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  1. hello all. I have been looking at the campeche resort in mexico as a possible investment (not interested in a holiday home). Seems like a good bet (although worried about hurricanes!). Does anyone have any views - looks like could be lots of short term gain.
  2. Thanks alot for that. I'm not too bothered about the students (although will check out a few pubs to make sure its not too rough!). Hadn't realised about the planes though as on my visits they have not been loud atall. Will need to check again
  3. Hi. Lots of useful posts on this thread. I was wonfering if anyone knows anything about Englefield Green? I am thinking of buying (just off Egham Hill) in Englefield Green and was wondering if anyone knew the area. I think it is lovely and green and not too far from Windsor Town Centre. Is there anything about the area I should know? On my visits I have heard some noise from the planes but its has not been too bad - does anyone know if the area will be impacted by Terminal 5 / 3rd runway at Heathrow ? Any useful info on Englefield Green would be much appreciated !!
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