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  1. For a Ponzi "pyramid" scheme to work, all you need are some gullible, greedy, mugs. By the time they realise they have been duped, they have already duped someone-else, or sworn an oath etc. which means they are now part of the pyramid machine themselves. This process continues until there are not enough mugs left, as they are all now part of the pyramid. The "fools" who didn't join this get rich quick scheme are now regarded as "wise". The status quo is then turned on its head. It just depends what camp you are in, "a wise old fool" perhaps.
  2. It could mean that Mr. Madoff is now the scape-goat! Just follow the money to find the "REAL" culprits!
  3. How has the credit crunch, asset price crash etc. affected the funding of pyramid? When Iceland had its banking problems it was said it affected many "charities" Would that include masonic charities perhaps? Just follow the money trail.
  4. This is just theft, taking taxpayers money to "invest" in private/public companies. If they want to give us our own money back, just cut taxes, cut spending and live within our means. All good businessmen want is a level playing field. This rigged society has had its day! This could also be a nonesense story to ridicule the tories with and give Q.E. a less worst appearance.
  5. Would freemasonry have kept this pyramid well hidden to anyone not involved?
  6. Mr. Obama must be a good boy and get his sleep. We don't want him diagnosed with "Bipolar Dissoder" as thousands of american children are recently being told by their friendly well paid psychiatrist, "its incurable I,m afraid, but we can treat it with some highly toxic chemicals, to help control his moods for the rest of his life!". A licence to print money for the pharma companies, coming here soon If not here already!
  7. Expensive items that used to be bought a lot of the time on credit, finance mortgage etc., are collapsing in value. eg Houses, Commercial Property, Cars etc. The items which are rising in price are much lower cost items. Therfore net deflation in the economy. Things just got got so dear that people are not prepared to borrow huge sums to buy rabbit hutches! What is the real value of anything without borrowed money backing it? Perhaps we will soon see!
  8. Tried to get an insurance quote on a new unregistered commercial vehicle. Went through all the press one, press two business, but when I finally got through to a real person after all the music, they said they needed the vehicle reg. no. to get a quote. Can't get no. till truck arrives garage said. Went online and got quotes without reg.no., but not Aviva. I hate getting insurance!
  9. I think Mr. King is a very clever man, but he is outnumberd by fools, and so must go along with the concensus, but be as hard as possible an any deals, while still keeping his job. I would say he would put the taxpayer before the government if only he was allowed.
  10. Wolsley have been expanding by buying up independant builders merchants, probably on borrowed money, competing against Travis, Jewsons, Sig, etc. Consequently Overpaying to buy or lease overpriced property, (the old owners too greedy to sell) after intergrating the business into its Brand and the lease ends, move to a brand new Industrial Unit on a new 25year lease, while the old property owner gets planning permission to build new houses on a brown field site. (He can also get a good price on his materials I expect). End result is more new houses (to sell or rent if no buyers), Higher commer
  11. I think that savings rates are criminal at the moment. The government is just encouraging people to borrow and go into debt. They are reckless, terrible and hopeless. The whole system has been shown up as a dissaster. Running the country on debt, was always doomed to failure. How does the song go "I owe my sole to the company store". It is tough resisting the temptation of easy credit, but out of debt, out of danger is what they used to say. The masters of the universe only have power over you if you owe them. If you have savings, you are your own master.
  12. Give him a chance, this may be one of his last chances to talk ******** on a world stage.
  13. Dangerous Woman, did you sell to another owner occupier or a property developer by interest. Either way you stand a chance to buy it back if the new owner gets into difficulties.
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