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  1. Here's hoping you're right, but tbh nothing would suprise me with how far they're willing to scrape that barrel
  2. Yep - Fighting a GE with house prices tanking will be suicide, so I expect the least they will do is maintain or extend it. Best case for them it makes a modest bounce happen, worse case for them it stops 'noticable/perceived' falls (it's possibly doing the latter right now). Of couse the only message from the opposition will be: 'you aren't doing enough'. S P
  3. I think you realise the majority of clueless people think that high and rising house prices is 'good' news, and falling prices are definetely 'bad' news. Keeping house prices up is about votes, and I think the idots are winning (to quote Dan Ashcroft). S P
  4. Morpheus : The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around. What do you see? Business people, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. A woman walks by, standing out from all the people in suits, as she is wearing a bright red dress, and bright red lipstick. Neo stares. Morpheus : You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly depen
  5. A colleague at work has done this - although they only have a mortgage for £50K or so - lol Great - They can service the debt and plan their expenditure to suit. But If in a years time rates are higher, the fixed rates will likely rise to take account of this as well. Hence the affordability will be reduced for people who didn't fix at that level. Let alone prospective FTB'ers who've no mortgage yet. If FTB'ers can't afford to buy your house, even if you are not a forced seller, then its value must fall to a value they can afford, and if they see that prices are falling, then why buy righ
  6. -Couple in Salsbury - limp wristed husband who should have said no to muppet wife -Bloke in Leeds - DIY disaster My Conclusion ~ Muppets + Property = Muppetry. Sarah Booby - You're my hero
  7. Sorry RFD, don't think it was due to someone else knóbbing her! Although there is someone that pops by who seems to do lots of DIY for her..... It is a close as well It was more likely the arguments - and its probably due to her friends - one of whom was divorced recently as well. Reckon their mututal bítching might have done it. She's one of these "I really need a new car cos this one is too old" types. M reg Cavaliers are total death traps you see, even ones in mint condition Very important to have a new Megane Scenic Picasso for the 1/2 mile school run - Note:She's a lazy [****]
  8. Ok, time for my anecdotals: Location: S E Essex - Not the place you or I assume would be subject to falls? 1)Met up again with a Colleague on a drink after work last night. They've been trying to sell their place since about Jan or Feb - not a long time nowadays, but the reductions have been impressive. Due to family circumstances they were/are a forced seller. Location is a bit shíte as its near the road and there's a school nearby. Think she bought for £220K in Feb 04, spent 30K doing it up and its still not done. Worst of all they are on IO -Started at about £310K with estate agent
  9. This episode showed that the market will not flatter anyone who fancies themselves as a designer, and if the place with the sea view did sell, it was because the bloke had a good plan and stuck to it. The couple in Surrey looked like many who've been on this show, where they {or the wife more likely} wanted to put all those design/property ideas they've seen on tv into practice - But they forget that its not 'their' house they are building, its for someone else. Muppetry. I think Sarah Booby's credibility is in a different league to the personalities of Allsop and Spencer. The message was
  10. Watcha Boom'n'Bust Was going to post this as a new thread - but looks like you've got the ball rolling - so I'll add something I found in my parents Daily Mail property - plus I can test out my hand me down scanner. S P
  11. Just a little anecdote you may find interesting, As part of my cushy civil service job, I visit various organisations, today was a brief visit to a nearby C.A.B. Discussion with the manager revealed that despite some scaling down some of this branches activities (Due to moving the work to other branches/'border' changes etc) they have only 2 more clients/cases this year in total. The value of the debts they are dealing with though has increased 100% since 2003/2004 ! He agreed with me that there may be bad times coming ahead .
  12. While at Uni and starting work after (1998-2002), I remember the regular news items stating ''house prices rose by an average of £xK this month, week, day etc'' - made me feel bad, must've felt good to those who bought for speculative purposes & must've fueled the tide of opinion needed to keep things going that way. News 2005? ''House prices fell by an average of £xK this week, day etc'' - would it change the 'tide' of opinion in some way? It would give me some pleasure though
  13. ''Kirsty hoped her red boots would divert onlookers from how much she was stuffing in her mouth'' Some Welly! Looks to me like as much crap goes in as comes out of her gob allright ! Thanks for the welcome WarksLad, S P.
  14. Was going to register at some point, but spotted this in a tabloid tv-mag and had to register just to post it !
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