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  1. 'The Guide' was the only thing worth paying for. I stopped reading the rest of the paper years before. I was especially annoyed by the Money section, which regularly featured articles warning against investing your life savings in Diamond Mines and shares in companies you've never heard of in countries that don't exist. I got so annoyed I wrote in suggesting they rename the it the Numpty section..
  2. Ashtonished! Where the feck are you advertising? The country is CHOCK FULL of unemployed IT people, 30 CVs?? We got more like 30,000 last time my company advertised. 95% of them could probably have done the job but none were 'suitable' and we're still looking, apparently. Skills crisis my ****.
  3. A £35k salary for a programmer outside of financial services is the norm in the SE. Up until last year I was on 32k and living in London, doing programming at a badly paid company...
  4. Just out of interest - how many hundreds of applicants have you had for this job and why aren't any of them suitable?
  5. Absolutely right. In my industry (IT) companies, including those I have worked for, are spending YEARS looking for the 'right' candidate whilst complaining about skills shortages. Any one of the hundreds of applicants could have done the job given a little help and training.
  6. The floating ice is not the problem, there are huge areas of land covered in ice, Antarctica and Greenland for example.
  7. So how is sea level going to rise anyway? When you heat water it expands in volume. The oceans contain a lot of water which will expand when temperatures increase and therefore sea levels will rise.
  8. And of course they don't outsource to India... http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/12/steria_strike/
  9. Politicians outraged about unfair pension entitlement? What next – Tony Blair on the news outraged about the devastating effect of warfare? Astonishing.
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