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  1. I met a friend of a friend last week, here's his story.. He's single, bought a house in rural Northern Ireland in summer 2007 (ouch) fixed-rate interest only mortgage, £700pm. I asked him if he had a repayment vehicle set up - "a what?" - I asked if he had been putting savings aside to cover the repayment - "oh, i have about £1000" To make matters worse, he's just been laid off. Amazingly, for someone in his position, he seems remarkably unbothered. Best statement though, when explaining to another friend what an interest only mortgage was - "well normally, obviously, house prices keep going up, so when you come to sell the house you can pay it off" *smack hand off forehead* and "obviously now with negative equity and all it's a bit crap, but I can always just rent it out to cover the mortgage" - in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, good luck! This guy could be the poster-boy for the HPC
  2. her twitter ramblings make less sense than her property advice! and she doesn't seem to have grasped the 140 characters thing, keeps being cut off half way through a sentence. v poor tweeting indeed
  3. lol this has cheered me up no end
  4. i concur typing on a new macbook now, worth every penny! (the iphone i bought last week... well, it's a nice toy)
  5. I was asked around the lunch table yesterday about how my house hunt was going.. I started explaining that I was probably going to wait a few months because things weren't looking too good at the minute (meaning the economy, obviously, and plenty more falls to come in this area) The person opposite me quickly butted in with "yeah prices are going up again aren't they" *smacks hand off forehead* I resisted the chance to rant given that this person has recently purchased a house and I do quite like them, but clearly the Daily Express headlines are having some effect! What makes it worse is that we're all supposed to be highly skilled in mathematics in this job, clearly having the sums and using them are two different things.
  6. they have got to be joking?! speechless
  7. i was talking to an estate agent last week, talking about cars (he knew more about those than the house we were in!) he said business was so bad that he has gone out and bought a new car to cheer himself up.. (sensible, not!) i said i'm waiting til i get my house then seeing how much money i have left for a car, he said he's doing it the other way round and has no savings! so clearly that's one EA (looked early 30s) who can't afford any kind of house at all.
  8. yeah i wouldn't touch the holylands with a bargepole, even leaving aside the annual riot dates (recent st paddy's day is a prime example) that place is never quiet at night during term time, i've had friends whose lives were made hell by drunk students playing gaelic in the street at 2am. also your car is never safe from footballs and as soon as the sun comes out there are hundreds of students with sofas in the streets all day and night. such a shame..
  9. i've noticed a lot of semi-detached "villas" popping up round here! there was me thinking a villa would be somewhere rather glamorous with a swimming pool, terrace and probably horrible tiled floors everywhere but apparently a 2 bed+box semi in belfast counts too
  10. absolutely! what is this guy on?! i have a friend who tried every estate agent in town to get the lowest valuation when he was getting divorced! he deliberately made his house look a bit shoddy and pointed out all its faults this is one of the stupidest things i have ever, ever heard! edit: shocking use of apostrophe
  11. have definitely noticed an increase in "sale agreed" properties here in Belfast in the past week, mainly refurbished 2 and 3 bed terraces around the £100-110k mark. most of these have been on the market less than a month, the ones that haven't reduced their prices are still sitting there.. maybe there's a psychological effect here, a house for £100k seems a bargain so people are jumping? i think once a few more sell around the £80k mark (at the minute just doer-uppers at that price) the floodgates will open and prices will tumble - here's hoping! on a related note a house i've been watching went sale agreed a over a month ago, but last week £30k was knocked off the asking price.. still says sale agreed though!
  12. ah you see proportion has nothing to do with size maybe that is the perfect ratio of length:breadth... very imaginative use of language on the EAs part, actually find myself admiring them for that one!!
  13. nooooooooooooo! please don't bring these horrific people to the attention of the rest of the uk, they're a national embarrassment over here!! so high and mighty preaching about how gay people are going to hell (unless they see her "friend" and get "cured") then raking in thousands of tax-payers money while the country goes to sh:t could rant all day about these too, so signing off zoxx
  14. yeah we needed this after our ridiculous boom! 2 bed terraces now going for £80-120k, some were on the market for £200k at peak zoxx
  15. http://www.treesdontgrowtothesky.com/ i think 2-bed flats are already worth less than your offer - possibly a lucky escape?! zoxx
  16. I take it the EA who wrote that blurb does not have English as a first language? what the hell's an "unsuited bathroom" and why do they refuse to use the plural form of bedroom or bathroom?! aside from that, ugly looking house, ridiculous price!
  17. from the union jacks around belfast i take it the photos here were taken last july! the house i'm looking at was still being renovated, good to see what they've replaced, windows, guttering etc
  18. Google streetview launched today in major cities across UK, could be very handy for househunting - nice looking house, what's the street like? look on streetview, aaaargh! 10 boarded up on other side of street could save visits to unsuitable areas. zoxx
  19. it's not a garage, it's a lodge! the owners of this are living on a different planet zoxx
  20. Just thought I'd let you know of my dealings with EAs over the past few days.. had an offer rejected last week (40% off 2007 price, quite fair IMO) and of course got the accompanying ear-bashing from the EA claiming that business had never been better, house prices on the way up again blah de blah Undeterred, I rang another EA on Monday to arrange a viewing (house just reduced, asking 30% off 2007 price, offer already in 40% off) and when he heard we were renting informed me that this week was a special FTB week, open late every evening and holding an event tonight for the lucky FTBs to discuss co-ownership and new 100% mortgage schemes from UlsterBank. Politely told him I had no need for such schemes and wouldn't touch them with a barge pole even if i did! Will view house anyway for a nosy. Zoxx
  21. being from belfast i must be conditioned to these ridiculous prices, i guessed £1.4m... such a joke. and why do they some of the pictures only have decor in them? it's not like you buy a flat because of the lovely scatter cushions!
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