, only to find as soon as the presenter starts talking about the forthcoming FSA announcement (7 minutes in) the show stops as if it has been watched in its entirety......a simple error on the iplayer website or a conspiracy? iPlayer Link
  18. the simple FACTS are that unregulated/unsecured lending by the banks enabled the house prices to rise to the levels they reached and those days are over, i think we all agree on that?....where are the mortgages coming from to buy these houses, I see some of the trolls trying to encourage people to start buying again..........with what?
  19. all it takes to see that 30k is clearly well over the average wage is to do a search on the job centre plus website, specify whole of uk and all job types and read through the list, you will see that the majority of the wages are below 20k
  20. the same government that has done such a wonderful job, theyre always right
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