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  1. Well the confusing news has had some good effects, my son is finally accepting his flat is worth less then its worth.Hopefully he'll be more realistic. I think this will result in sellers being more realistic and the few who are buying will also offer reasonable prices and look at the facts prices are heading down for a very long time yet
  2. Get lost, thats just so stupid its actually dangerous
  3. the problem is when people who have such strong belief in that ideology have the chance to act the way they speak - they never do. Not just this crisis but any important issue over the last 50 years. Bush had neo cons in power with him. How many of them were calling for banks to be allowed to go under. No wait a second alan greenspan, a disciple of ayn rand couldn't do it when in the most powerful position possible. this suggests the extreme end of pure free market ideology is as much nonsense as commie gibberish. Lets wake up and realise how weak fixed ideologies are..useful to structure discussion and argument in the classroom - less useful in real life
  4. People will only realise when its too late and try to get out when everyone else is and in the middle of a panic. I f people sold now they may not lose too much
  5. Historically whole sections of the civil service would only recruit from elite universities. Since finance became the big thing people have had their heads turned. Now with the collapse Brits may take on the challenge of bureaucracy. If get some real talent running major departments, graduates from real universities back into the teaching profession maybe we can change the country around. Get rid of ex poly 'unis' and I don't think i would begrudge government workers a decent pension( wages would have to be lower then similar private industry jobs though!
  6. why the hell not. people are asking and getting more then 20% off in parts of London let alone Southampton, which is not a particularly nice town at the best of times. To be fair you've got plenty of time the economy and house prices won't turn around for 3-5 years at the earliest. So you're in luck. I've heard stories where people go to estate agents in areas they have no interest in and 'practice' bidding. Often this helps get your mindset right. Personally sounds OTT to me!
  7. i can't comment on Sutton schools as my kids went to Tiffins and although you don't have to live in the area, it makes a difference once you've done the 11+ exams as it was one of the criteria once the academic entry level had been reached. From memory only around 10% of kids were outside of Kingston. I always thought Kingston was 'relatively' crash proof but it is not the case. Which I am glad for as it gives younger generations a chance to own a home not invest in property
  8. A reasonable article although some odd comments from the writer. Obamas ratings have gone up over the last week, its thought that he is getting the message across to the US popn about how bad things are. He is gradually telling the truth - things will take some time. I've become a news junkie over the last year and I haven't seen the phrase ' Obama bear market ' been used - made up perhaps ? To confuse Obama and Brown is a mistake. Many of the neo con right who have been in bed with finance for some time want to shift all the blame to Obama in 3 months. Apart from this being a complete political mistake it may end up damaging America. We as a public need to be quite clear on those who are to blame Distractionns may prevent us getting justice. Short term reality may prevent justice in the next few months but we shouldn't forget the villains. They include politicians like Brown and blair for their gutless and intellectual failures; freeing up finance and deregulating the market ( Reagan and thatcher); leftist ideology spending money on social engineering , creating and fermenting the dependency culture. We may not get our day in court yet but I want it soon.
  9. well done.Society is based around family. too much time is spent on worrying about material goods. Mums, dads and kids - that is the focus of family and society not bankers and financiers and estate agents trying to make a fortune off honest people
  10. telling like it is - i don't think you know the meaning of the phrase. Its good to know you're losing your battle - I wonder how much trouble you are really in stuck in a box room in a miserable Scottish town! Can you look your children in the eye? assuming you're capable of having any!
  11. The money men throughout history have abused their power and today is no different. We do need to hold these people to account
  12. But we can change. It'll be difficult and we have some huge social questions to resolve. But we need to do it, and at the cost of some of the social(ist?) engineering that is going on. Tough decisions include getting rid of paternity leave and reducing statutory rights for maternity leave; reducing students going to university; raising real GCSE and a-level standards ( acknowledging the decline over 15 years); rationing health care; having doctors work for their money ( no part timers); no rights to a home for pregnant teenagers etc. All these things would reduce public spending dramatically and in 5 years we could turn things around
  13. Slowly people are realising that if they need to sell over the next few years the sooner is better. the trick is to be ahead of the curve and not take the consequences of having to sell when the panic is starting to take full force
  14. why am I glad that I never bought into the pension scam run by government. Keep investments diverse and broad. May get less but at least i'll be getting a regular income from somewhere in a few years. Oh yes and get your kids to pay the household bills!
  15. without a bit of faith, a collapse in house prices over the next 12-24 months will be the least of our problems. We could be looking at economic decline over the next 3-5 years faith may be all we have!
  16. The whole point in the current climate is that if you're selling - to realise that and cut your loses ASAP. My son has recently rejected offers of 25% less then what he wants ( roughly what he paid), 6 months ago he was getting offers of just 10% less. I encouraged him to take the offers then and now he's in a nightmare situation unwilling to deal with reality
  17. Oh dear, a typo on a forum - apologies for that. However on the more important point of teachers general inadequacy which has been a self-inflicted problem - I am glad you agree. It interesting to see a rather minor story of the decline of standards in GCSE science. Has anyone compared the O-levels and old A-levels in the sciences with GCSE and A-levels post 1996? I have and to deny a serious decline is stupidity indeed. Unfortunately it is our nation that suffers, it also means that the only place to educate your children is the private or grammar school sector. Its also worth noting some of the biggest areas to suffer from the house price crash in London are Kingston and Sutton- both places where there are outstanding grammar schools. I can't explain that one.
  18. if you're buying be patient. if you're selling the trick is to be ahead of the curve, drop your price more then your neighbours but not as much as you would have to in 6 months to 2 years
  19. the problem with estate agent VI's is that they themselves damage. They rely on turnover rather then absolute value. so intheory they shopuld encourage sellers to see the new reality
  20. even though reality is awful the rollercoaster pic is quite funny
  21. 1 and a half years of consistent drops is not a trend. The problem is that those who think they can talk up things are really a part of the problem. You should be encouraging the bottom of the market to reached as soon as which will only happen when sellers realise the new reality
  22. i've noticed on most sites all you get is the energy performance sheet but nothing else
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