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  1. So the EU implemented a law which forced the UK to prioritise healthcare needs of immigrants vs the UK nationals? Which EU law was that?
  2. It's laughable the leavers on this thread claiming that the majority of the leave voters knew what they were voting for, The reality is the majority are like the below caller:- http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/which-eu-law-are-you-looking-forward-to-losing/
  3. The country is in a bigger mess post brexit that's a fact. I do however acknowledge the issue for the younger generation, i have kids. Is that what everyone is concerned with then? just the younger generation? I thought it was for themselves.
  4. There really is no VI. I just seem to remember the bitterness and anything to get a HPC attitude on here. I'll be honest i thought things like Brexit would have been voted for regardless of the mess it has left this country in, just to get a HPC I was genuinely interested to see what people's plans were. From the stuff i had read on here way back, it seemed like it was sit on my ass and wait for a HPC. However from those have given their views on this thread i realise this is not the case and I hold my hands up, i had the wrong impression of many, admittedly from the limited threads i had seen back around the time of last HPC.
  5. Also the 2009 buy, the seller was desperate to sell since they found another house and needed to get things moving quickly. So again, no net impact to them selling for less and buying for less.
  6. Venger you seem very bitter/twisted/angry. If I have said anything that has contributed to this I apologise.
  7. Ok i'm not sure where you got the below post from, assuming in my profile history, i'm honored that you have been trying to look me up but its a bit stalker like all the same!. The post:- On another note we bought a three bedroom property mid 2009 for 215000 (much negotiation) put on the market a few weeks ago for 290000, have an offer on it for 285000 offer within a couple of days of it going on the market, mortgage approved and the ball is rolling. Either my account was compromised or i was on a wind up - very probable. I'm not now though for the record. The facts are I bought in 2009, sold in 2014 to move close to the school my wife and kids are in. No mad gainz as the property I bought went up in price proportionally.
  8. Fair play to you, seems like you put in a hell of a lot of work and were rewarded.
  9. Did you see me posting hoping for a crash? Answer = No! Yes i took advantage of lower pricing, just like ANYONE would snap up what they perceive as a bargain should the opportunity arise. This is just human nature. However, wishing something is going to go badly wrong causing people suffering, in order to take advantage is entirely different.
  10. When you say you could buy both flats for cash and put down 40% on present house, is that at the 2005 price or 2014 or current price? Given you lacked a deposit (so i assume you weren't sitting on loads of cash), how did you make enough money to do above starting from a low cash starting point? I'm making assumptions based on what you said of course, but genuinely interested
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